This goodbye to Ro Laren is a great story for her character, but not a particularly satisfying story for the episode. The Maquis have been firmly established through intertwining episodes of TNG and DS9, and Ro is a perfect fit for them. I like her character and there was some weight behind her decision to betray Picard (she definitely sees her choice that way, as opposed to betraying Starfleet as a whole) instead of some random character we've never met before.

It's weakened by the quite terrible side characters among the Maquis. They fit into very obvious clichés and fulfil their roles with a very paint-by-numbers attitude. Oh, surprise, the feisty one doesn't trust Ro. Oh, look, the elderly one becomes a father figure (and predictably dies).

The best stuff comes from the Ro/Picard interactions, and maybe the best moment is the goodbye between her and Riker (don't forget, those two got intimate a while back - though, the impression I got is that they seem to have conveniently forgotten that here).

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The episode is severely weakened by the fact that Ro has been absent up until this point and keeps stressing how dedicated to following orders she is. Plus her transition to the Maquis doesn't feel very justified — or else it's just too obvious.

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