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Three Sisters

Season 2 2001

  • 2001-09-26T01:30:00+01:00 on NBC
  • 30 mins
  • 7 hours, 30 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy

When Steven Keats married Bess Bernstein-Flynn, nobody told him he was also marrying her two sisters and parents. David Alan Basche ("Oh, Grow Up") stars opposite Katherine La Nasa in Three Sisters, one of the most promising and feel-good comedies in the past years! Bess (Katherine La Nasa) is a controling daughter/sister/mother, who does everything possible to make things perfect. Taking care of her newborn baby Charlie and dealing with her husband Steven - who often wonders if he married the entire family instead of just Bess - is not an easy task when you're a working woman. Luckily she can always count on her sisters: Nora (Vicki Lewis, "NewsRadio"), the sarcastic middle sister, a documentary maker that tries to adjust herself to the life in a big city after living for two years in Africa and going through a divorce; and Annie (A.J. Langer, "My So-Called Life"), who seems to be stuck in her teen years - she can't keep a job, she likes to do "cool" stuff, and she's still trying

19 episodes

2x01 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

  • Season Premiere

    2001-09-26T01:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

As Season Two begins, the Keats' son turns 1. Naturally Bess is preparing for a party, but Steven is concerned that Charlie can't do all the things that a neighbor's lad can -- like grip a football. Meanwhile, Annie can't help with party plans because she has a job as a bartender (the only drawback being her inability to mix drinks). And it's not a first birthday but a first husband that concerns Nora, who has just learned that Elliott never signed the divorce papers. ""I never would have slept with you last week if I'd known we were still married,"" she says. ""That's just sick.""

2x02 Critical Reaction

  • 2001-10-03T01:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

While Bess tries to hide the fact that she's a parent from her new old-fashioned boss, Vince, Nora has to endure her family's less-than-enthusiastic response to the news that Elliot is back in her life -- until she gets a little unexpected help from Steven.

2x03 Three

  • 2001-10-10T01:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

When Jake decides its time to get serious about his love life, he sets his sights on Annie. To keep things safe, Annie invites Gordon to hang out with her and Jake -- and ends up making an interesting discovery in the process. Meanwhile, Bess is determined to prove that she and Steven are still a hotter couple than Nora and Elliot.

2x04 A Shot in the Dark

  • 2001-10-17T01:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

When Steven and Bess take a romantic weekend getaway sans Bess' birth control, she worries that she may be pregnant. Meanwhile, Nora and Elliot make parenting decisions of their own after babysitting Charlie. Annie and George attempt some father-daughter bonding, and Honey becomes attached to a raccoon that's been eating the koi in her pond. (from NBC)

2x05 Don't Be Thrown

  • 2001-10-24T01:30:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Nora needs a new job (her last one was directing a gross-out reality show, for crying out loud!), so her father offers her an interview with the university's dean. Reluctant, Nora sees herself with no other choice. At the interview, she reads the note from her dad saying ""don't be thrown by Nora"". Offended, she tries to prove she's not an intimidating person, but ends up looking even more intimidating to the dean. George invites dean Webber to the family brunch, where the dean gives Nora a second chance. Meanwhile, Steven and Jake win an award, but Steven doesn't give Jake a chance to say thanks, which they solve by Jake giving Steven a punch. Bess, on the other hand, doesn't think they can solve things without emotions.

2x06 Halloween 1

  • 2001-10-31T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Baby Charlie's first Halloween sparks a spirited debate between Steven and Bess as to how they will celebrate Christmas and Chanukah. Steven enlists George's support in his anti-Xmas tree campaign, while Honey sides with Bess. Meanwhile, Annie is convinced that her car is haunted until Bess and Nora give her a little sisterly help contacting the offending spirit via the Ouija board. (from NBC)

2x07 A Date with Destiny (1)

  • 2001-11-07T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Nora comes in asking if it's ok to pay for movie tickets with pennies, which leads the whole family to remember how Steven originally dated Nora and ended up with Bess. It was 1994. Annie was graduating from high school, Bess was still single and Nora was just left by Elliot. In a convenience store, bachelors Jake and Steven spot lonely Nora, and Steven starts to hit on her. They go on an awful date at a baseball bat, and Nora is back home much sooner than she expected. Bess briefly meets Steven, with whom she immediately falls in love. Steven, on the other hand, is going to try to get a 2nd date with Nora, so he sends her carnations, a bear and a card. George develops an allergic reaction to the flowers and they all rush to the hospital, skipping Annie's big graduation day. But they make a pact to pretend they all went. Back in present days, Nora is surprised to learn the flowers were for her, and they all wonder what ever happened to the card.

2x08 A Date with Destiny (2)

  • 2001-11-07T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

George says he used the card as a book marker. The book was given to Nora, who gave the book to Bess, who lent it to Elliot. The card is exactly where George left it 7 years ago. While Annie is shocked to learn that none of her relatives attended her graduation, and that she lost her virginity to a guy who used Steven's flowers as his own, Nora says she would have gone out with Steven again if she had read the card. Bess freaks out with the thought of her marriage with Steven being a destiny accident. She and Steven argue when they fell in love for each other. While Bess fell for him the moment she saw him, Steven's heart didn't beat any faster until one day, with a simple gesture, Bess picked up a pepper from the floor.

2x09 Three Thanksgivings, One Turkey

  • 2001-11-30T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

When Bess is forced to spend Thanksgiving with her mother-in-law in Chicago, she winds up learning a secret she wishes she had never heard. Meanwhile, an argument between Nora and Annie results in their hosting separate Thanksgiving dinners side-by-side in their shared apartment with their respective dates, Elliot and Gordon, caught in the middle.

2x10 Is It Me?

  • 2001-12-12T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Annie makes an audition tape for MTV's ""Real World"", using footage of her dancing on top of the bar at work as the centerpiece of her submission. Enlisting Gordon's help in making her tape, Annie realizes she wants to take her relationship with Gordon to a new level. Meanwhile, Nora gets caught in the middle when Elliot and Honey work out their frosty relationship through a particularly vicious game of ping-pong. (from NBC)

2x11 The Manny

  • 2001-12-19T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Bess and Steven hire a nanny to take of Charlie for the holidays. But they're very surprised when the nanny turns out to be a 45 year-old man. Terry is a wonderful nanny, but Steven and Bess are embarrassed to tell people that he's the nanny, so they start to come up with fake stories for a reason why he's helping with Charlie, until Terry finds out and quits. Meanwhile, Annie and Gordon go on their first real date. But Annie keeps blowing Gordon's plans for more spontaneous things, until he surprises her with a romantic dinner.

2x12 Dog Day Afternoon

  • 2002-01-09T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

When Bess' boss, Vince, institutes ""bring your dog to work day"", Bess freaks out because she doesn't have a dog, so she asks Annie for one. Annie's dog at first seems too small, but Vince thinks it's perfect. Unfortunately, the dog is cast on Frasier and Bess has to take a new dog to work. He messes the entire office sniffing butts and other private parts. Bess gives up on the idea of bringing a dog to work, and just as she is ready to prove herself worthy to Vince she discovers that they've run out of business. Meanwhile, Nora reprehends Jake for dating one of her students. She dumps him and now Jake has Nora escort him home after dental surgery. Nora quickly sees in a sedated Jake a fun opportunity to tape everything he says and use it to make fun of him later. But what she didn't expect was Jake confessing that he feels lonely and wants to raise a family.

2x14 Changing Rooms

  • 2002-01-30T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

When Nora and Elliot decide to move in together again, Annie is out of a place to live until Jake offers her his spare room - an arrangement that Gordon isn't thrilled with. Elliot becomes increasingly exasperated by Nora's refusal to agree to marry him again and her insistence that he occupy only one room in her house - an arrangement that makes him feel like a boarder. After a blow-up, he returns home to an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. Meanwhile, inspired by Elliot's situation, Steven begins a campaign to create his own ""guy room"" at his and Bess' home. (from NBC)

2x15 Best Laid Plans

  • 2002-02-06T01:30:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Annie and Jake accidentally see each other naked and feel awkward about it, but not as awkward as Jake feels when he accidentally tells Gordon, especially since he hasn't seen Annie naked yet. Annie, on the other hand, is fine with it and tries to work things out with Gordon, which they eventually do. Meanwhile, Bess gets a little carried away planning Nora's wedding, and confesses she was very disappointed with her first wedding, when Nora and Elliot got married without waiting for Bess. And Steven has a hard time calling George ""dad"" after he asks him to.

Steven's brother Joel comes to visit from Chicago bringing some news though that he has separated from his wife and is going through money troubles. That's why he wants to sell his and Steven's childhood card collection to get some money. Meanwhile Annie gets her dad to help her with her 1st tax return. While that is happening Annie suggests Gordo takes her mum to a nicks & Lakers game to get to know each other a little better.

2x17 The Song

  • no air date — 30 mins

Annie crashes into the back of Stevens's car while following him. Because of that Steven ran a red light and has ti go to traffic school. Elliot is babysitting Charlie when he writes a sing for Bess from Charlie. Nora hears it at 1 of Elliot's gigs and thinks it's about her until she hears the truth. She is distraught to think that Eliot wrote a song about Bess until she finds out that Elliot wrote a song about her and sang it to her at his next gig. Meanwhile Gordo knows a guy who can pass Steven in Traffic School without him actually having to go until they get busted but are let go by the police because Steven has a trusting face.

2x18 'Twas the Night Before

  • no air date — 30 mins

Annie holds Nora a Bachelorette party with just her and a whole lot of alcohol. Jake stays home for the party because he thinks there are going to be a whole lot of girlie things going on. Elliot doesn't want a party so he, Steven and Gordo just hang out at the bar. Nora wants to leave her Bachelorette party early so she can see Elliot so Jake, Nora and Annie go and find the guys. Meanwhile Bess is staying with George and Honey to finish off her Maid of Honour Speech and George is finishing off her father of the bride speech but they are fighting over who can include stuff about Nora's favourite childhood toy Diggy Doon. Bess wins only to find out that Diggy Doon was Annie's toy. Elliot wakes up in the morning to find a message on his answering machine. He has been offered lead guitarist for David Bowie's tour but the only problem is that he has to get on a plane straight away.

2x19 Deep Issue Massage

  • no air date — 30 mins

Bess wants a proper massage from Steven that doesn't involve se at the end so he buys them both Gift Certificates to get a massage. Annie has just got health insurance so she is getting all sorts of things including therapy. When she books a family session she is so annoyed when no one shows up she stops being her self and is angry with everyone only to find out that she told her family the wrong date otherwise they would have loved to have gone. Meanwhile Honey wants the kitchen to look perfect for Nora's wedding so she decides to fix a small nick in the cupboard. Anyway that small nick soon leads to more renovations until Honey is getting carried away re-sanding the floorboards.