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Da Vinci's Demons

Season 1 2013

  • 2013-04-22T01:00:00-03:00 on Starz
  • 60 mins
  • 7 hours, 44 mins (8 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Drama, Fantasy

Everyone knows that Leonardo da Vinci was an extraordinary artist, sculptor and inventor, but this evocative and involving cable drama paints a portrait of the consummate Renaissance man who, as a twentysomething, was a passionate ladies' man, swashbuckling swordsman and intrepid adventurer. The series opens with da Vinci receiving a commission from the Medicis to create an Easter spectacle in Florence. Later, he's hired to build war machines; investigates the source of demonic possessions at a convent; meets a mysterious Turk; has a chilling encounter with Vlad Dracula; and constructs a suit for underwater transportation.

8 episodes

1x01 The Hanged Man

  • Series Premiere

    2013-04-22T01:00:00-03:00 — 59 mins

Rising artisan Leonardo da Vinci is commissioned by the powerful Medici to create an Easter spectacle in Florence. After some maneuvering, da Vinci is hired to engineer war machines. A mysterious Turk intrigues Leonardo.

1x02 The Serpent

  • 2013-04-29T01:00:00-03:00 — 59 mins

Leonardo continues his quest for the Book of Leaves. The Pope’s nephew arrives and meets his spy. Leonardo’s war designs fail, causing a rift with the Medicis. The Pope learns of Leonardo’s prowess.

1x03 The Prisoner

  • 2013-05-06T01:00:00-03:00 — 59 mins

Riario engages the Pope and a mysterious prisoner in a discussion concerning the count's defeat, while Leonardo searches for a rational explanation when an outbreak of demonic possession occurs at a convent, and the blame is placed on the Medicis.

1x04 The Magician

  • 2013-05-13T01:00:00-03:00 — 59 mins

Bechhi is accused of being a spy for Rome. The armies of Rome and Florence face off, and Leonardo reveals his latest weapon.

1x05 The Tower

  • 2013-05-20T01:00:00-03:00 — 58 mins

Lorenzo orders Piero da Vinci to defend his estranged son in court. During a performance for visiting royalty, Leonardo surprises the corrupt judge. Back at his workshop, Leonardo is surprised by the Turk.

1x06 The Devil

  • 2013-05-27T01:00:00-03:00 — 54 mins

A clue from the Turk about the Book of Leaves sends Leonardo to Wallachia, where he encounters Vlad Dracula. Lorenzo and Piero meet the Duke of Urbino. The search for the true spy continues.

1x07 The Hierophant

  • 2013-06-03T01:00:00-03:00 — 58 mins

Leonardo builds an underwater suit and uses the sewers to enter the Vatican, where he meets the Pope and the mysterious prisoner. Giuliano reveals the true identity of Rome's spy.

1x08 The Lovers

  • 2013-06-10T01:00:00-03:00 — 58 mins

The Pazzis prepare a murderous plot for Easter Sunday. The Turk tells Leonardo where to find the Book of Leaves. Lucrezia makes a confession as Leonardo attempts to save the Medicis.