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The X-Files: Season 9

9x13 Improbable

Scully - "Who was that man?"
Reyes - "God knows"

Now combine that with the musical outro and you have yourself the perfect ending to a 5-star episode IMO. This episode is absolutely in the upper echelon of The X-Files. Only a few will get it and for those who don't, the probabilities were never in your favor to begin with. Burt Reynolds performance was in one word, GODLY!! ;-)

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So light-hearted and full of spirit, that's what this episode is. I enjoyed it, it was very amusing and the music, aswell as the editing, is great.

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Shout by Júlia S.
2016-08-24T05:40:49+02:00— updated 2017-06-25T07:18:32+02:00

Well written dialogues, great production value, funny, creative, amusing. And the amazing Burt Reynolds. I'm very much in love with this episode.

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Episodes like this make me understand why the show got cancelled after this season.

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Burt just kills it in this episode! The music is fantastic as well.

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