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  • 2016-01-09T18:40:00+01:00 on TV Tokyo
  • 4 mins
  • 52 mins (13 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime

Akin to TV Tokyo’s Folktales from Japan, YAMISHIBAI: JAPANESE GHOST STORIES takes a narrative format to explore the rich occult history from Japan, moreover, the storytelling techniques in this brand new series will mimic kamishibai – a traditional storytelling technique inspired by the artistic usage of paper figures and scrolls.

“Yamishibai is a picture-story style of animation whose motif is surrounded and based off the rumors, and urban legends throughout the history of Japan.”

13 episodes

3x01 (27) Lend It to Me

  • Season Premiere

    2016-01-09T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

A young man walks home from work when he stops by a bathhouse he never went in before.

3x02 (28) Tunnel

  • 2016-01-16T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

Two men are driving their car to a hot spring, only they are lost, low on gas and getting nowhere fast on the mountain road. Eventually, they come to a fork in the road; one path leads to a tunnel that doesn't appear on their map.

3x03 (29) Rat

  • 2016-01-23T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

A young couple, Kenta and Machiko, moves into an old apartment for cheap, finishing moving the boxes into their new home. They realize they have an unwanted roommate: a rat.

3x04 (30) The Noisy Hospital Room

  • 2016-01-30T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

At 2:15 AM in a local hospital, a patient walks down a hallway, past a window where a truck outside is carrying what look like blank mannequins. As he walks down the hall, he hears what sounds like people laughing coming from a lit up room.

3x05 (31) Museum of Taxidermy

  • 2016-02-06T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

One rainy day, a young couple rush down the street, the woman a little annoyed that the weather has gotten bad. Along they way, the man spies a "Museum of Taxidermy" and decide that they should take shelter there.

3x06 (32) ''That Side'' Festival

  • 2016-02-13T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

Asako and Miki are enjoying a festival when Miki disappears. As Asako searches for her, she encounters a display of strange masks and the sound of mysterious voices chanting.

3x07 (33) Behind

  • 2016-02-20T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

On a field trip with his school class, Osamu is having trouble getting to sleep because of a scary dream he's been having.

3x08 (34) The Empress Doll

  • 2016-02-27T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

Two teenage couples pull over at an abandoned house for a test of courage.

3x09 (35) The Fourth Man

  • 2016-03-05T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

Haruko overhears a story about the Handshake Men, mysterious men who show up on the roadside and ask people to shake hands.

3x10 (36) Merry-go-round

  • 2016-03-12T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

A young couple, Shinichi and Satomi, arrive at a mall carnival that they remember their parents bringing them to.

3x11 (37) Cuckoo Clock

  • 2016-03-19T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

Rumi and her mother visit their grandmother's house where she takes notice to the cuckoo clock hanging on the wall at the exact time the little bird pops out.

3x12 (38) In the Water

  • 2016-03-26T18:40:00+01:00 — 4 mins

The star of the swim team prepares for a tournament by training on his own at the school pool at night.

3x13 (39) Drawings

  • 2016-04-02T19:40:00+02:00 — 4 mins

The boy in the opening title sequence from season 3 sitting on a playground slide drawing while other three other children are playing hopscotch. A woman comes onto the playground and it is revealed that she has just moved to this town to work as a teacher. She tries to talk to the boy, but he walks away.