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"Man On The Moon" commemorates 40 years of space exploration by America's NASA astronauts, from the first Mercury missions that successfully launched John Glenn into orbit, to the moon landing, Skylab, the shuttle and beyond. "Man On The Moon" is an opportunity to relive some of Man's greatest achievements.

9 episodes

The recovery of the Apollo 14 Command module is recounted by an eyewitness to the event.

The celebration at Houston's Astrodome to welcome and honor America's astronauts home.

1x01 Man On The Moon

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 240 mins

"Man On The Moon" features real-time reporting by Walter Conkite and CBS News as NASA reached into space to put a man on the moon. From pre-launch preparations to lift off and the culminating achievement of Neil Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin landing on the Sea of Tranquility, Cronkite and his team give you a front-row seat to history.

After man first set foot on the moon, the Apollo program went on to several more landings, but none was more dramatic than the Apollo 13 mission. The words "Houston, we have a problem..." have become part of the language since an explosion onboard the Lunar Command Module rocketed the astronauts 200,000 miles into space. Walter Cronkite is there, as ground control and the astronauts struggle heroically and successfully to return the craft to safety.

Cronkite and his team narrate the first launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia as it lifted off from Kennedy Space Center in 1981, beginning another chapter in America's exploration of space.

An official NASA program detailing America's Space program. Part 1, "The Birth of NASA" recalls NASA's early years, as the space agency developed the programs and rocketry that would propel man to the stars.

NASA's production "The Moon - A Goal" takes you inside the Space Center, and gives you a first hand look at the men and women who made Mercury and Apollo missions possible.

1x06 The Eagle Has Landed

  • no air date — 240 mins

An inside look at the Apollo Mission.

1x07 Time Of Apollo

  • no air date — 240 mins

Another look at the lunar landing, narrated by Burgess Meredith.