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    • KBS TV2
    • 1 mins
    • Romance

    Madama Shim has four sons. Their names are Ki Baek, Lee Baek, Sam Baek, and Sa Baek. Madam Shim’s eldest son, Ki Baek, falls in love with Goo Mi Ho, the daughter of her enemy, Goo Gook. Wang Sam Baek is the third son of Madam Shim. He becomes friends with Chae Jung Soo. His older Sam Baek falls in love with Jung Soo, a very pretty twenty-three year old hotel management student who studies at his mother’s hotel. Things get complicated as Ki Baek finds himself falling for Jung Soo as well. Soo Young and Yu Ri both like the fourth son of Madam Shim, Sa Baek. But Sa Baek doesn’t return their feelings and tries to ignore them at all costs.

    4 episodes

    1x01 Episode 1

    • Series Premiere

      no air date — 1 min

    1x02 Episode 2

    • no air date — 1 min

    1x03 Episode 3

    • no air date — 1 min

    1x140 Episode 140

    • no air date — 1 min