So, comatose Emily had been cheating on Howard for weeks? Can't our Howard get a break? Meantime, still showing that he's the world's greatest person, he naively tries to make up for all the emotional damage Howard Prime did on the other side... Those last few seconds before the episode ended, with Anna, were heartbreaking.
One thing's for sure: both Howards will not be pleased when they return to their respective sides, if they get to know what each one of them was up to while the other one was gone.

Oh, also, that guy who lives with his wife from both sides, meaning he has two wives who are both the same, but from different realities, the three of them living together... This show can get quite messed up, if it puts itself to it.

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Will someone please give Howard a hug? And someone else, punch Howard Prime in the face? Thanks.

Seriously, on top of everything he's already been through before the show started, now we know he had built his life around a wife who perhaps wasn't worthy of his devotion. On top of it, his face is being rubbed in the opportunities Howard Prime had and ruined it, all the opportunities he probably wishes he would've had.

And how can that dude burn the roast every time with two wives directing him? Does he do it on purpose? Some men just want to watch the roast burn...

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