The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Maybe, had I not watch Dark Knight and -Rises back to back, I would have seen it differently. Dark Knight was a tough act to follow and I don't think -Rises did deliver on all accounts. Don't get me wrong, it is not an awful movie by any means, but it didn't engage me the way the first two did.

Why ?

Batman Begins was about characters. The Dark Knight was about characters. This feels just like another blockbuster. It feels more like your average Marvel movie. And by that I mean making the explosions bigger doesn't automatically translates in a better movie.
The plot didn't work for me at all. The whole, was it 3-5 month, span somehow felt not right. And the scale was too big, again much more reminiscent of Marvel. The first two felt more grounded but with equal stakes.
I was dissapointed by Bane. That might again by due to the fact that Dark Knight and Ledgers Joker was fresh in my mind. Bane, albeit everyhing he is capable off, did not feel intimidating. The fights between him and Batman were dissapointing, I was expecting a bit more.
Anne Hathaway was a nice touch but that's just it - she was just a touch. For a 165 min movie it left a lot on the surface.

As mentioned this is a very personal way to look at the movie. In general I really like Chris Nolans work and this is no different. His way to approch a scene and than film it is was is missing in a lot of modern movies. A lot of times I was sure he did CGI and I was stunned how much he actually did for real.

As a whole the trilogy is an amazing piece of work with the middle being the pinnacle. That's why I gave this a rather low rating to reflect where this part ranks in the trilogy for me.

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