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The Jim Jefferies Show

Season 3 2019

  • 2019-03-20T02:30:00Z on Comedy Central
  • 25 mins
  • 5 hours, 35 mins (15 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Talk Show

The Jim Jefferies Show is here to shake up the humdrum formula of the political late-night show. Jim tackles the news of the day with no-bullshit candor, piercing insight and a uniquely Aussie viewpoint.

15 episodes

3x01 The Rise of White Nationalism

  • Season Premiere

    2019-03-20T02:30:00Z — 21 mins

Jim explains how the internet radicalizes white nationalists like the shooter in New Zealand, visits Australia's anti-immigration border fence and examines public shaming.

Jim examines the many flaws in America's nuclear weapon stockpile, takes a critical look at doomsday-prepping advice and sits down with North Korean defectors.

Jim looks at the rise of the NRA as a lobbying group, visits Chicago to see how the city became a proxy in the gun-control debate and tries to save after-school programs.

Jim looks at the discriminatory barriers trans athletes face, sits down with a transgender scientist and marathoner, and examines the state of LGBTQ rights in Thailand.

Jim explains why zoos are a good thing, goes on patrol with an anti-poaching task force and sticks up for an underappreciated member of the animal kingdom.

Jim explains why the funeral industry is exploitative and wasteful, seeks happiness by attending his own mock funeral in South Korea, and devises a new model of retirement.

3x07 Addicted to Everything

  • 2019-05-01T02:30:00Z — 21 mins

Jim looks at how gamification gets people addicted to tech, tries to figure out if Australia has a gambling problem and explains why strict laws don't curb addiction.

Jim weighs in on ancestry testing, chats with Ty Burrell about giving opportunities to kids in foster care and examines how kid influencers are vulnerable to exploitation.

3x09 Dividing the United States

  • 2019-05-15T02:30:00Z — 21 mins

Jim makes the case for universal basic income, takes a critical look at "poverty tourism" in South Africa and proposes splitting America up into different countries.

Jim examines the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, visits Singapore to weigh the pros and cons of living in a restrictive society, and criticizes recent abortion bans.

Jim gives his take on some unpopular opinions, visits Hong Kong to learn about "citizen scores" and scrutinizes America's nonchalant attitude about data security.

3x12 Jim Gives Socialism an Overhaul

  • 2019-09-25T02:30:00Z — 25 mins

Jim explains why free college for everyone might not be a good idea after all, finds a compromise between socialism and capitalism, and celebrates the Emmy Awards.

3x13 Jim Takes on Cancel Culture

  • 2019-10-02T02:30:00Z — 25 mins

Jim discusses the consequences of "cancel culture", shares how inclusion is changing the toy industry, and laments a hairy situation.

3x14 The Decline of Sex in Japan

  • 2019-10-09T02:30:00Z — 25 mins

Jim discusses the spate of recent deaths linked to vaping, visits Japan to examine the decline of sex among young people and looks at the disappearing stigma around STDs.

Jim unpacks the Trump impeachment inquiry, visits South Africa to learn about traditional medicine techniques and weighs in on how U.S. culture tackles mental health.