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  • 2016-07-04T13:30:00Z
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After graduating high school, Suzukaze Aoba joins Eagle Jump, the game company that developed Fairies Story, the game she obsessed over as a kid. On her first day as a working member of society, Aoba heads to work swaying in a packed, morning rush hour train. She manages to get to the office building all right but hesitates, wondering if it was really okay for her to take that last step and go inside. That's when a senior member of staff, Toyama Rin, shows up at work and safely leads Aoba inside the offices of Eagle Jump.

25 episodes

The staff of Eagle Jump take a long awaited vacation to a ski resort, celebrating the release of their latest iteration of the 'Fairies Story' game. Being her first company trip, Aoba Suzukaze is excited for it, but is also apprehensive as she has no prior skiing experience. Join Aoba and her colleagues as they de-stress and enjoy their time at the resort.

Series Premiere


1x01 (1) It Actually Feels Like I Started My Job

Series Premiere

1x01 (1) It Actually Feels Like I Started My Job

  • 2016-07-04T13:30:00Z24m

It's Aoba Suzukaze's first day at Eagle Jump. Will she fit in? Will she be able to make friends? Are her coworkers nice? There are a lot of worries for the young girl straight out of high school. However, she encounters her largest challenge as she leaves the office to use the restroom.

It's Aoba Suzukaze's second week on the job. She's learning the job quickly and gets assigned to her first project. At the end of the week, the character team throws her a welcome party. With alcohol coming and going, Aoba gets one step closer to adulthood.

Aoba Suzukaze sleeps in and may be late to work. Will she arrive late and get in trouble? Or will she prevail? However, that's not the only challenge in her way. She's also having difficulties with the 3D model. Can she get the approval from Ko?

Aoba Suzukaze receives her first paycheck ever, and a discussion for how to spend it begins at the office. Her colleagues spent their first paychecks on a variety of things like clothes and vacations. How will Aoba spend hers?

It's summer! It's hot! It's the season of fewer clothes. However, some of the staff at Eagle Jump are a little worried about their weight. How will they get their daily exercise when their work involves sitting at a desk all day?

Aoba finishes her project of modeling villagers and gets a new one. Her next project is to design and model a character. Seeing Aoba struggling with the design, Ko gives her helpful advice. At the team leader meeting, Ko and Rin find out that they are a little bit behind schedule. It looks like the character team will have to stay some nights and come in on the weekends to catch up.

Aoba Suzukaze thought she was done with the villager project. However, Umiko Ahagon comes to her with some problems. The models she designed are filled with errors, and no one at her department told her about it. Umiko shows frustration toward Aoba, but more so toward her supervisor, Ko Yagami.


1x08 (8) It's Summer Break!!

1x08 (8) It's Summer Break!!

  • 2016-08-22T13:30:00Z24m

It's summer break for Nene Sakura, aka Nenecchi, but Aoba Suzukaze isn't getting any break from work as the game's closing date draws near. In fact, Eagle Jump is looking for part-timers to help out with the debugging, and Nenecchi may have something to say about that.

Nenecchi is still at Eagle Jump to help out with debugging. She discovers a way to see the characters' panty shots, so the director adds panty shots to the specs. Alas, this creates more work for Aoba's team that has to fix some models' underwear.

The donut store near the Eagle Jump office is having a store-wide 50% off sale. So naturally, everyone shows up to office with boxes of donuts, and it's time for a donut party.

The deadline for the game is right around the corner, so everyone at the company is staying over night after night to meet the tight schedule. However, Ko Yagami recommends Aoba, Hajime, and Yun to go to the Tokyo Game Exhibit during work hours. What is she thinking?

Season Finale


1x12 (12) One of My Dreams Came True!

Season Finale

1x12 (12) One of My Dreams Came True!

  • 2016-09-19T13:30:00Z24m

Fairies Story 3, the game everyone's been working on, goes out to the public. The sales are looking good, and Eagle Jump is hosting a celebration party for everyone who was involved.

It's been a year since Aoba joined Eagle Jump, so she's looking forward to being a senpai this year ... Umiko makes a proposal for Shizuku.

The character design competition gets announced at their flower viewing. Just like Ko’s designs for “Fairies’ Stories” was chosen right after she had joined the company after graduating high school, everyone has a chance to enter. Aoba reads the proposal that Shizuku and the other members of the design team comes up with, and ends up going through a lot of trial and error. Aoba can’t seem to get the designs just right. She goes to visit Ko and sees that she has already completed numerous sketches that are all high quality and Aoba is amazed. Aoba uses her feelings of frustration from this to try to motivate her and enters the character design competition.

Aoba’s dream of becoming a character designer comes true, though she has to touch up on the designs with Ko, and has to get everything finalized by Ko. Aoba sees that her designs that won at the character design competition had already been made into 3D by Hifumi, and she tells Hifumi to ask her if she has any questions about the designs. Ko warns Aoba to hurry up and keep working on the designs, but when she sees her senpais discussing something about 3D, she is unable to voice her own opinions. Aoba then starts wondering if it’s actually okay for her to be character designer...

"Moon Ranger" started off as a girls' anime series, but because of its high quality, it was highly regarded by adults and was made into theatrical releases as well as live shows. After it's two and a half year run, the protagonist in the "Moon Ranger" series was going to change. And because of that, a final live show was going to take place. Hajime, a huge "Moon Ranger" fan, wants to do anything possible to get her hands on the tickets and tries to get into the ticket site, but...

Hifumi is now the character team leader and uses all of her courage to ask Aoba and Yun about their progress on their 3D models. Both Aoba and Yun are used to Kou being the leader, and end up lying about their deadlines. However, Hifumi doesn't seem to suspect anything from their deadlines, which makes Aoba panic and tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Yun knew she wouldn't make it in time, but ended up telling Hifumi she would, ends up being even later than she thought. This makes her stress, wondering if Hifumi would become depressed once she tells her...

Things are going well for Aoba and her job as the character designer, as her desk piles up with a ton of prints that need to be checked or redone. Seeing the giant pile of papers on her desk, Aoba can't help but smile, as it confirms the fact that she is actually doing her dream job. Yun and Hajime start talking about the key visuals for the game that'll appear in gaming magazines, and Kou tells Aoba that as the character designer, she'd be in charge of doing those as well. After realizing that, Aoba starts to get nervous, but...

Aoba is asked by Umiko to sit in on an interview for a new programmer. Aoba asks Umiko if it's really okay for her to sit in on this interview, since she knows nothing about programming, but Umiko tells her that the skills of the programmer had already been acknowledged and that she'd just like her to watch how she behaves. Aoba still doesn't fully grasp the situation, when there's a knock on the door as it slowly opens. The person on the other side happens to be someone that Aoba is rather familiar with...

As Aoba, Hajime, and Yun struggle with picking out a restaurant for the new hires' welcoming party, Shizuku has them practice being maids in a maid café for no real purpose. Once a restaurant is eventually picked and the party gets underway, Nene and Tsubame get to know each other while the character team try to get Momiji to loosen up around them. Later, Hifumi tries to help Momiji, who has been eating lunch by herself, open up more, encouraging her to spend more time with the rest of the team.

While accompanying Yun and her siblings to a hero show, Hajime comes across one of her high school friends, Akki, but is too ashamed to tell her that she works in video games. Hearing that Hajime always hid her otaku hobbies from her friends, Yun shows her that she used to be a geek herself during school, changing her image once she came to Tokyo. As Nene and Tsubame are tasked with programming some mini-games, Tsubame explains how she got into programming out of wanting to make a game together with Momiji. Upon hearing that Nene just took up programming on a whim ...

Tsubame is tasked with programming a 'red light green light' style mini-game designed to Hajime's specifications. However, every time Tsubame thinks her job is done, other staff members bring up issues with the mini-game, leading Hajime to make further changes to the design document. These delays lead Hajime to feel guilty after Tsubame voices her concerns over how it might affect her evaluation. After hearing from Umiko about how the situation is tough on Hajime as well, Tsubame finally manages to complete a satisfactory revision of the mini-game.

Running into Ko and Momiji at the cafeteria, Nene learns from Momiji that Tsubame is going against her parents' wishes and will have to take over her family's inn if she fails to get into Eagle Jump. Nene then explains how Hotaru helped give Aoba the motivation to apply for her job. Just then, the programming team discovers that Tsubame's code is full of bugs, as she prioritised speed over checking it thoroughly.

Season Finale


2x12 (25) Make Sure You Buy It

Season Finale

2x12 (25) Make Sure You Buy It

  • 2017-09-26T13:30:00Z24m

At a promotional event for Peco, Ko tells Rin that she is going to France for a few years to develop a game at another company and build upon her experience, while Momiji hears from Hifumi about how Ko was picked over Aoba for the key visuals. While giving an interview on her work on the game, Ko brings Aoba up on stage to properly acknowledge her for her character designs