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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 5 1994 - 1995

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  • 1994-09-20T00:00:00Z on NBC
  • 25 mins
  • 9 hours, 10 mins (25 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Family, Drama
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The fifth season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered on September 19, 1994 and aired its season finale on May 15, 1995. Ross Bagley was added to the show's cast, playing a now preschool-aged Nicky Banks despite the character being a newborn infant in the previous season. This is common in television series and soap operas. In the first episode to feature this change, Jazz expresses amazement while Will just stares uneasily into the camera.


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25 episodes

5x01 What's Will Got to Do With It? (1)

  • Season Premiere

    1994-09-20T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

Dough-re-me. Will thinks Ashley can make big bucks in the singing biz if she picks the right manager: him.

5x02 The Client (2)

  • 1994-09-20T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

Will's career as a music man hits a few sour notes.

5x03 Reality Bites

  • 1994-09-27T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

"Look here, you big orange Moby Dick." Will tangles with a grouchy whale who ditches a kiddie concert.

5x04 Grumpy Young Men

  • 1994-10-04T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

Kissin' cousin. War breaks out when the girl Will likes plants a big one on Carlton.

5x05 Fresh Prince: The Movie

  • 1994-10-11T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

A mob killing, a bear and a pregnant backwoods belle. Will spins a tall tale to distract Jazz during a poker game.

5x06 Will's Misery

  • 1994-10-18T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

The Banks hate the ugly golf shirts Hilary gives them - until they see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wearing the same design.

5x07 Father Knows Best

  • 1994-10-25T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

To help Ashley out of a jam at school, Will poses as her father. Oh yeah, this is gonna work.

5x08 Soul Train

  • 1994-11-08T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

At a Soul Train reunion, middle-aged Philip feels like his train has left the station.

5x09 Love Hurts

  • 1994-11-15T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

Who da man? Not Will, who questions his manhood when Lisa drops a thug who knocked him down.

5x10 Will's Up a Dirt Road

  • 1994-11-22T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

Headline news. Will's attempt to be a photojournalist leads to a $10-million lawsuit from Jay Leno.

5x11 Will Steps Out

  • 1994-11-29T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

To understand Philip's battle with the scale, Will dons a fat suit and gets a big fat lesson in empathy.

5x12 Same Game, Next Season

  • 1994-12-13T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

Will works so hard to impress Lisa's dad that he spends all his free time with his new best buddy.

5x13 Three's a Crowd

  • 1995-01-10T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

Snow way to treat a lady. Carlton gives Lisa the cold shoulder when she shows up at a guys-only ski trip.

5x14 It's a Wonderful Lie

  • 1995-01-24T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

The party's over. Will and Lisa tell each other lies so they can sneak off to the (uh-oh) same party.

5x15 Bullets Over Bel-Air

  • 1995-02-07T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

A confrontation with an armed robber at an ATM forever changes Will and Carlton's relationship.

5x16 A Decent Proposal

  • 1995-02-14T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Will pops the question from his hospital room. And Lisa's answer is...

5x17 Will is From Mars...

  • 1995-02-21T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

He says kids, she says wait. He says Philly, she says Cleveland. Will and Lisa try marriage counseling.

5x18 The Wedding Show (Psyche!)

  • 1995-02-28T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

Shafted! The engaged couple opts for flashy Vegas vows, complete with costumes. The tasteful theme: Shaft.

5x19 Slum Like It ... Not!

  • 1995-03-14T01:00:00Z — 22 mins

When Will talks Philip into buying a dilapidated apartment building, guess who has to fix up the fixer-upper.

5x20 As the Will Turns

  • 1995-04-11T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

Soap bubble: Will is thrilled to land a role in a TV soap - until he finds out his character is in love with another guy.

"At the sound of the bell you will be four years old." A hypnotist turns Will into a mischievous little boy.

Internet dating hooks up two people with a lot in common: Hershey's Kiss (Carlton) and Brown Sugar (Hilary).

5x23 Cold Feet, Hot Body

  • 1995-05-02T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

Dinner date. The Banks host a gorgeous girl from Philly who tries to lure Will away from Lisa.

5x24 Love in an Elevator

  • 1995-05-09T00:00:00Z — 22 mins

Stuck and out of luck, Will spends his bachelor party trapped in an elevator with a feuding Carlton and Jazz.

Husband-to-be Will has the bride, the ring, the date...and second thoughts about the whole idea.

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