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  • 2019-10-19T01:00:00+09:00s at 2019-10-19T01:00:00+09:00 on Tokyo MX
  • 2018-07-13T12:00:00-04:00
  • 25 mins
  • 5 hours, 0 mins (12 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Set in Tokyo, it's January 29, 2030. High-frequency resonance is observed in the vicinity of Tokyo, and the red fog rolls into the city. Those who hear the sound, humans and animals alike, pass out, losing consciousness. Everything shuts down in Tokyo, believing that the fog is carrying an unknown virus that causes an epidemic. However, six days later, after the incident, people wake up as if nothing happened. After that, Tokyo's sealed-off city sections gradually return to normal. However, since the high-frequency resonance, some "bizarre events" start to happen, and people find themselves being pulled deeper into more mysteries. Meanwhile, young people start to become aware of themselves and release their power hidden in their blood, discovering themselves as "vessel of wisdom blood." Together, being led by something unknown, they meet, communicate, and face the unavoidable circle of fate, sacrificing their own lives.

12 episodes

1x01 (1) Our Lives are the Debt We Pay Our Enemies

  • Series Premiere

    2018-07-13T12:00:00-04:00 — 25 mins

Tokyo was suddenly assaulted by the Great Collapse! The moment they heard it, everyone in the city fell into a coma. When they awoke, Tokyo was enveloped in a red mist. Though some plotted to escape, not a single person has made it through the red mist alive, and Tokyo has become inaccessible. Tokyo is now a shadowy and inaccessible city from which there is no escape! Five months later, the very last person still in a coma, univeristy student Kamina Chihiro awakens, and curtains rise on the fierce Vermillion legend!

I want to resist fate. I want to save my friends from death. Hoping to achieve these goals, Chihiro decides to work with agent of Chaos Yuri. He asks Marie, Tsubaki, and the Guardian State to fight with him. Rather than destroying Tokyo, he believes the best option is for everyone to work together so the Heroic Lindeage survives. However, fate does not abide such naive thoughts, and instead leads Chihiro to the worst possible end...!

Chihiro is betrayed by Yuri and deserted by the Guardian State. No matter how much he fights them, his prophetic dreams of despair keep coming true. Despite this, he continues to desperately struggle to change fate. Chihiro's behavior inspires Kakihara to look into his past again. Did Chihiro really kill is own father?! What truth is hidden within that bloody tragedy?! Meanwhile, Chihiro dreams of Kakihara's death.

1x10 (10) My Soul Calls My Name

  • 2018-09-14T12:00:00-04:00 — 25 mins

The AVAL Science Foundation has been attempting to cause a Second Great Collapse by installing artificial keystones throughout the city! At this rate, everyone in Tokyo will be transformed into monsters, and the city will become a hellscape! In order to stop their plot, Chihiro and his friends head to the Infinity Theater where Kark Kaburagi is performing a concert. As the reaper's deadly melody rings throughout the theater, total war breaks out between Chihiro's friends and the AVAL Science Foundation. Will they be able to stop the Second Great Collapse?!