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Ranma ½

Season 1 1989

  • 1989-04-14T15:00:00Z on Fuji TV
  • 25 mins
  • 6 hours, 54 mins (18 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Adventure, Comedy, Anime

Cursed to turn into a girl whenever splashed with cold water, and unwillingly engaged to the rather temperamental and violent Akane Tendo, 16-year-old Ranma Saotome's life is anything but ordinary.

18 episodes

1x01 (1) Here's Ranma

  • Series Premiere

    1989-04-14T15:00:00Z — 23 mins

Soun Tendo gets quite a surprise when the son of his friend Genma Saotome that he's arranged for one of his daughters to marry turns out to be a girl...

Attending his first day at Furinkan High, Ranma encounters Akane's many would-be suitors.

1x03 (3) A Sudden Storm of Love

  • 1989-04-28T15:00:00Z — 23 mins

Not realizing that Ranma and 'the pigtailed girl' are the same, Kuno is furious that he let the "cretin" slip away. His attention soon shifts to the red-haired one though, when she bests him in combat.

As Kuno continues his attempts to get a date with the 'pigtailed goddess', Ranma starts freaking out, while Nabiki smells money.

A solid beating from Akane brings Ranma to Dr. Tofu, who tries to help out the two teens' relationship, as well as Ranma's injuries.

Akane and Ranma are back at Dr. Tofu's when Kasumi shows up, causing Tofu to start acting like a loon out of love, something Akane doesn't handle well.

After years of searching, Ryoga Hibiki finally finds the person who ruined his life - Ranma Saotome. Now, if only Ranma could remember what the heck he did to make Ryoga so mad...

Ryoga finally manages to find Ranma again, and challenges him to a fight in the schoolyard. Unfortunately for Ranma, several outside parties have a vested interest in seeing him lose.

Akane's accidental haircut brings a temporary reprieve in Ranma and Ryoga's fighting. Stunned, she wanders off alone, thinking about the loss of the one thing that wasn't 'tomboyish' about her.

Not knowing that it's Ryoga, Akane adopts the little black pig as her pet, naming him P-Chan. This of course drives Ranma crazy, as he desperately wants to get Ryoga away from her, yet feels honorbound not to reveal the secret.

Intending to insure St. Hebereke School for Girls' victory in the upcoming match, Kodachi of puts the entire Furinkan Martial Arts Rythmic Gymnastics team out of commission. Akane is chosen as Furinkan's replacement, but not only does her gymnastics skills leave something to be desired, Kodachi decides to lessen Akane's odds with a little visit to the Tendo Dojo...

Akane twists her ankle during practice, forcing Ranma to take her place in the match with Kodachi.

Dr. Tofu's mother comes to visit, determined to find her son a bride. Nabiki, Akane and Ranma all find themselves volunteering to help him get her of his back.

Ranma gets a shock when an Amazon girl he encountered in China tracks him down, intending to kill his girl half.

Tired of the constant outbursts whenever she gets near Ranma, Shampoo decides to get Akane out of the way.

Ranma desperately attempts to recover Akane's lost memory. He even turns to Shampoo who promises to help... at a price.

Genma tries to dissuade Ranma from abandoning Akane to travel back to China and trying to find a cure at Jusenkyo.