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Castle Town Dandelion

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  • 2015-07-02T15:00:00Z
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  • 4h 48m (12 episodes)
  • Ayumu Kasuga
  • Japan
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  • Anime, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy
The everyday lives of the nine super-powered siblings of the royal family are monitored by more than 200 surveillance cameras and broadcast nationwide. The people of the nation who are watching the broadcast will have the ability to elect the next monarch. Akane is the third-oldest sister who can manipulate gravity. She is shy and desperately does not want to be caught on camera.

12 episodes

Series Premiere


1x01 (1) The Sakurada Family's Nine Siblings

Series Premiere

1x01 (1) The Sakurada Family's Nine Siblings

  • 2015-07-02T15:00:00Z24m

Shy Akane is the fourth of nine siblings of the Royal Sakurada Family. Although she cannot even pass by a surveillance camera without wanting to hide, her father, the King, has decided to hold an election to name his successor.

Kanade and Akane leave for school to go to a student council meeting. On the way, Kanade points out the obvious flaw in Akane's plan to become king, namely, that it would bring her more attention. Kanade then tries to ditch Akane for clinging to her too closely. Akane is then almost hit by a truck while saving a cat, but Kanade saves her by materializing a giant, shock-absorbent wall. Akane asks how much it cost, and is shocked when Kanade tells her it cost 40,000,000 yen. The second part of the episode focuses on Hana Satō, who is bemoaning that no one at school knows her after she transferred away for a few years. She is shocked to find that Shū still remembers her. After school, she sees him walking home with Akane, and assumes that Akane is his girlfriend. Realizing the misunderstanding, she confesses her feelings for him. He says he would return her feelings, but is focused on the election, trying to prevent Kanade from becoming king, and agrees to return them once it is over. That evening, he calls her to make sure she arrived home alright. Later, Akane wonders why Shū would want to prevent Kanade from becoming king.

Akane is chosen to grocery shopping, and Hikari volunteers to go with her. While Akane tries to evade surveillance cameras, Hikari uses her power to age into a woman in order to save a stray cat stuck on a tree. However, this results in her clothes not fitting, and she turns Akane into a child so they can switch clothes. The cat rescued by Hikari is then adopted and named Borscht by the Sakurada family. The next week in the second part, Teru volunteers himself to take over Akane's grocery shopping duties, and Shiori decides to accompany him out of worry that he will get himself into trouble. During the entire trip, Shiori repeatedly uses her power to resolve problems she and Teru come across.

Akane goes to school without a crucial piece of clothing. Also, the student council is making all students participate in a town beautification day. Who is behind this and how will Akane deal with all the cameras?

It's summer and the Sakurada Royal Family are at the beach! Haruka is doing something fishy on the internet, and Misaki is busy at school as all her clones help out in different clubs. Misaki isn't too happy about it, though.

During the first part, the Sakurada siblings are busy with their election campaigns and the plot moves to Kanade, whom reveals her intention to become the king: long ago, she brought Akane and Shu to play at a park in their childhood. When she materialized a castle for Akane to play in, it crumbled and injured both Shu and Akane. Shu was the one that mostly affected and it severed his leg (even Kanade's ability proven futile), simultaneously crushing his dream to become a soccer player. Due to this, she wants to become a king in order to advance the medical systems and corrects her past mistake on Shu. Meanwhile Haruka sees an improvement in his siblings, even seeing Misaki for the first time trying to campaigning for herself. In the second part, after visiting the kindergarten, Kanade sees Aoi as a rival to her and asks Aoi about her true power. Aoi's true power, Absolute Order allows her to command anyone to her liking but she stops using it out of fear being unfit as a king, as well as having little control over it. While returning home, Aoi believes that she has several friends because of her royalty status but Akane denies such fact, having known their true relationship.

The King goes on a business trip, reluctantly leaving Kanade in charge of a Akane and Shiori. Meanwhile, Hikari gets to work with Sacchy, but Sacchy is not friendly. How can Hikari get Sacchy to like her?

The whole family's superpowers are acting up! Meanwhile, Hana asks Akane for dating advice about Shu. Then, we take a look into the past and see how Akane's mom and dad met.

We meet Scarlet Bloom, a masked heroine with red pigtails and who can control gravity. Who could her true identity be?! While things are ramping up for the election, it's almost Christmas Eve, which is also Aoi's birthday.

The elections are drawing near and Search☆Light is performingagain, but there is tension in the air between Sachiko and Raito. Meanwhile, even though Kanade and Shu are twins, they have their differences in opinion.

It's one month before the elections. We learn why Akane hates being in the public eye. Then, due to an unfortunate circumstance, the king cannot perform his duties. How will the Sakurada Royal Siblings save the day?

Season Finale


1x12 (12) Who Will the Crown Shine Upon

Season Finale

1x12 (12) Who Will the Crown Shine Upon

  • 2015-09-17T15:00:00Z24m

The elections are finally here and the siblings are preparing for their final speeches. Who will be crowned as the successor to the throne?