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Khotey Sikkey

All Episodes 2011

  • Ended
  • Sony TV
  • 2011-01-28T00:00:00+00:00
  • 40 mins
  • 17 hours, 20 mins
  • India
  • Thriller
The show revolves around an unlikely gang of five privileged youngsters and one stubborn cop. The group researches the crime activities in Mumbai.

26 episodes

1x01 The case of Joker the thief

  • Series Premiere

    2011-01-28T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Inspector Deshmukh is extremely upset with the new thief 'Joker' who has created a buzz in the crime world. Mohit, Uttara, Ayush, Hameer and Dilnaaz are in police lock up. Joker is extremely rich and belongs from a high class society. He does not want money so what he wants.

1x02 Deshmukh succeeds in arresting Joker

  • 2011-01-29T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Deshmukh succeeds in getting the client list with the help of Ayush, Mohit, Uttara and Hameer finally he gets 3 top most name who are associated with Mr. Dimara and one of them is a joker. Deshmukh finds the joker Mr. Jay Sankhlashia but does not have the evidence.

1x03 The case of Rahul Kamlakar who killed Diwakar

  • 2011-02-04T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Everyone saw the big fight between Cabinet Minister's son Rahul and Diwakar and during the fight Rahul pushes Diwakar from a height and he is dead. No one is ready to give the witness inspite of 70 people present in the party. What will be Deshmukh's next planning.

1x04 The racket of illegal Guns

  • 2011-02-05T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Hameer, Uttara and Mohit plan to trap Hussain in their friendship to collect the information of illegal guns dealing happening in a club called Royal Soilders United (RSU). Hussain is a founder of RSU and invites Hameer to be a part of RSU meeting and Deshmukh follows him.

1x05 The case of missing Organs from patients body

  • 2011-02-11T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Hameer, Uttara, Dilnaaz and Ayush involve themselves in a case without the permission of Deshmukh. A huge racket of organ dealings takes place in various hospitals. Hameer note down 3 hospitals and all of them have reached to a last stage of the case so which is the hospital, who is involved.

1x06 Aditi Rawals death due to over dose of Drugs

  • 2011-02-12T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Deshmukh collects information from Dilnaaz as she has tremendous knowledge about Drugs and Dilnaaz reveals about rave party where high quality of drugs are avaliable. Aditi's friend reveals the truth about Veer Chatwal who made Aditi addicted to drugs.

Business tycoon Rakesh Mittal's daughter Diksha gets kidnap from the school. Kidnapper demands Rs.7 crore for her release. Deshmukh calls extreme 5 to solve the case. Uttra reaches Mittal's house to collect some information about Diksha and Ayush gets Kidnappers cell phone number. Kidnapper calls Mittal to reach Pune with the amount.

1x08 Diksha returns home but Kidnapper is missing

  • 2011-02-19T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Radhika's friend Anu is involved in the whole case and Hammer is upset that he could'nt bring the kid back. Mohit decides to reopen the case and finds the kidnapper. Extreme 5 visit Lonavala to collect some information about the kidnapper. Anu and Nakshtra who are Rakesh's friends are upset as Suraj runs away with the money.

1x09 Vinay Chaudhary kills Laila in cards party

  • 2011-02-25T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Hameer and his friends are in Goa playing Cards in a Cards party and one of the member Laila gets killed by Vinay Chaudhary son of Politician Pushkar Chaudhary. All are extremely tensed as some one wants to kill them. Laila's parents are upset. Hameer and Dilnaaz are in jail. finally Deshmukh leaves for Goa to rescue.

1x10 Bride Jyoti gets killed on marriage day

  • 2011-02-26T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

A big fat wedding of Chopras and Gidwanis and Jyoti Chopra the bride gets killed on the marriage day. Few family members were present in the wedding including Joyti's sister Jassi, Ashwin his brother Amol Ayush suspects on Ashwin, Jassi & the unknown lady Meenaxi Singh. Deshmukh is confused.

1x11 A puzzle in Deshmukhs case

  • 2011-03-04T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Deshmukh recives an E-mail through an unknown person and also a puzzle in regards to the further murders but Deshmukh fails to trap the killer and again the killer kills his 2nd target. Mohit collects information about Chand Sickand who got killed. Dr Kapoor gets murdered and Deshmukh visits his x -wife's house. Deshmukh gets his 3rd puzzle.

1x12 Inspector Deshmukh solves the puzzle mystery

  • 2011-03-05T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Debashri visits police station to meet Inspector Deshmukh to know about the Chan Sickand case and other mysteries. Mohit interrogates the building watchman. Ayush sends a blank e-mail to the suspect to trap. Uttara finds a important lead in Dr Suresh's case and also reveals that the information team has, is absolutely wrong. Fire in Dr. Suresh's clinic.

1x13 Murder of a socialite

  • 2011-03-11T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Socialite Anisha Sethi is found dead in her house after a party. Her friends, all drunk after the party, stayed the night at her house. Inspector Deshmukh and his young team comprising of Mohit,Delnaaz,Ayush,Hameer and Uttara are assigned to solve the case. Watch this episode to see Deshmukh and his gang solve this unique case.

1x14 Case of the missing kid

  • 2011-03-12T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Deshmukh speaks to an informer regarding Mukesh who is missing, later he gets to know that he is dead. At that same time Dilnaz comes to him with another missing kid whom he refuses to help. Both the team and Deshmukh pursue the case in their separate ways. They uncover the slave trade and child begging mafia.

1x15 MLA Ashok Rao gets murdered in Williamson Hotel

  • 2011-03-18T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

An unknown killer wants to kill Anjali. she approaches Mohit as he was present in the party. Mohit tries to save Anjali but she escapes. Dilnaaz and Mohit consults Anjali's friend Sakshi. Dilnaaz follows Sakshi. Mla Rao gets murdered in Williamson Hotel where Uday's party was organised in Which Anjali & Mohit were present. Anjali is a escort girl. Ayush in trouble.

1x16 Case of MLA Ashok Rao Escort girl Anjali solved

  • 2011-03-19T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Deshmukh releases Anjali from the jail as he confirms that she is not involved in Ashok Rao's case. Anjali's boy friend Ravi Goswami releases her from the jail. Khotey Sikkey are extremely worried about Ayush as he gets kidnap by 2 goons Shabir & Abu who belongs to underworld don Ajay Rane. Deshmukh interrogates Ashok's brother Ashutosh & underworld don Ajay.

1x17 The case of fake painter

  • 2011-03-25T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Uttara's brother Actor Vivan Bakshi buys a painting 'Junoon' worth 1.5 crores made by popular painter Prabahakar Rao. Uttara's uncle Suresh reveals that this painting is a fake. Uttara and Hameer meets Prabhakar Rao but he has a memory loss problem. Will they find out wether the painting is real or fake. Painter Chang Lee gets murdered.

1x18 Actor Vivan gets arrested in Rehanas case

  • 2011-03-26T15:30:00+00:00 — 40 mins

Super model Rehana suicides at her residence and the whole blame comes on Uttara's brother Vivan Bakshi. Rehana mentions Vivan's name on social networking site. Rehana's friend Amisha files a police complaint against Vivan. Vivan gets bail and he goes underground. Mohit becomes reporter and takes the interview of Rehana's parents. Who killed Rehana.

1x19 Case of missing Diamonds Kamath brothers

  • 2011-03-31T16:30:00+01:00 — 40 mins

Ayush reopens the case of diamond merchant which was shut down. Naresh Kamath who was a thief murdered Mr & Mrs. Samtani and robbed their valuable diamonds worth 900 kt currently, he is in jail but the diamonds are missing. Khotey Sikkey collects information about Naresh so they visit Arthur road jai. Naresh and Suresh are twins. Who has the diamonds.

1x20 Police succeeds in trapping Kamath brothers

  • 2011-04-01T16:30:00+01:00 — 40 mins

Naresh and Suresh are twins thus they can easily exchange their dresses. One stays inside the jail and other stays outside. Thw whole team plans to catch Kamath Brothers in Arthur road jail when they exchange the jail dress. Uttara plans to trap Kamath Brothers. What will be her next planning . Will Khotey Sikkey succeed in trapping Kamath brothers.

1x21 Terrorist Yakoo Abdulla Hijacks the college

  • 2011-04-08T16:30:00+01:00 — 40 mins

Yakoo Abdulla, a goon with his team Hijacks the college and starts firing at innocent student. He kidnaps politician's son Rajiv Mehra and makes a deal with Deshmukh to release his brother Wasim from jail. NSG orders Deshmukh to get Mohit inside the college as he was well versed with the areas. Deshmukh orders Ayush to hack Terrorist's account. 6 NSG dead.

1x22 Terrorist fails Mission Complete

  • 2011-04-09T16:30:00+01:00 — 40 mins

Mohit calls Ayush and asks him to reveal the formulas of how to make bomb, gun powder. Ayush guides him and he makes it. Deshmukh reveals Yakoo that the money has been transfered. Mohit succeeds in killing 2 terrorists. Deshmukh enters the college as a reporter and succeeds in releasing the students. NSG shoots all the terrorist accept Yakoo.

1x23 Mysterious death of a Horse named Sultan

  • 2011-04-15T16:30:00+01:00 — 40 mins

A famous horse named Sultan is dead and his trainer Sundeep Aapte is upset. Rajesh was Sultan's rider but he gets another horse. Dilnaz's uncle Jahangir owns 15 horses so Dilnaz visits his uncle's training farm and urges to have 1 horse and Sundeep as his horse trainer. Ayush meets Rajesh in the bar. Hameer follows Sundeep. Who killed Sultan in the stable.

1x24 Thakhur familys pizza murder case

  • 2011-04-16T16:30:00+01:00 — 40 mins

Mohan Thakhur a rich business man gets killed at his residence. His wife Veena Thakur and watchman are also dead. Thakur's house was robbed. Siddharth Thakhur is admitted in the hospital. Deshmukh collects information from Sunil Thakhur, Mohan's brother. Dilnaz visits cards club and Ayush gets a job in Rizvi Pharmaceuticals. Who killed Thakhur family.

1x25 Yashwant Kambles murder CMS assasination plan

  • 2011-04-22T16:30:00+01:00 — 40 mins

An unknown person kills Yashwant Kamble who was a worker in R.K.Jewelers shop. Yahwant's wife is missing. Chief Minister's life is in danger. Inspector Aniruma orders Deshmukh to protect CM. Khottey Sikkey gets an information that terrorists are going to attack the hotel where top businessman are going to get awards. Khottey Sikkey are in the same hotel.

1x26 Inspector Deshmukh shoots Terrorist Yakoo

  • 2011-04-23T16:30:00+01:00 — 40 mins

Khottey Sikkey gives a brief information about whatever they have collected till now. Ayush doubts on the American visitior who was also present on many terrorist dates. Deshmukh orders Khottey Sikkey to keep an eye on lobby, reception, rooms, stage etc. The event begins. Mohit and Uttara doubts on the person who is on the wheel char. He is Yakoo Abdulla.