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Season 8 1989 - 1990

  • 1989-09-18T14:00:00+10:00 on CBS
  • 25 mins
  • 10 hours, 0 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama

The eighth and final season of Newhart aired on CBS from September 18, 1989 to May 21, 1990.

24 episodes

8x01 Don't Worry Be Pregnant

  • Season Premiere

    1989-09-18T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

Michael and a pregnant Stephanie return from a six-month cruise totally unprepared for parenthood.

8x02 Get Dick

  • 1989-09-25T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

Dick accidentally burns down Maison Hubert while enjoying an after-dinner cigar. The Loudon's take in Hubert while he recuperates. Hubert vows he will "get Monsieur Loudon".

8x03 Poetry and Pastries

  • 1989-10-02T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

Dick is chosen to judge the annual Poetry and Pastry contest. Miss Goddard, the reigning champion, uses her feminine wiles to try to influence the judging. Michael throws an all-male baby shower.

8x04 Utley Exposed

  • 1989-10-16T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

An episode of Vermont Today on 'Hidden Shame' nets a surprise guest when George admits to a childish prank.

8x05 Ramblin' Michael Harris

  • 1989-10-23T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

Michael quits his job at Menkey's grocery to become a lounge singer.

8x06 Meet Michael Vanderkellen

  • 1989-11-13T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

Stephanie's mother offers to buy the newlyweds a mansion, but only if Michael changes his last name to Vanderkellen.

8x07 Good Lord Loudon

  • 1989-11-20T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

A cash-strapped visiting dignitary makes Dick a royal Lord. After hearing of his good fortune, the townspeople's opinion of Dick jumps up a notch.

8x08 Cupcake in a Cage

  • 1989-12-04T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

Stephanie is sent to jail after she slaps a security guard in a fit of prenatal hormones.

8x09 Attack of the Killer Aunt

  • 1989-12-11T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

Joanna's Aunt Louise visits bearing gifts, despite her long-standing opinion that Joanna is much too good for Dick.

8x10 I Like You, Butt...

  • 1989-12-18T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

George meets the perfect girl, except for her large rear end. Michael and Stephanie consult with a baby naming guru.

8x11 Jumpin' George

  • 1990-01-01T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

Georeg plans on never sleeping again when he's plagued by a recurring nightmare. Michael & Stephanie use 'wombphones' to educate their future child.

8x12 Lights! Camera! Contractions!

  • 1990-01-08T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

It's baby time for the Harris' as Steph's baby is about to be born. Michael is determined to capture the birth on tape over Stephanie's objections.

8x13 Beauty and the Pest

  • 1990-01-15T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

Joanna takes an odd man to several houses to try to convince him to buy one, but he just can't seem to commit. Joanna visits his home and walks in to find a shrine dedicated to her.

8x14 Good Neighbor Sam

  • 1990-01-29T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

When an overbearing new neighbor moves next door, Dick finds his polite veneer mistaken for friendship. The townsfolk, who all assume Dick is their best friend, are in an uproar when they hear that Dick and Sam are 'best friends'.

8x15 Child in Charge

  • 1990-02-05T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

Stephanie's parents buy WPIV for baby Stephanie. Dick refuses to pander to the child, forcing baby Steph to cancel Vermont Today in the middle of an interview with George McGovern.

8x16 Seein' Double

  • 1990-02-19T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

Michael announces plans to spice up WPIV's lineup with a new sitcom, Seein' Double starring Stephanie as identical twins Judy and Jody, with Dick as their crotchety widowed father.

8x17 Born to Be Mild

  • 1990-02-26T16:00:00+11:00 — 25 mins

Dick is roped into joining George's old gang, 'The Houligans', when they reunited after 40 years. Dick leads them into a rumble against their long-time rivals, 'The Ruffians'.

8x18 Daddy's Little Girl

  • 1990-03-05T15:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

After another shopping spree for baby Steph, Dick teaches Michael that materialism isn't the best way to raise a child. A skeptical Michael becomes convinced after a haunting dream depicts a possible future. Julia Duffy plays grown-up baby Steph.

8x19 Georgie and Grace

  • 1990-03-19T15:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

George falls under the influence of five priests vacationing at the inn. After George announces his intention to join the priesthood, Miss Goddard tries her hardest to change his mind.

8x20 Handymania

  • 1990-04-09T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

George is the toast of the town when he events a hot new board game, "Handymania".

8x21 Dick and Tim

  • 1990-04-30T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

Dick finagles his way into a weekly poker game with Tim Conway. Unaware of Tim's cheap nature, Dick drives him away after raising a quarter.

8x22 Father Goose

  • 1990-05-07T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

Michael comes up with the perfect lead-in to Vermont Today, the 'Giddy Goose' show. He casts his favorite dinner theater actor as Giddy, only to discover the man's also his father.

8x23 My Husband, My Peasant

  • 1990-05-14T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

Society bluebloods Scooter Drake and his new wife Libby drop by with a child of their own, apparently superior to baby Steph in every way. Michael and Stephanie decide to divorce due to Michael's peasant heritage.

8x24 The Last Newhart

  • 1990-05-21T14:00:00+10:00 — 25 mins

In the midst of a town meeting, a Japanese visitor announces his intentions to purchase the entire town and turn the land into a gigantic golf course. Everyone but Dick is thrilled and sells out.