My Hero Academia

Season 3 2018

  • 2018-04-07T08:30:00Z on YTV
  • 24m
  • 10h (25 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Superhero, Anime, Comedy
A superhero-admiring boy without any powers enrolls in a prestigious hero academy and learns what it really means to be a hero.

25 episodes

Season Premiere


3x01 (39) Game Start

Season Premiere

3x01 (39) Game Start

  • 2018-04-07T08:30:00Z24m

Before the U.A. students head to their training camp, Class 1-A goes to the pool for extra training, and the League of Villains plots their next move.


3x02 (40) Wild, Wild Pussycats

Class 1-A faces the first challenge of their summer training camp when they have to fight their way through “The Beast’s Forest” before lunch.


3x03 (41) Kota

3x03 (41) Kota

  • 2018-04-21T08:30:00Z24m

Izuku tries to talk with Kota as the first-years start their training in earnest. Little do they know what awaits them in the forest.


3x04 (42) My Hero

3x04 (42) My Hero

  • 2018-04-28T08:30:00Z24m

The villains launch their attack, and only Izuku knows where Kota is. Can he get to him in time?

Izuku finally makes it back to the training camp only to leave again with a message for Mandalay to broadcast.


3x06 (44) Roaring Upheaval

The students and teachers of U.A. are still fighting in the woods, but has the Vanguard Action Squad accomplished its mission already…?!


3x07 (45) What a Twist!

3x07 (45) What a Twist!

  • 2018-05-19T08:30:00Z24m

The battle at the training camp concludes, and now the students and teachers of U.A. have to deal with the aftermath.

Todoroki, Kirishima, and Midoriya want to go after Bakugo, but the class rep is standing in their way. Meanwhile, Shigaraki makes Bakugo an offer…


3x09 (47) All For One

3x09 (47) All For One

  • 2018-06-02T08:30:00Z24m

The heroes and U.A. students close in on the League of Villains’ hideouts, but the League still has an ace up its sleeve.


3x10 (48) Symbol of Peace

As the fight against the League of Villains escalates, can the U.A. students get Bakugo out in time for All Might to make a big comeback?


3x11 (49) One For All

3x11 (49) One For All

  • 2018-06-16T08:30:00Z24m

All Might’s time is running out as he faces his ultimate nemesis head on. Will he finally be able to defeat All For One once and for all?

After All Might and All For One’s fight, the students go back home while the U.A. teachers decide how to deal with the aftermath.


3x13 (51) Moving into Dorms

The students of Class 1-A move into their dorms and hold a competition to determine who has the best room.

Class 1-A works on developing their Quirks and creating ultimate moves to prepare for the provisional hero licensing exam.


3x15 (53) The Test

3x15 (53) The Test

  • 2018-07-21T08:30:00Z24m

Izuku and his classmates make some final adjustments to their ultimate moves and then head off to the provisional licensing exam.

The exam has begun, and everyone’s after Class 1-A! Can the first-years last long enough to pass this first test?


3x17 (55) Class 1-A

3x17 (55) Class 1-A

  • 2018-08-04T08:30:00Z24m

Todoroki’s on his own against Seijin High, and Yaoyorozu’s group is pitted against Seiai Academy as they and the rest of Class 1-A fight to pass the first test.


3x18 (56) RUSH!

3x18 (56) RUSH!

  • 2018-08-11T08:30:00Z24m

It’s down to the final minutes of the first test and almost half of Class 1-A has yet to earn a passing score!


3x19 (57) Rescue Exercises

The second test of the provisional licensing has begun, and the hero candidates are suddenly thrust into a rescue operation.

We take a break from the provisional licensing exam to visit a class held before the summer training camp!

The exam nears its end, but Izuku and the other hero candidates must fend off Gang Orca to finish the rescue mission.

While the U.A. students finish up the provisional licensing exam and get their results, All Might has a talk with All For One.

Following the provisional licensing exam, Izuku tries out his Shoot Style on Bakugo as they have a heart-to-heart through their fight.

The world has changed for villains and heroes alike in the weeks after All Might’s fight with All For One, and the U.A. students start their second semester.

Season Finale


3x25 (63) Unrivaled

Season Finale

3x25 (63) Unrivaled

  • 2018-09-29T08:30:00Z24m

The students of Class 1-A learn about work studies from the Big Three. Meanwhile, the villains also prepare their next steps.