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    TV Carnage

    Season 4

    • 60 mins
    • Comedy

    In case you don’t know: Each TV CARNAGE volume is hundreds of hours of exceptionally bad TV lovingly fused together into an hour plus; glorious cesspools of retardation. Each clip acting as a word in odes to pop culture that have been hailed as “genuine, original genius”
    Since 1996 these are the compilations that have been gushed upon by VICE , NME, SHARPEWORLD, FORT DRASIC, DAILY CANDY, BRAD NEELY, NEW YORK TIMES, SPIN, ADULT SWIM, EYE MAGAZINE, GEEK MAGAZINE, WIRED, TIM AND ERIC, and on and onnnnn (snore).
    PINKY BECKLES, FOUNDER OF TV CARNAGE, has RECENTLY been picked up by ADULT SWIM for a series HOT PACKAGE (which will include THE BEST OF TOTALLY FOR TEENS) and is co-founder of streetcarnage.com.
    Additionally he makes videos for various bands as well as directing commercials for weirdo companies. His current TV CARNAGE project is called “Cop Movie” and is comprised of about three dozen different cop movies. The most recent TV CARNAGE release was “LET’S WORK IT OUT” comprised of a million disgusting workout tapes and celebrated on numerous top 10 lists of 2010.

    1 episode

    4x01 Casual Fridays

    • Season Premiere

      no air date — 60 mins

    In 2003 TV CARNAGE gave the world of weirdoes, nerds, punks, metal-heads, rivet-heads and strippers aka visionaries, their most challenging psychological present to date: CASUAL FRIDAYS. Inspired by television and medias unbridalled passion for not even trying; at all along with the unstoppable momentum behind the need for offices around the world to impliment CasualFridays, this relentless treat continues to inspire and as well as to be blatently ripped off. TV CARNAGE’s creator Pinky Carnage created this mind-felating creation Using state of the art disdain and next level humour equasions to pay tribute to the rivers of barf flowing out of popular culture’s anal caverns and ladies, it is romantic to boot. Included in this stunning collection you be seduced by: Senor Gary Coleman, The Gays, Performances by the unknown that will inspire you to stop living, The Saxophones, children being adults/adults being children,Thespians and a Rodeo Monkey Riding a dog and of course an optionall version with Pinky’s famous commentary track.