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Durarara!!: Durarara!!

1x18 (18) Out of Your Control

  • 2010-05-12T12:00:00-03:00 on Tochigi TV
  • 24 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Drama, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Anime

While Ryugamine and Kida are walking Sonahara from the hospital after she had recovered, Kida gets a phone call from the Yellow Scarves and he runs off, Ryugamine and Sonahara not knowing anything. Kida, resuming his lead role of the Yellow Scarves, retells his past about him and a girl named Saki who is left in Ikebukoro hospital. While he was in the Yellow Scarves, he met her along with Izaya Orihara who claimed to be her guardian. Whenever Kida was in trouble or needed help with his decisions he always went to Izaya for help but he soon wanted to stay away from he because he thought he was not good. Later on, he begins to date Saki but still wanting her to not hang around Izaya while the Yellow Scarves fight another rival gang, the Blue Squares. Soon later on, the Yellow Scarves start to get beaten up by the Blue Squares, leaving some members injured. When that trouble strikes, he goes to Izaya for help and Izaya trains Kida and the Yellow Scarves and the Yellow Scarves begin to win and Kida becomes more fond of Izaya. One night while Kida was studying, the Blue Squares called his phone saying that they had captured Saki as revenge to the Yellow Scarves since Kida was the leader. They beat up Saki as Kida runs to chase after her. Meanwhile, the Squares tell Kadota about what they have done and ask if he and his gang would join them but he refuses. As Kida runs he stops saying that he couldn't move to save Saki. Walker invades the Blue Squares hideout and he saves Saki and he drives off with Kadota and the rest of the gang. Later on, Saki is put in hospital and Kida tell them that he can't bear to visit Saki because he wants to break up with her. Kida leaves the Yellow Scarves, meets up with Ryugamine and joins Raira academy. Back in the present day, Kida rejoins the Yellow Scarves to take revenge on the Slasher, whom he believes is part of the Dollars, for hurting Sonahara. In the end of the episode, the Yellow Scarves report that they've spotted a girl invading their territory and Kida asks for them to capture her but not hurt her. The girl turns out to be Sonahara who is running away, shocked to believe that Kida is part of the Yellow Scarves.