Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Boxsets

Volume 4 2021 - 2022

  • 2021-12-25T08:30:00Z on Sapporo Television Broadcasting
  • 24m
  • 4 hours, 48 mins (12 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime, Action, Adventure
In feudal Japan, half-demon twins Towa and Setsuna are separated from each other during a forest fire. While desperately searching for her younger sister, Towa wanders into a mysterious tunnel that sends her into present-day Japan, where she is found and raised by Kagome Higurashi’s brother, Sota, and his family. Ten years later, the tunnel that connects the two eras has reopened, allowing Towa to be reunited with Setsuna, who is now a demon slayer working for Kohaku. But to Towa’s shock, Setsuna appears to have lost all memories of her older sister

12 episodes


1x37 Zero's Wish

1 (1x37) Zero's Wish

  • 2021-12-25T08:30:00Z24m

Towa is consumed by rage and loneliness. Setsuna tries to stop her from killing Zero because the curse on their mother cannot be lifted unless Zero lets go of her regrets. Sesshomaru gives Moroha the Black Pearl.


1x38 Kirinmaru of the Dawn

2 (1x38) Kirinmaru of the Dawn

  • 2022-01-08T08:30:00Z24m

Kirinmaru takes the Black Pearl from Moroha and demands that she bring Akuru to him. Towa and Setsuna try to lend a hand, but Sesshomaru arrives at the scene to take on Kirinmaru instead. Meanwhile, Rion and Riku head to Mount Musubi.

Inside the Black Pearl, Moroha is finally reunited with her parents, Inuyasha and Kagome. Inuyasha begins to see a way out of the Black Pearl. Meanwhile, Kirinmaru’s attack leaves Sesshomaru gravely injured.

Wanting to prove his strength, Kirinmaru faces off against Sesshomaru. Towa summons the Tenseiga. Shippo waits for Inuyasha and the others at Gozu and Mezu’s gate.


1x41 Akuru's Pinwheel

5 (1x41) Akuru's Pinwheel

  • 2022-01-29T08:30:00Z24m

In the present day, Osamu Kirin sees the Grim Comet approaching. Meanwhile, in the feudal era, Towa’s life is in danger after she uses her Zanseiken. The Spirit of the Tree of Ages orders the half-demon princesses to go destroy the Grim Comet.

To destroy the Grim Comet, Towa, Moroha, and Setsuna must travel to the present day using the Windmill of Time, but Meidomaru stands in their way. Kirinmaru takes Rion and tries to travel across time by force.


1x43 The Blackout

7 (1x43) The Blackout

  • 2022-02-12T08:30:00Z24m

Osamu Kirin has been quietly exterminating the demons that have been appearing in the present day. He asks Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha to slay demons at the concert that is happening.


1x44 When the Grim Comet Falls

Inuyasha and the others have their hands full with the evil spirits pouring out of the burning Windmill of Time. The three girls and Osamu Kirin try to stop the Grim Comet from falling to the earth.

Osamu Kirin brings the Grim Comet to the feudal era. He convinces Rion that they are both hoping for the same world and promises to make it a reality. Meanwhile, Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are stuck in the present day.

Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha must save Rion, who has linked her fate with the Grim Butterfly, but Osamu Kirin stands in their way. Kirin declares that he and Rion should reign over the world in order to bring about true peace.


1x47 Father and Daughter

11 (1x47) Father and Daughter

  • 2022-03-19T08:30:00Z24m

Setsuna directs Towa and Moroha as they continue to sever Rion’s threads of fate. Each time a thread is severed, more of Rion’s true feelings are revealed. As Kirinmaru fights Sesshomaru, he realizes the real reason he lost Rion.


1x48 A Never-Ending Future

The feudal era is saved from the Degenerate Age. Inuyasha helps repay Moroha’s remaining debt. Towa and Setsuna receive kimonos from their mother, Rin. Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha accept a demon-slaying request from a mysterious man.