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Man with a Camera

All Episodes 1958 - 1960

  • Ended
  • ABC (US)
  • 1958-10-10T11:00:00+07:00
  • 30 mins
  • 14 hours, 30 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Crime, Drama, Mystery
Charles Bronson stars as Mike Kovac, a former World War II combat photographer freelancing in New York City who specializes in getting the photographs other lensmen can't. By assisting newspapers, insurance companies, the police and private individuals, Kovac gets himself into plenty of troubles involving criminals of every kind.

29 episodes

1x01 Second Avenue Assassin

  • Series Premiere

    1958-10-10T11:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

A friend of Kovac's is in training for his upcoming middleweight-championship fight. Kovac is sent to get photo coverage for a story and learns that a crooked fight promoter is connected with the championship bout.

1x02 The Warning

  • 1958-10-17T11:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike's life is in danger when he unwittingly photographs a brutal murder.

1x03 Profile of a Killer

  • 1958-10-24T11:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike Kovac is seized by an oddly dressed gunman.

1x04 Close-up on Violence

  • 1958-10-31T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

After Mike Kovac takes a picture of a pretty girl, a gang of thugs steals his camera to destroy the film. Kovac decides to investigate and starts looking for the girl.

1x05 Turntable

  • 1958-11-07T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike Kovac investigates when he learns that someone has made a composite picture of a crusading senator and two gambling czars. The senator suspects Kovac of making up the phony picture.

1x06 Double Negative

  • 1958-11-21T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike Kovac takes a picture of a woman and learns later that the woman has been reported murdered. Mike decides to learn the real identity of the murdered woman.

1x07 Another Barrier

  • 1958-11-28T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike's doing a story on a test pilot and a new plane. Then both pilot and plane disappear.

1x08 Blind Spot

  • 1958-12-05T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike Kovac learns that a wartime buddy has been murdered in Portugal, and he flies to Lisbon to investigate. The police tell Kovac that his friend was a member of an international spy ring.

1x09 Two Strings of Pearls

  • 1958-12-12T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike Kovac meets a woman at a party, Sharon Rogers, whose uncle, a first class con man, attempts to swindle a dealer of a rare and valuable pearl necklace.

1x10 Six Faces of Satan

  • 1958-12-19T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike Kovac joins police in a patrol car as he searches for interesting pictures. They come across a young lady named Carmen who claims to have been beaten by a strange man. Her father and brother point to Phil Pike, a bystander, and accuse him of the crime.

1x11 Lady on the Loose

  • 1958-12-26T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

The overprotected daughter of a European millionaire feels stifled by her chaperones and asks Mike for help in eluding them so she can see the town.

1x12 The Last Portrait

  • 1959-01-02T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike sneaks into the guarded apartment of a visiting Arab dignitary, only to find him dead, after which he is hit over the head and accused of his murder. He escapes and tries to clear his name, with the help of the past-her-prime film star who occupies the apartment next door.

1x13 The Face of Murder

  • 1959-01-09T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Curious about what made a ruthless killer who's been convicted of five murders, Mike enters the state prison to get a photograph and interview with the man before his execution. But during the interview, the killer puts his escape plan in motion, and takes Mike and a priest hostage.

1x14 Mute Evidence

  • 1959-01-16T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike is invited out to a retired doctor's farm, but when he gets there he discovers that the doctor is missing, and the only person who knows anything about it is the doctor's deaf-mute ward.

1x15 The Big Squeeze

  • 1959-01-23T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

After a mobster,an old schoolmate of Mike's, is gunned down in front of Anton's shop, Mike finds out about a secret meeting of the heads of various organized-crime outfits and sets out to get some photos of it.

2x01 The Killer

  • Season Premiere

    1959-10-19T11:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

While Mike is at an airport in a small town, a man tries to kill him. However, when he reports the incident to the local police, they dismiss it as a publicity stunt.

2x02 Eyewitness

  • 1959-10-26T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

A man is photographed right in the act of robbing a restaurant and killing a waitress. All the witnesses believe they recognize the killer as an older man with no previous record. But Mike begins to suspect that the case is too pat.

2x03 The Man Below

  • 1959-11-02T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike suspects the body recently pushed into a well belongs to the man he was hired to prove is still alive. Before he can prove the two men are the same, Mike must convince miners he is still alive, since no one will risk their own lives to bring up a corpse.

2x04 Black Light

  • 1959-11-09T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

A police detective asks Mike's help in documenting payoffs he believes are being made to police officers in a particular precinct.

2x05 The Positive Negative

  • 1959-11-16T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

A friend of Mike's who's a nightclub photographer asks his help when she is threatened by gangsters who are looking to get the negative of a picture she took of a wealthy Texan.

2x06 Missing

  • 1959-11-23T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

When a police officer's wife goes missing, Mike believes the woman was abducted when she accidentally became involved with smugglers at the Mexican border.

2x07 Live Target

  • 1959-12-07T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike is hired by the District Attorney to help protect the life of an important witness against a gang of racketeers.

2x08 Girl in the Dark

  • 1959-12-14T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike investigates a blackmailing operation that preys on adopted children.

2x09 The Bride

  • 1959-12-21T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike sets out to break up a marriage racket that preys on recent immigrants.

2x10 The Picture War

  • 1960-01-04T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Several witnesses to a murder meet with strange "accidents". Mike doesn't believe they're accidents at all, and sets out to use his camera to catch the killer.

2x11 Touch-Off

  • 1960-01-11T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

To gather evidence against a ring of arsonists, Mike poses as a firebug himself to try to get in their gang.

2x12 Hot Ice Cream

  • 1960-01-25T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

A young amateur photographer helps Kovac investigate a murder that occurred at an amusement park owned by her father.

2x13 Fragment of a Murder

  • 1960-02-01T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike is talked into helping a con man prove a man shot in a burglary was actually innocent. The only clue that might help is a small, burnt piece of a photograph the victim himself tried to destroy.

2x14 Kangaroo Court

  • 1960-02-08T12:00:00+07:00 — 30 mins

Mike winds up being the bodyguard to an egotistical, arrogant movie star at the annual Cannes Film Festival.