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The Expanse: Season 3

3x12 Congregation

That was epic, absolutely brilliant.
The characters' developments and interactions are amazing.
Not to mention the extremely well-written story and dialogs, the cinematics, the music, the acting, the suspense, and the director.
The best Sci-Fic show ever... Almost the best TV series out there.

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I was so relieved to see that Drummer is still alive and kicking.

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If they kill Drummer & Ashford I’ll riot Beltalodas

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Wassup with the Killjoys actors appearing on this show? This time it was Fancy! Maybe this is their way to pass the time between seasons of Killjoys. Gotta make a living, right?

Anyway, Holden says the Ring is not a weapon and now the Ring is acting exactly like a weapon, charging up to fire something. I hope the finale will clear this mess for us.

Also, bless Amazon for picking up something so beautiful that Syfy shamefully dropped to the ground.

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