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All Episodes 2014

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  • Ended
  • Teletama
  • 2014-01-09T16:00:00Z
  • 4 mins
  • 1 hour, 17 mins (24 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime
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Kou comes to a slum neighborhood in search of his elder brother Takumi and finds him to have become the head of a private detective firm. Kou is drafted by Takumi to do errands and chores in the detective firm, and they come to meet various interesting people...
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25 episodes

1x01 (1) Thief

  • Series Premiere

    2014-01-09T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

A phantom thief named Rusty Nail sends a letter to a mansion, saying they're going to steal their treasure. The Mikuni Detective Agency is called to protect the treasure, but are they up to this challenge?

1x02 (2) Princess

  • 2014-01-16T16:00:00Z — 4 mins

The Mikuni Detective Agency has been hired as bodyguards to protect a rich man's only daughter. Despite her being difficult, they were going through with their mission.

1x03 (3) Hospital

  • 2014-01-23T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The gang decides to go to a doctor to get Masamune's wounds treated. They were greated by a suspicious looking doctor and a little girl.

1x04 (4) Trap

  • 2014-01-30T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The gang takes the job from Ozu to go save Dorothy, and find themselves in an underground lair filled with traps.

1x05 (5) Mistress

  • 2014-02-06T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The team sneaks into some company building to steal some top secret information. Kou's really not up for this mission, however Takumi and the others seem rather excited to complete this mission.

1x06 (6) Precious

  • 2014-02-13T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The team randomly runs into Rusty Nail at a supermarket. Rusty declares that she will get back at them for ruining her last job by stealing something from their agency. Will Takumi and the others be able to protect their agency?

1x07 (7) Procession

  • 2014-02-20T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

Masamune is being targeted by someone so Takumi and the others help protect him. Who is the mysterious person after Masamune?

1x08 (8) Intruder

  • 2014-02-27T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The team is put in charge of capturing the pervert that keeps showing up at Kiyoko's school. Takumi and the others go undercover but will they be able to catch the pervert?

1x09 (9) Guard

  • 2014-03-06T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The detectives are put in charge of guarding a client by request of the Mikuni company. Will they be able to guard him?

1x10 (10) Curse

  • 2014-03-13T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The detectives are asked to take care of a cursed medal that brings misfortune upon its owner. Will they be able to survive the series of misfortune that falls upon them?

1x11 (11) Antique

  • 2014-03-20T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The detectives accept a job to appraise an odd antique at Kiyoko's house and find a very shady treasure there.

1x12 (12) Hero

  • 2014-03-27T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

The detectives are put in charge of doing a hero show in one of Mikuni's buildings. Of course, things don't go well.

2x01 (13) Reconduct

  • Season Premiere

    2014-07-10T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

A woman named Nana appears at the Mikuni Detective Agency to take Kou and Takumi back home. Will they be able to get away from her grasp?

2x02 (14) Exchange

  • 2014-07-17T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

Kou and Takumi fall down some stairs and somehow end up in a cliche situation where they switch bodies. Will they be able to turn back to normal?

2x03 (15) Crime

  • 2014-07-24T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

A guy wants to leave the gang he`s currently in and asks the Mikuni Detective Agency for help. The group agrees and infiltrates the gang. Will the guy`s wish come true?

2x04 (16) Princess

  • 2014-07-31T16:00:00Z — 4 mins

Takumi and company show up at Kiyoko`s high school culture festival. They end up helping out with Kiyoko`s class`s play at the very last minute, but will the play end safely?

2x05 (17) Resistants

  • 2014-08-07T16:00:00Z — 4 mins

President Mikuni`s nephew shows up at the agency. His attitude pisses Takumi off... Will they be able to break through the nephew`s icy heart?

2x06 (18) Escape

  • 2014-08-14T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

Kanno, Hanei, Mera, and Kaori wake up, trapped in a secret room. Will they be able to escape the secret room?

2x07 (19) Restrains

  • 2014-08-21T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

Kanno, Hanei, and Takumi wake up in a secret room again. Will they be able to escape the secret room?

2x08 (20) Homework

  • 2014-08-28T16:00:00Z — 4 mins

The last day of summer vacation, Takumi and the others are asked to help Masashi out with his homework. Mera, Kaori, Kanno and others end up helping out as well... will the homework ever be finished?

2x09 (21) Influence

  • 2014-09-04T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

Takumi and the others are at a celebrity party as bodyguards... when Rusty Nail appears. Will Takumi and the others be able to save the celebs from Rusty?

2x10 (22) Similar

  • 2014-09-11T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

Nana runs into the agency, saying that Takumi`s been kidnapped. Takumi and the others head to the culprits hideout to save the kidnapped Takumi. Will Takumi be able to save Takumi?

2x11 (23) Fiction

  • 2014-09-18T16:00:00Z — 3 mins

Hanei writes novels as a hobby. Everyone does their best to make an appeal to become the model for the main character. Who will end up being the main character? Will the novel ever be completed?

2x12 (24) Trip

  • 2014-09-25T16:00:00Z — 4 mins

Suddenly, Kou finds himself in the world of gal games. Who could the heroine be?

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