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The Musketeers

Season 3 2016

  • 2016-05-28T22:30:00+02:00 on BBC One
  • 55 mins
  • 9 hours, 17 mins (10 episodes)
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Drama, Action, Adventure

Set in 17th century Paris, musketeers Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D’Artagnan are members of an elite band of soldiers who fight for what is just. They are heroes in the truest and most abiding sense – men that can be trusted an believed in to do the right thing, regardless of personal risk.

10 episodes

3x01 Spoils of War

  • Season Premiere

    2016-05-28T22:30:00+02:00 — 59 mins

Athos, Porthos and D'Artagnan are fighting on the battlefront while Aramis has trouble living in contemplation as a monk. The Musketeers' search for missing gunpowder lead them to follow bandits to Aramis' monastery, where circumstance force them to collaborate to save the monastery's children and brothers. Aramis' finally accepts his true calling as a Musketeer and rejoins his brothers-in-arms in Paris.

3x02 The Hunger

  • 2016-06-11T22:30:00+02:00 — 55 mins

The corrupt Governor of Paris conspires with the Duke de Beaufort, primary provider of food for Paris, to stage a robbery of the city's granary and pin it on the refugees, only to later sell the stolen grain back to the King at an inflated price. D'Artagnan is taken captive along with the rioting refugees, and the other Musketeers (along with D'Artagnan's wife Constance, now in charge of the Musketeer garrison) must rescue them from the hands of the Red Guard before they are executed.

3x03 Brothers In Arms

  • 2016-06-20T22:30:00+02:00 — 56 mins

Under orders, the Musketeers defend Louis’ traitorous brother Gaston after he slaughters a band of veteran soldiers in a Paris tavern.

3x04 The Queen's Diamonds

  • 2016-06-25T22:30:00+02:00 — 56 mins

The future of the English monarchy rests on the Musketeers’ shoulders when Louis orders them to recover his sister the Queen of England’s missing crown jewels. It’s a daunting mission, made more complicated when they unmask the thief - the irrepressible Emile Bonnaire.