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Season 3 1985 - 1986

  • 1985-09-26T01:00:00Z on ABC (US)
  • 60 mins
  • 1 day, 1 hour, 0 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Drama

Hotel is an American prime time drama based on Arthur Hailey's 1965 novel of the same name (which had also inspired a 1967 feature film). The series was set in the elegant and fictitious St. Gregory Hotel in San Francisco. Episodes follow both the activities of passing guests as well as the personal and professional lives of the permanent hotel staff.

25 episodes

3x01 Missing Pieces

  • Season Premiere

    1985-09-26T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Christine is enjoying a budding romance with Richard Martin. Unknown to Christine, Richard suffers from multiple personality disorder. One of his personalities, ""Rick,"" is a misogynist who abuses his girlfriend Amy. Amy follows Richard to a rendezvous with Christine and confronts him, but Richard claims he's never seen her before. Later, Amy is found stabbed to death. Having researched Richard's background, Billy and Peter save Christine from Richard, who wields a knife. Veteran bellman Frasier Pratt begins to show signs of incompetence. When Dr. Ellen Graham checks in to deliver a medical convention lecture, Frasier shows her to the wrong room, where architect Malcolm Taylor, clad only in a towel, berates her. Later, a friendship develops between Malcolm and Ellen. Mrs. Cabot solves Frasier's performance problem with a simple hearing aid. Bothered by her infatuation with Malcolm, Ellen calls her husband, Leonard, but fails to tell him about it. Ellen and Malcolm's flirtation turns int

3x02 Rallying Cry

  • 1985-10-03T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Dr. Michael Vaughn is involved in a custody battle for Jodi Abbott, an 11-year-old whose late mother willed her custody to Dr. Vaughn and his companion, Alex Halpern. However, the child's aunt and uncle, Nora and Cameron Wheeler, have sued for custody because they don't want Jodi raised by homosexuals. The judge awards custody to the Wheelers, but Jodi, angry and miserable, runs away, returning to Michael and Alex. Mrs. Cabot hosts a meeting to return Jodi to the Wheelers, but Nora convinces Cameron to allow Jodi to live with Alex and Michael. Peter recruits Christine to be his navigator for a road rally. Inexperienced in races, Christine directs them onto the wrong road, where a truck forces Peter and Christine into an accident. Peter suffers a serious head injury, and they spend the night in the wilderness. Later, Dr. Kulwin informs Christine that Peter has a blood clot that must be removed. As they prepare for surgery, Peter slips into a coma. While most of the hotel staff wait in

3x03 Imperfect Union

  • 1985-10-10T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

A young retarded couple, Robert Bianca and Annie Goldman, are determined to elope. Robert's older brother Vincent is proud of his brother's determination to live his own life, but Annie's mother, Edith Goldman, strives to halt the wedding. Edith eventually gives in, and Robert proves his ability by making all the arrangements for a small wedding ceremony. Peter is disturbed by the presence of Callie Harlan and her 11-year-old daughter, Trisha; years ago, Peter had an affair with Callie. They were discovered by her husband, who forced Peter to transfer his hotel career to Europe. Callie's husband recently died, leaving his fortune to Trisha. Now, Trisha's grandmother Grace Harlan is using her influence to control her late son's estate and win custody of Trisha. Callie has kidnapped her own daughter, and there is a warrant for her arrest. Jack Bond, a Harlan family employee, tracks down Callie and her daughter, and Grace flies in from New Orleans. Trisha disappears from the hotel. Grace

3x04 Pathways

  • 1985-10-17T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Banker James Chelton is distraught because his recently widowed sister-in-law, Amelia, lives a life of extravagance. MacDonald ""Mack"" Erickson and his pal Tommy work as trash collectors. When Amelia carelessly runs down Erickson, the slightly injured man is carried to her suite and treated by the hotel physician. After Mack charms Amelia, she extends his stay. James researches Mack's background and discovers that he has a criminal record for theft. When a piece of Amelia's jewelry ends up missing, James accuses Mack, who leaves. Visiting Amelia, Mack's pal Tommy tells her how Mack's life was ruined years ago after being wrongfully jailed for a theft. Amelia finds Mack, and the two are reunited. Megan is jealous because Dave spends all his time studying for a law degree. As Dave spends his third straight evening at the library, Megan returns alone to their apartment to face a rapist, who assaults her. Liz Maguire, a social worker, tries to help her recover, but Megan refuses to return t

3x05 Second Offense [aka Missing Pieces]

  • 1985-10-31T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Released from prison after eleven years for a crime he vows he did not commit, Phil Tanner has written a best-selling book during his imprisonment. Calvin Polk, a Hollywood screenwriter, is helping Phil raise funds for a prison reform campaign. Polk's young, star-worshipping girlfriend, Kathy Avery, throws herself at Tanner. When Kathy's dead body is found, Tanner, knowing he will be charged with murder, takes Christine hostage, demanding she corroborate his story that Kathy's death was an accident. Christine calms Tanner down, reassuring him that the truth will prevail. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kupchak, grandmother of flower shop employee Sandy Hoyle, has been ailing and is determined to see Sandy married. In order to appease her grandmother, Sandy lies, saying she's engaged to the bell captain, Dave. Elated, Mrs. Kupchak demands to meet him, and Sandy confesses her ruse to Dave and Megan, who reluctantly agree to cooperate. Dave charms Mrs. Kupchak, who decides to move to San Francisco to be

3x06 Saving Grace

  • 1985-12-05T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Jeremy Hale, a former ballet dancer paralyzed by a hit-and-run accident, finds it difficult to adjust to his new career as a choreographer, despite the help of his former dance partner, Natalie Rogers. Natalie's mother Madelyntells her that Jeremy doesn't want Natalie's pity and she should move on with her life, but Natalie loves him deeply and feels compelled to stay. When Jeremy tells Natalie to leave him and Natalie confesses that she was responsible for his injury, Jeremy explodes in anger. Peter keeps Natalie from leaving, then talks to Jeremy, and through his intervention Peter brings the couple to reconcile. Elizabeth Evans, assistant to Mark the guest relations director, tries to conceal her poverty-stricken background while resisting marriage proposals from wealthy young socialite Duncan Wingfield. Elizabeth is embarrassed by the arrival of her father, Tyler Evans, a weathered, former coal miner from West Virginia. Tyler charms Mrs. Cabot, Peter and Christine with his delightf

3x07 Echoes

  • 1985-12-12T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Laura Temple has eloped with businessman Michael Devlin (STUART DAMON). However, Laura is pregnant by another man, Chad Wheeler, a sculptor whom Laura jilted to be with Michael. When Chad proposes marriage to Laura, she knows that Michael is her true love, even though their relationship is now tottering. Laura and Michael's argument over the baby continues as Michael packs to leave. After Christine lectures him on his priorities, he leaves. Halfway to the airport, Michael turns around, and he and Laura reconcile. Jason Fielding claims to be the illegitimate son of Mrs. Cabot's late husband. Mrs. Cabot is moved by Jason's story, but Peter is suspicious and has Billy check Jason's background. On an outing to the marina with Mrs. Cabot, Jason points out the schooner with which he would start his own boat chartering company if only he had $50,000. Mrs. Cabot offers to help, but Peter thinks she's being fleeced, since there is no evident link between Jason and Stephen Cabot. Mrs. Cabot visi

3x08 Celebrations

  • 1985-12-19T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Jake Cabot, whose daughter-in-law, Victoria Cabot, now supervises the St. Gregory Hotel that Jake and his late son once operated, still resents that his family forced him into what he felt was a premature retirement. Jake takes Victoria's advice to get back into the hotel business and decides to run a country inn in Vermont. Aerobics instructor Angie Archer hopes to snare a rich husband from the celebrities checking in for the hotel's 75th anniversary gala. Angie mistakes Mike Passmore, head of a computer company, for a deliveryman, and instead pursues an older financier, Garrett Hardy. Despite her strategy, a romance blooms between Angie and Mike, and Angie chooses the ""deliveryman"" over the financier, only to discover Mike's true identity later. Christine discovers that one of the domestics, 19-year-old Tereza Cruz, who is pregnant, is an illegal alien. Because Tereza wants her child to gain citizenship by being born in the U.S., she is hiding from immigration officials. As Investiga

3x09 Cry Wolf

  • 1985-12-26T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Two precocious youngsters, Sara, 12, and Ben, 11, check in with their industrious father and their governess, Miss Oliver. Ben and Sara play a prank on Billy by faking an intruder attack. After Ben and Sara overhear an argument punctuated by a pistol shot, they see someone in a Burberry coat sprinting away. They find a dead woman's body in the front seat of a car, but when they take their father to the scene, the body is gone. When they inform Billy, he walks away. Christine's aunt Addie, a wealthy widow, is in town for a reunion with her lover Luke. After Peter exposes Luke as a hustler, Christine informs Addie about Luke's questionable character. Already aware of Luke's hustling, Addie chastises her niece for meddling. Ben sees Miss Oliver in a Burberry coat and is convinced that she is the murderer. Ben and Sara uncover evidence that she has killed the real Miss Oliver and has assumed her identity. As the impostor attempts to kidnap Sara at gunpoint, the police and Billy arrest her.

3x10 Shadows of Doubt (1)

  • 1986-01-09T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Former college friends Bob, Tom and Susan meet for a weekend reunion, all three having recently ended long relationships. When Bob and Susan sleep together, Tom's anger betrays his longtime love for Susan, and the reunion begins to disintegrate. Although Bob and Tom get into a fight, the three friends eventually reconcile. Meanwhile, Peter is jealous of Christine's affair with Adam Kirkwood, a wealthy, young, international businessman. Returning after a long mourning period for his late wife, the hotel's venerable chief of security, Art Patterson, believes that his assistant, Billy, is after his job. Patterson plants a bomb in the hotel basement. When George Sandler, a rich man with political aspirations, hosts a fund-raiser, Adam invites Christine and Peter. Trailing them is Mr. Rider, an FBI agent interested in Adam's illegal weapons shipments.

3x11 Shadows of Doubt (2)

  • 1986-01-16T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Learning that Christine's boyfriend, Adam Kirkwood, is the FBI's prime suspect in an arms smuggling operation, Peter takes Christine to Agent Rider, who informs her that George Sandler, a powerful politician, and Adam are plotting to sell arms to guerrilla forces in the Third World. After planting a bomb in the hotel basement, security chief Art Patterson anonymously tips off the hotel and personally disarms the bomb in order to make himself a hero. When Billy finds evidence pointing to Patterson, Patterson asks for Billy's resignation. Over Peter's objections, Christine agrees to plant an FBI listening device in Adam's bedroom. When Adam catches Christine, Sandler insists on killing her, but Adam arranges for Peter to take Christine to safety. At the hotel, Billy agrees to resign, but Patterson eventually confesses to Billy and leaves the hotel security in Billy's hands.

3x12 Scapegoats

  • 1986-01-23T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

The marriage of Gerald and Ivy Milburn is threatened by jealousy as Gerald questions his wife's attentions toward Peter, and Ivy watches her husband befriend a sexy, but obviously broke woman, Tracy Benedict. Gerald offers Tracy money and a room at the hotel if she'll distract Peter from Ivy. Meanwhile, Ivy asks Peter to befriend Tracy and find out about her affair with Gerald. Complicating matters, Tracy's jilted fiancé arrives, determined to win her back. Determined to correct the Milburns' paranoia, Peter sends Tracy and Nick on their way as lovers. Bartender Frank Jessup trades jibes with waiter Joel Shubert, a homosexual tired of Frank's prejudice. Ironically, Frank soon learns that he has AIDS. Frank believes Joel to be the cause, but Joel has twice tested negative. Frank's ex-wife, Sheila , berates Frank as a closet homosexual, and his son, Elliot, thinks he's a junkie. Frank apologizes to Joel then reveals his problem to Christine, who tells him that his job is secure. However

3x13 Recrimination

  • 1986-01-30T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

A convention of police chiefs includes Mrs. Cabot's old friend, the recently widowed Brian O'Connell from Atlantic City. Their friendship blossoms into romance, and Mrs. Cabot spends the night with Brian. Both are beginning to think about marriage. However, realizing she could never leave the hotel to be a police chief's wife, they decide on something less matrimonial, a couple weeks of fishing in Canada. Pretending to cram for an exam, Nick Miller, a college junior, has a rendezvous at the hotel with 38-year-old Kay Radcliff, who happens to be the mother of his college roommate, Todd Radcliff. Todd and his girlfriend, Denise, pay Nick a surprise visit and find Todd's mother sharing the hotel room. Todd is inconsolable, and Denise fails to convince him that his mother has the right to choose her own love life. Finally Kay explodes, telling Todd to grow up and face it like a man. Peter needs a gift for Christine's third anniversary at the hotel, but his duties leave Peter no time for sh

3x14 Child's Play

  • 1986-02-06T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Peter refers a 16-year-old runaway, Michael, to a shelter run by Marilyn Jeffries and promises Michael a job interview at the hotel. Michael is lured, however, by a 17-year-old girl, Angela, to a pornographic screen test with Cheryl and Dennis Preston. Afterwards, Peter shows Michael a pornographic video featuring Marilyn, who warns Michael of the dangers ahead. Michael phones his father and goes home. Irene and Paul Fitzgerald are poised to embark on a world cruise after a brief reunion with their son, Jack, and his workaholic wife, Deborah. When Irene reveals that she's pregnant, Paul becomes distraught, believing they're too old for parenthood, and Deborah is convinced it's her mother-in-law's revenge against the younger woman's resistance to motherhood. Eventually, Deborah and Irene have a heart-to-heart talk, reconciling the family. When waitress Shawn Barrish takes a bellman position, veteran bell captain Walter Devlin insists to her that it's a man's job. When Devlin finds a fli

3x15 Facades

  • 1986-02-13T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Christine sees a briefcase filled with money in a car driven by Scott Baker. Later, Christine sees the now empty briefcase in Peter's office as Peter introduces her to Vanessa Clark, an old girlfriend. Christine is suspicious of Vanessa, but Peter refuses to listen. In fact, Vanessa has talked Scott into embezzling $850,000 and has contacted a fence, Steiner, to launder the money. Scott is, however, unaware that Vanessa plans to run off to Hong Kong with the money. Dan and Lisa Mason welcome Kim Lan, a 12-year-old Vietnamese orphan, escorted by Sister Nuyen to a foster home in America. Dan, a lawyer and Vietnam veteran, relocates Vietnamese children. Lisa is proud of her husband's efforts, but is stunned when Kim turns out to be Dan's daughter. Lisa cannot accept Kim, and is torn between a mother's concern and a wife's anger. After Kim tries running away, Lisa reconciles with Kim, who eventually feels like she's found a new family. Dave and Megan try to arrange a date between Mark and

3x16 Lovelines

  • 1986-02-20T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Peter agrees to appear as a guest on a radio talk show hosted by his ex-girlfriend, psychologist Dr. Ann Vargo, who is broadcasting from the hotel's mezzanine. Christine helps Mrs. Cabot entertain boys and girls from the Children's Home, run by Betty Archer. Christine becomes enamored of an eight-year-old girl, Amanda. Later, Christine finds Amanda at her door and receives permission to keep the child overnight. Christine begins to feel that caring for Amanda is the most important thing in her life. During Peter's radio appearance, a caller vows revenge on Dr. Vargo for breaking up his marriage. After several threatening episodes, Peter has her moved into the hotel. Billy places a guard outside Ann's door after she and Peter barely escape a sniper's bullets. Hoping to lure the stalker, Ann goes to the deserted studio where Peter is hiding. The gunman turns out to be Glenn, a new bellman. Peter overpowers Glenn and turns him over to Billy. Weighing the pros and cons of adopting Amanda,

3x17 Heroes

  • 1986-02-27T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

A Benham Academy football coach, Jack Allen, celebrates Benham Senior Weekend with half a dozen students. Five are football players; the sixth is scholarly Martin, the butt of their jokes. When Allen's daughter Beth arrives, she's delighted to find her friend Martin, but Allen interferes with their friendship. The football players try to humiliate Martin, and Christine berates Coach Allen for encouraging them. When Martin confronts Allen, Allen surprisingly vows to change his ways. Peter's old buddy, Brad Carlton, a former Vietnam POW, recognizes a hotel waiter, Duong Thanh, as one of his prison camp tormentors. When Brad's wife Wendy finds her husband fashioning a bamboo whip, she asks for Peter's help. After talking to Mrs. Thanh, Wendy learns that Thanh's cruelty stemmed from his parents' death in a bombing raid. Thanh goes to Brad's room, removes his shirt and hands the whip to Brad. Brad's anger, however, turns to those who sent him to war. Warned by Mrs. Thanh, Peter races to the

3x18 Harassed

  • 1986-03-06T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Drew Hayward, Peter's college classmate, starts as the new director of hotel operations. Julie hopes to become Hayward's assistant manager, but Hayward makes the job offer contingent on sexual favors. Because Julie thinks Peter would back his college friend, she doesn't report Hayward's harassment. When Julie rejects Hayward's job offer, he grabs her and threatens to have her fired if she doesn't have sex with him. Julie breaks free and tells Peter about the incident. Hayward claims that Julie tried to seduce him to get the job, but Julie reveals that she secretly recorded their previous conversation; Peter gives Hayward ten minutes to collect his belongings and leave. Maggie Lewis, a flower vendor at the hotel, seeks Christine's help. Lisa, the child Maggie gave up for adoption, is marrying Roger Easton, the son of snobbish Ruth Easton, and Maggie needs Christine and Peter's help to put up a well-to-do front and save Lisa embarrassment. Suspicious, Mrs. Easton checks up on Maggie's ba

3x19 Triangles

  • 1986-03-13T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Lauren Moffet arrives for an illicit rendezvous with her lover, Neil Benson, which disturbs Lauren's friend, Christine, because Neil, who is married, seems insincere. Discussing hotel reservations with Neil's secretary, Christine learns that Neil has no wife and informs Lauren. In turn, Lauren tricks Neil into catching her in bed with Mark, posing as her lover. Neil storms out of the room, perhaps for good. Later, Lauren tells Neil she had a talk with his wife, who wants a divorce. Neil plays along, and they reconcile. Janice Copeland is worried because her husband, Richard, is entering a yacht race right after heart surgery. Richard resents her coddling, especially since their sex life is suffering. Richard's old friend Peter is touring Richard's yacht when Beverly Wilder, who is on the race committee, sets her sights on Richard. Beverly and Richard have a wild encounter, but Peter eventually brings Richard and Lauren back together. Arriving from the rural South, Newlyweds Eddie and J

3x20 Hidden Talents

  • 1986-03-20T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

The TV show, Catch A Rising Star, uses the hotel ballroom for the finals of its talent contest, in which the top prize is a recording contract and $10,000 in cash. The hotel also welcomes top scientists in a NASA think tank, and FBI security is heavy. Julie unwittingly becomes a finalist in the talent contest because Dave and Megan submitted her tape. Although Julie would like the $10,000 to give to her grandfather's medical clinic in Africa, she's not interested in a singing career. Among the NASA scientists is Claire Talbot Ames, wife of Mike Ames, Peter's college roommate. When Claire finds evidence that Mike is a spy, she consults Peter. Peter and FBI agents catch Mike photographing a top-secret project, and Mike is gunned down. Hysterical, Claire rushes to the van where FBI agents have carried Mike's body. She finds him alive. It turns out that Mike was working with the Soviets, and his so-called shooting death was his way out. Meanwhile, Julie finds a mutual attraction with anoth

3x21 Hearts Divided

  • 1986-04-03T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Barbara Fremont, Christine's attorney friend, has decided to leave her career and move to South America. Her client and secret lover, John Dunson, has escaped from prison, and is posing as Barbara's brother Joe. Christine is not fooled, however, and Barbara admits that she and Dunson are leaving the country. Urged by Christine, Dunson decides to serve his sentence, and Barbara insists they'll see it through together. A 16-year-old faith healer, Rachel, accepts $50,000 to heal a wealthy crippled man, Garrison Snow, but nearly dies in the effort. Her brother Roy secretly sells her story to Stella Falco, a tabloid reporter. In order to send Rachel back to obscurity, Peter convinces Stella to brand Rachel as a fraud. Bellman Dave's friend, Tom, puts Dave's wife, Megan, in his film, which includes a steamy love scene.

3x22 Changes of Heart

  • 1986-04-10T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Charles Canfield, owner of a prestigious English hotel, and his daughter Mary attempt to lure their friend Peter away to London to manage their hotel. Mary has a long-standing crush on Peter, and the attraction is mutual, which arouses Christina's jealousy. Mary's influence and the promise of part ownership in the hotel make the offer hard to refuse. Peter offers to take Christine with him, but she tells Peter that he has to choose between her and the job in London. When it becomes clear that the only thing keeping Charles's highly competent daughter from managing the hotel is his lack of confidence in her, Peter convinces Charles to entrust the job to Mary. Billy hires an attractive new assistant, Sheila, a former military policewoman. Billy begins to have doubts about Sheila, however, when she throws a shoplifter through a window. Billy checks with Sheila's former supervisor and learns that she and her boyfriend were suspected of operating a black market on the base. When a hotel gue

3x23 Promises to Keep

  • 1986-05-01T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

Legendary movie star Barbara Farrell comes out of seclusion to confront her daughter Livy, whose publisher and lover Ted persuaded her to write a sensational book chronicling her mother's cruelties. Unknown to Barbara and Livy, Barbara's manager, Sidney, originally presented the book idea to Ted as a way of getting exposure for Barbara and bringing her out of retirement. Looking for a profitable publicity stunt, Ted and Sidney try to manipulate the two women into a public reconciliation. Only after breaking free from Ted and Sidney's parasitic grip are Livy and Barbara able to come to an understanding. Christine hesitates in making her relationship physical with Dr. Evans, who is perfect in every way but one: he's not Peter. When Dr. Evans makes a surprise visit at the hotel, Christine becomes frustrated with Peter's perfectly cordial handling of the situation. She wants some sign from Peter that he cares for her. When Dr. Evans unexpectedly proposes to Christine, she declines. As Pete

3x24 Separations

  • 1986-05-15T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

After a twenty-year absence, Peter's brother Owen shows up as bodyguard for Francesca Delgado, president of a South American country. When Owen, formerly a mercenary, almost kills a reporter, Peter reprimands his brother and learns that Owen was responsible for their father's death. Peter throws Owen against the wall and storms off. Later, Francesca explains to Peter that despite Owen's feeling of intense guilt, he was not responsible for their father's death. Before Owen leaves, he and Peter embrace, and Owen promises to return some day. Albert, the hotel's doorman of thirty years, is forced to switch to cloakroom duty. The transition is difficult, partly because Albert will miss the brocaded uniform his grandchildren love so much. With Peter's approval, Dave, Julie and Megan present Albert with a vintage doorman's jacket and dub him the St. Gregory Doorman Emeritus. Unaware of Peter's brother's reappearance, Christine demands that Peter come to a decision about their relationship. Tr

3x25 Horizons

  • 1986-05-22T01:00:00Z — 60 mins

When Christine announces her resignation, the entire staff is saddened. Christine leaves a note for Mrs. Cabot explaining her frustration with Peter, who uses their professional relationship to avoid showing Christine his feelings. Both Julie and Megan become upset when Peter promotes Julie to Christine's vacated position. Christine is distraught because Peter didn't consult with her in finding a replacement, while Megan is jealous and doesn't understand why she was overlooked. After making an emotional speech at Christine's going away party, Peter is overcome by his feelings and heads for the hotel bar to drown his sorrow. Billy tells Peter to admit his love to Christine. Peter goes to her apartment, but he still can't express himself, and Christine gets into her cab to go to the airport. Peter blocks the cab with his car and finally pronounces his love for Christine. They fall into each other's arms. Peter and Christine's celebration is short-lived, however, when they are informed th