Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals

Season 1 2012 - 2013

  • 2012-04-02T21:30:00Z on TV Tokyo
  • 24m
  • 20h 24m (51 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Anime, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Young ninja-in-training Rock Lee only practices taijutsu, but he's determined to do his village proud and become a great ninja anyway.

51 episodes

Welcome to the Hidden Leaf Village, home of Uzumaki Naruto. One day while walking down the street, a young girl is accosted by debt collectors. When all hope is lost, a lone hero appears to save the day! And that hero is... no not Naruto, but the hardest working ninja in the village... Rock Lee?! What can this ninja known for his inability to use ninjutsu do to save the girl... and himself?!

Rock Lee is on a mission to procure a special baumkuchen cake, but only 50 are baked each day. Suddenly, Naruto appears out of nowhere with the same goal! With only one cake left, can Lee overcome Naruto's "Sexy Technique?!

Rock Lee has a crush on Haruno Sakura. He mounts numerous "love offenses" on the target of his affections, but Sakura easily brushes them off. He recruits Tenten, hoping to show Sakura how cool he can be, but...

Hoping to get closer to Sakura, Lee slips a love letter into her handbag without her knowing or catching him. Later, when he sees her happily carrying a love letter envelope from someone else, he becomes depressed! Naruto hatches a plan to cheer Lee up by stealing the other letter before Sakura can read it.

One of Lee's teammates is Hyuuga Neji, a talented ninja who many refer to as a genius. So talented in fact, that he took out an enemy boss from the Hidden Grass Village in one strike! Frustrated, Lee challenges Neji, hoping to prove that with enough hard work, a genius can be defeated!

There's one thing Tenten can't stand, and that's her teammates Lee and Neji not treating her like a woman. Just as she's getting mad, they encounter a female bandit and her gang and the two of them attempt to protect the leader from her underlings. All Tenten wants is for her teammates to notice that she's a girl, too.

Lee's beloved teacher Guy-sensei is arrested for lewd behavior! Lee promises to clear his teacher's name, but Guy claims it's just another test for his pupil. Inspector Lee is on the case!

Kakashi-sensei's secret move leaves Guy utterly defeated, and Lee decides to follow Kakashi-sensei and become as powerful as he is. The first step... Copying the Copy Ninja's appearance!

Konohamaru usually practices ninjutsu with Naruto. But now he's sought out Rock Lee to learn better hand-to-hand combat skills. Lee prepares to teach Konohamaru his best moves, but notices something...odd about him?

Lee and the others are ordered to appear for a routine physical exam. But with all the various personalities from the Hidden Leaf Village converging in one spot, it's one incident after another. Will Lee's group survive their physical?

The Hidden Leaf Village is holding a sports meet! Lee is called upon to read the Athlete's Pledge of Fair Play, but screws up in front of the entire stadium. Hoping to save face, he swears to outperform everyone at every event. Will Guy-sensei's advice of "be confident and you'll win every time" awaken a well-intentioned demon within Lee?

Lee and his team are on guard duty at the front gate, but they'll have to be more vigilant than the TSA to prevent Orochimaru and Kabuto from sneaking in!

Lee is flummoxed by Guy-sensei's new "Smooth Operator Fist," but not half as much as he is by Orochimaru's love letter!

Lee and his team are on bodyguard duty for the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, while she's off on a gambling binge... and Tenten can only seem to screw up in front of her heroine.

Orochimaru summons Manda to swallow Tsunade, Naruto, and even Guy-sensei whole! Can Lee's team come up with a plan and rescue them?

Neji's cousin Hinata is trying to get some training in, but it's not easy with Lee getting in the way. And Guy, Kiba, Akamaru, Shino...

Hinata's one weak point is her tendency to faint around her beloved Naruto, so Lee and several others don some familiar orange outfits to help her fix the problem.

After seeing Shikamaru and Choji in action, Lee attempts to strengthen his friendship with Neji and perfect their own combo moves.

The Leaf ninja are scheduled to take an IQ test, but on the way to the exam, Lee's team discovers Guy-sensei collapsed on the ground! They'll have to push their brains to the limit to solve this mystery.

Lee and Naruto are both vying to be on Sakura's team for a research trip to the old capitol city. But when they're stuck with Neji, they settle for tailing her instead...

Evening falls and Lee wants to slip away from the Sensei's to go hang out with the girls. He sends Konohamaru in to do some recon, While the young ninja is caught, he manages to leave behind a single scrap of paper...

Fed up with their pupils using their ninja skills for the simplest of tasks, Guy and Kakashi set out to teach them some appreciation.

Lee is training in the rain without an umbrella, when he sees Sakura getting soaked as well. Naruto appears with an umbrella to save the day, and a jealous Lee has to choose between training and love...

The ninjas of the Hidden Leaf are being tested on their combat skills, and Team Guy must win a match against their sensei in order to pass. Neji and Tenten succeed using their special moves, but how will Lee stand up to Guy-sensei's Morning Peacock?

Fewer children in the Hidden Leaf Village are choosing to become ninjas. Lee goes to talk to Guy-sensei about the issue, only to overhear his idol say "Ninjutsu is the most important part of being a ninja!...

On his way to visit a hospitalized Guy-sensei, Lee hears Tsunade say he "doesn't have much time left." Can Lee whip up a curry dish that's spicy enough to save his teacher's life?

It's summer in the Leaf Village, but the pool's empty! Lee and the gang set out to fill it, but are they playing into Orochimaru's hands?!

Lee wants to take Sakura on a date, so he, Neji and Tenten go to check out the newly-opened "Super Happy Orochi-Pool Park." And of course, lying in wait is..

Lee and the gang are out camping, but it's not easy to cook in the great outdoors. When Shikamaru comes up with a plan to pit the girls against each other in a cook-off, Tenten, Sakura and Ino put their pride as women on the line and charge into battle!

This year Guy-sensei is in charge of running morning exercises, but he's a lot to deal with first thing in the morning. Lee and the team set out to drum up attendence...

Lee and Tenten grab the latest issue of Jump to get the scoop on the new Naruto movie! But the moment they get it, a bright light blinds them, and when it fades, everyone's personality is totally different!

The new Naruto movie is almost here and Tsunade's worried it's lacking something to make it a must-see. Tenten overhears the Hokage's concerns and works with Lee and Neji to figure out what it is missing...

The Leaf Village is holding a fireworks show, including a contest to see which ninja can make the biggest boom. Guy-sensei orders Lee to win at any cost!

After the fireworks show, Tenten starts acting strange. Neji and Lee set her up for numerous punchlines, but she just doesn't seem to want to play the part this week...

Team Guy and Team Kakashi head to the beach. Lee wants to scope out Sakura's "amazing" new bathing suit, but Guy-sensei makes him train instead. Can Naruto and Konohamaru help him escape Guy-sensei's clutches?

Lee wants to have fun by splitting watermelons, but Guy-sensei turns it into a training exercise. It's a race for survival to get a crack at the perfect target...

Gaara, Kazekae of the Hidden Sand Village, is coming to visit the Leaf Village. Thinking Lee might still be mad about his past defeat at Gaara's hands, Tenten and the others try to find a way to bring them closer.

A Rock Lee impostor appears and starts causing trouble in the village. Lee's group attempt to catch him using a cross-dressing Neji as bait, but then Tenten and Neji impostors show up...

It's a sweltering summer night, but Guy-sensei wants Lee and the boys to cool themselves off without air conditioning. Can a scary ghost story get the job done? Lee and Konohamaru set out to solve one of the “Seven Mysteries of the Leaf” - “The Tears of Mount Hokage.” What is the truth behind the otherworldly tears the 3rd Hokage's monument sheds in the dark of night?

Lee and Naruto seek help from their friends the day before their summer homework is due. Unfortunately for them, they also seem to have forgotten all the craziness that happened over the summer...

Lee's team visits the Academy, only to find a class of lazy kids who mock Lee for working so hard. Can Lee teach them the joys of diligence?

Ino catches Naruto and Lee trying to peep on Sakura while she's in the bath, but when she misfires with her Mind-Body Switch jutsu, Lee and Naruto end up swapping bodies!

It's the Leaf Village culture festival, and Lee is convinced Sai wants to stand out more. Poor Sai...

The “Mr. Leaf Village” contest is just around the corner – Can Lee win a pair of ticket's to the village's swankiest restaurant

When Lee notices the middle character on Gaara's forehead has changed from “Love” to “Romance,” he's convinced the Kazekage's got a crush on someone and sets out to learn their identity.

Lee gets a booby-trapped watch from Orochimaru that will explode if he stops training. Or if Neji cross-dresses. Or Tenten overreacts. How will Lee survive?!

Lee's convinced the upcoming dodgeball tournament is going to be a silly game for kids, until a few choice words from Guy-sensei light a fire in his soul. After a fight with Orochimaru, Kabuto sets out to prove he's better than his former boss by joining Lee's group. Can he pass their tests?

Lady Tsunade hits a lottery jackpot and promises to take Lee and the gang out for five-star sushi, but needs Kakashi and Guy's help to get out of it when she notices her ticket was off by one number. Iruka-sensei's had enough with his disobedient students, so Lee and the gang come to the Academy to put on a show.

Naruto, Lee and the others go out hunting for matsutake mushrooms, but there are none to be found after the abnormally hot summer. Or are there? Neji's finally had enough of being forced to cross-dress for Lee's skits and turns his back on Lee...

Gaara's on his way to the Leaf Village again, and Team Guy is scrambling to make sure he feels welcome. The girls beg Guy to train them, but their reason is not what it seems.

With a lot of ninjas getting injured do to carelessness, Lady Tsunade sets out to teach her charges the importance of safety. Lady Tsunade puts Lee and the gang in charge of the village Halloween celebration, but Deidara and Tobi are on hand to show them what real terror is all about.

Guy-sensei gives the gang a rare break, but will it end up being broken by Orochimaru's "Orochi Hot Springs" trap? Orochimaru realizes his birthday, October 27th, came and went without anyone noticing and he wants Lee to suffer the same anguish.

Lee fakes being sick so that Sakura will nurse him, only to find that his rival in love is using the same tactic. Sasuke won the last popularity contest, while Lee wasn't even ranked. Can the show's main character find a way to steal 1st place?

When Orochimaru's poison leaves Guy-sensei completely bald, it's up to Lee and the gang to find him the right wig. Our beloved narrator comes down with a bad cold, and much to Tenten and Neji's chagrin, Lee's his temporary replacement.

When Naruto's favorite ramen stand, Ichiraku, meets hard financial times, Lee tries to help the restaurant revamp its image. Worried about Lee's feverish training pace, Tenten and Neji try to get their hard working teammate to actually use his vacation time to rest.

Owing them all many debts of gratitude, Lee tries to bond with the many summoned ninja animals of his comrades. With so many romantic holidays happening in winter, Hinata aims to grow a little closer to Naruto before autumn is over.

An encounter with the Sand siblings turns ugly when Temari insults Tenten, igniting the Leaf ninja's desire for a Chuunin Exam rematch. Orochimaru begins to long for a normal life after being barred from entering a family-oriented shopping market.

When Tsunade leaves on a diplomatic mission to a neighboring village, she leaves the only shinobi who wasn't busy in charge - Guy. Team Guy is assigned to go on patrol with Shikamaru's team, and the genius ninja hopes to pick the lease troublesome route.

Lee's team stumbles upon Akatsuki's hidden base, and Deidara is determined to chase them out before the rest of his teammates learn about his history with the hard-working ninja and his pals.

The Hidden Leaf Village holds a big Christmas party, but with so many ninjas competing for one another's affections, will the Secret Santa turn into a battle for survival? It's time for the yearly cleanup, and in his zeal to finish quickly and ask Sakura on a date, Lee accidentally throws away something very important…

Lee and the gang catch the adults in a game tournament, and the grand prize is not having to give their pupils a New Year's gift! Neji decides to observe Naruto and determine once and for all if the orange ninja is worthy of Hinata's affections.

Trapped by Orochimaru's blizzard, Lee and the gang fight to stay warm.

Shino's bugs refuse to leave his body because the weather's too cold, so Lee and his pals help him search for replacements. A maiden's battle…the floor of a department store sale.

When the team gets assigned to infiltrate an illegal chakra-trading ring, Lee goes to Sai for advice on how to blend in with the crowd. A nefarious neer-do-well keeps leaving the village bathrooms a filthy disgusting mess, so Tsunade appoints Lee's team as guards...

Lee's team gets to play the ogres for the annual Setsubun festival, but Orochimaru schemes to ruin the fun.

When the freezing cold leaves Lady Tsunade feeling down, the village organizes a snow sculpting contest to cheer her up. It's Valentine's Day, and Lee would give anything for a girl to give him some chocolates.

Jiraiya trains Lee, Naruto, and Konohamaru. Tsunade takes Sakura and the girls to the hot springs. Chaos ensues.

Kiba enlists Hinata and the girls to find Akamaru some canine companions. Lee and his team run into Sasuke on their way back from a mission, and Lee takes it upon himself to bring the rogue ninja back home.

Lee, Tenten, and Sai, led by Captain Yamato, embark on a mission to recover a stolen scroll. Orochimaru creates a virus that turns humans into Oro-Zombies, and it's up to Lee to stop him.

It's the day before White Day, and a sinister trio of villains has ruined the village supply of sweets. It's been quite a few days since the Leaf Doll's Festival ended, but some prankster keeps putting the dolls back out every night.

Lee wants be an adult like his sensei, and he gets the chance when Guy turns into a baby after drinking a youth-restoring potion.

The final battle against Sasuke is now. Lady Tsunade tasks Lee's team with an S-Ranked mission: Prepare a cherry blossom viewing party.