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CRIME INC.: HISTORY'S FAMED OFFENDERS caters to true crime enthusiasts, by profiling 65 infamous crimes that have occurred over the years. Highlights include the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the O.J. Simpson trial, the exploits of Al Capone, 9/11, and various notorious serial killers.

13 episodes

1x01 Episode One

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 26 mins

The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan, Bonnie & Clyde, Martha Stewart, The Killing Fields, Terrorist Sea Suicide Bombing, Sophia Loren.

1x02 Episode Two

  • no air date — 25 mins

The Yorkshire Ripper, George Harrison Assassination Attempt, Heaven's Gate, George Best, Fatty Arbuckle, The Sharpeville Massacre and Gangster's Pantheon.

1x03 Episode Three

  • no air date — 25 mins

Moors Murders, Watergate Scandal, O.J.Simpson trial, Sara Thornton Trial and Jack The Ripper.

1x04 Episode Four

  • no air date — 25 mins

The Profumo Affair, Phil Spector, Beirut Barracks Bombings, Lil' Kim and Thomas Ince.

1x05 Episode Five

  • no air date — 25 mins

Charles Lindbergh Kidnapping, Boy George, John F. Kennedy, Snoop Dogg, Anthrax Attack and Lizzie Borden.

1x06 Episode Six

  • no air date — 25 mins

The Great Train Robbery, Brighton Bombers, Christian Slater, Tiananmen Square and Al Capone.

1x07 Episode Seven

  • no air date — 25 mins

The Black Dahlia, Oklahoma Bombing, Sorbonne Riots, Black September, Naomi Campbell and Mersey Gang War.

1x08 Episode Eight

  • no air date — 25 mins

Princes In The Tower, September 11 Attacks, U-2 Spy Plane Capture, Jockey Tax Evasion and Cricket Coach Mystery

1x09 Episode Nine

  • no air date — 25 mins

Roman Polanski, Srebrenica Massacre, Ronnie Biggs, Colin Stagg and Russell Crowe.

1x10 Episode Ten

  • no air date — 25 mins

Bopal Gas Leak, Gary Glitter, Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Wife Revenge, Ward 4 Killings and Drug Smuggler's Execution

1x11 Episode Eleven

  • no air date — 25 mins

Soviet Union Serial Killers, Queen of Mean, Mardi Gra Bomber, Computer Crime, Ted Bundy and Courtney Love.

1x12 Episode Twelve

  • no air date — 25 mins

Notorious Nanny, Fashion Felon, House of Horrors, Crime Fighters, Malaysian Weapons Heist and Art Heist.

1x13 Episode Thirteen

  • no air date — 25 mins

Millennium Dome Heist, Drug Smuggling, Mike Tyson, London Bombings, The Drummond Murders, Tehran civil protest and Curse of the Kennedys.