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Season 1999 1999

  • 1999-01-11T13:30:00-07:00 on BBC One
  • 30 mins
  • 18 hours, 30 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Documentary, News

Panorama is a BBC Television current affairs documentary programme. First broadcast in 1953, it is the world's longest-running public affairs television programme.

37 episodes

1999x01 In Stephen's Name

  • Season Premiere

    1999-01-11T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Report on Met Police Force's commitment to tackling racist crime.

1999x02 In Search of Cynthia Mthebe

  • 1999-01-18T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Life in black South Africa today.

1999x03 Poison On Your Plate

  • 1999-01-25T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Report on the alarming rise in food poisoning.

1999x04 Selling Out the Pound?

  • 1999-02-01T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Will the British ever learn to love the Euro?

1999x05 The First Human Clone

  • 1999-02-08T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Investigation into scientists trying to create the first human clone.

1999x06 The People's Party

  • 1999-02-15T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Undemocratic tendencies within the Labour government.

1999x07 Every Parent's Nightmare

  • 1999-02-22T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Report on Britain's recent upsurge in meningitis.

1999x08 Carry On Dr Neale

  • 1999-03-01T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Report on Dr Richard Neale a British gynaecologist accused of professional incompetence.

1999x09 First Sex

  • 1999-03-08T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Report on young people starting out on their sexual lives and what makes first sex so dangerous.

1999x10 Drug Runners

  • 1999-03-15T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Report from America and Europe on the Olympic officials who are accused of turning a blind eye to athletes' drug use.

1999x11 Secrets, Spies and Videotape

  • 1999-03-22T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Report on how the UN's attempt to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction ended in humiliation.

1999x12 The Mind of Milosovic

  • 1999-03-29T12:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Report on the man behind the war in Kosovo.

1999x13 Absolutely Fabulous Prices

  • 1999-04-12T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Report on traders that try and undercut the big brand names who feel bullied and intimidated into submission.

1999x14 War Room

  • 1999-04-19T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Report on how NATO went to war in Kosovo, and the strategy behind the campaign.

1999x15 The Battle for Britain

  • 1999-04-26T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Report on the Scottish elections taking place on May 6 1999.

1999x16 The Killing of Kosovo

  • 1999-08-28T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Report on refugee camps in Kosovo and whether those responsible for the atrocities will ever stand trial.

1999x17 The Child Snatchers

  • 1999-05-10T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Report on the increasing numbers of children from broken homes who are being snatched by one of their parents.

1999x18 Frankenstein Foods

  • 1999-05-17T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Report on who made the decisions that allowed Genetically Modified food to become so widespread here.

1999x19 The Mobile Mystery

  • 1999-05-24T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Report on the growing concern about the health implications of mobile phones and examines accusations that the industry has covered up possible risks.

1999x20 Kosovo: The Reckoning

  • 1999-06-07T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

David Dimbleby chairs a Panorama studio special which charts the road to the peace deal.

1999x21 Giving Life

  • 1999-06-13T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

The life-threatening dilemmas encountered by the team and families at Europe's largest transplant centre in Birmingham.

1999x22 Cheap Labour

  • 1999-06-14T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

The new Minimum Wage was meant to be good news for Britain's worst paid workers; but thousands have ended up no better off and some are getting even less than before.

1999x23 Careless Talk

  • 1999-06-21T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Two lawyers have now been murdered in N. Ireland. Both represented IRA suspects; both claimed before their deaths that the RUC had threatened to have them assassinated.

1999x24 The House Price Lottery

  • 1999-06-28T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Report on how house prices in London are going through the roof, but how in some Northern Cities entire streets are being bulldozed because no-one wants to live there.

1999x25 The Valley Of The Dead

  • 1999-07-05T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

As the refugees of Kosovo return to their devastated land, Panorama reveals the true extent of the atrocities by Serb paramilitaries and police.

1999x26 Die By Wire

  • 1999-07-12T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Investigation into the disturbing truth about a type of aircraft wiring which can lead to fires in the air.

1999x27 Taking Baby

  • 1999-09-13T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Children are being left with parents who neglect and abuse them because the law says keeping families together is best. Now, a confidential report says the law should be changed, with children taken away and adopted much sooner.

1999x28 Private Risks

  • 1999-09-20T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

Millions of people who pay for private healthcare believe they are buying better treatment than they would have got with the National Health Service. But, do some private hospitals present special medical risks of their own?

1999x29 Carmageddon

  • 1999-09-27T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

As Britain's congested roads descend into carmageddon, Panorama investigates how far the government is prepared to go to force us out of our cars. Will they dare to charge us for driving through our own towns and cities?

1999x30 Seeing Red

  • 1999-10-04T13:30:00-06:00 — 30 mins

You may be loyal to your bank, but how loyal are they to you? Panorama uncovers the banking industry's dark secret; 'customer deselection'. New research shows that more than half of Britain's banks are trying to 'fire' the customers who cost them money.

Investigation into the Paddington rail crash on October 5th 99. Panorama also looks at the state of the railway system at Paddington, where for years danger signals were overlooked.

1999x32 Sick and Tired

  • 1999-11-08T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Matthew Hill investigates the psychiatric approach to the treatment of children with the disabling illness of chronic fatigue syndrome.

1999x33 Cops On Drugs

  • 1999-11-15T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Are the police going soft on drugs? Panorama has the startling results of a unique three-year study into what the police really think about the drug laws.

1999x34 Biting the Bullet

  • 1999-11-22T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Stephen Sackur investigates the US gun laws and reveals those who have decided they must act now to curb guns, by targeting manufacturers and sellers directly through the courts.

1999x35 The Great Train Jam

  • 1999-11-29T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Birmingham has one of Britain's most congested railways. Who is to blame for under-investment and delayed trains? Is it Railtrack, ask passengers, or the privatised railway companies?

1999x36 The Billion Dollar Don

  • 1999-12-06T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Exclusive Interview with Simeon Mogelevich, the most notorious crime figure in Russia.

1999x37 The Blair Mayor Project

  • 1999-12-13T13:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

New Labour, the 'People's Party', tried to stop Ken Livingstone from standing - even though the polls show him to be the 'People's' favourite; and how the party machine is still working against him - even though he is now officially one of Labour's candidates.