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Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil

Pose: 3x07 Series Finale: Part 1

There's another episode after this: Finale Part 2, can someone add please?

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Trinkets: 1x06 Rearview Mirror

That final scene is perfect! The soundtrack and the looks complement each other brilliantly.

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One Day at a Time: 4x03 Boundaries

I haven't seen terror in a man's eyes like this since Afeganistan.

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House of Cards: 2x11 Chapter 24

Meechum, Meechum, Meechum!
Well, I'm shocked, but somehow I'm not surprised.

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One Day at a Time: 3x01 The Funeral

And that B99 chameo? Melissa and Stephanie are best!!!

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Vikings: 6x01 New Beginnings

Is there a bromance happening between Ivar and Prince Oleg or it's just my imagination? Idk but I'm already shipping them !

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Good Girls: 3x05 Au Jus

She didn't really have friends, except for you.

I felt that.

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How to Get Away with Murder: 6x06 Family Sucks

The episode was fine but no sponge bath? What a shame

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How to Get Away with Murder: 6x03 Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?

Frank is so stupid, oh my God, that was clearly a trap! Even I saw it coming.
Great episode, I love the variety of cliff hangers, there's so much story to come alive, I can't wait for it!

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Elite: 3x08 Polo

I have feelings bitch !!!

Lu, I adore you

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 7x07 Ding Dong

Andre Braugher is hilarious, this is the comment

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Elite: 3x04 Lu

The camera work at Lu's party scene is on point, great plan sequence!

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 7x06 Trying

I didn't need that last scene :(

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This Is Us: 4x14 The Cabin

this episode was simply perfect, the story, the different time lines, the music, all of it, I loved it <3.

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Money Heist: 2x05 Boom, Boom, Ciao

I loved the final dialogue <3.

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This Is Us: 4x07 The Dinner and the Date

The only way we get through this is with an open mind and... red wine, lots of red wine.

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Sex Education: 2x06 Episode 6

I feel like everyone hates me.
Well it's kind of hard to like someone who doesn't like themselves.

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Sex Education: 2x05 Episode 5

OMG, so much going on, so many broken hearts!

ask yourself... why have you been hiding it?

Finally a sensate thought.

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This Is Us: 4x05 Storybook Love

"You have the strangest relationships with people."

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This Is Us: 3x13 Our Little Island Girl

Beautiful story, so wholesome!


When have we ever listened to the odds?


When have we ever listened to the people?

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Mindhunter: 2x05 Episode 5

"Each night as you sleep I destroy the world."

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The Crown: 3x10 Cri de Coeur

"The rest of us drop like flies, but she goes on and on."

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The Crown: 3x06 Tywysog Cymru

Mummy I have a voice.

Let me tell you into secret: No one wants to hear it.

So cruel.

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The Crown: 3x03 Aberfan

That last scene was so good, Olivia Colman is doing an amazing work in this third season.

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The Crown: 3x02 Margaretology

Poor Margaret, always a shadow.

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Elite: 2x07 84 hours missing

I loved Lu's speech.

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BoJack Horseman: 5x12 The Stopped Show

I hat you, but your my best friend and needs help

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BoJack Horseman: 5x10 Head in the Clouds

The arguing between BoJack and Diane was so powerful, they finally talk after all and all that non spoken words came out as a explosion. Brilliant work from Will Arnet and Alisson Brie.

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BoJack Horseman: 5x06 Free Churro

Bojack TED Talks: "I See You"

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Sugar Rush: 2x05 Made with Love

I love Sarah and Cole (mostly Cole)

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