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The writers of Mixology set themselves up with a fantastic premise (and a series deadline) from the get-go. One night, one bar, one group of friends, 13 episodes. It almost sounds impossible, doesn't it? Yet Mixology comes out with flying colors and a sting in my heart that makes me want more, much more of this show, despite knowing that there isn't a way in which Mixology could live on, story-wise.

Adorkable Tom, confident Maya, sexy Ron, friendly Cal, Dominic the player, smart Jessica, innocent Liv, cute Kacey, and the brilliant brilliant brilliant (yes, thrice) Bruce, make up this group of friends and strangers. Each episode focuses on one particular relationship, while gravitating around others, setting them up for the next instalment.

Some pairings don't make sense at first, leading you to question the sanity of the two characters involved, but they either dwindle inevitably like you expected them to or move forward in a weird and enchanting way that forces you to reconsider your stance.

Mixology is light and funny, without a single weak link, but with many strong ones that elicit different feelings. You'll root for Tom, fall for Ron, want to slap some sense into Liv, admire Maya, and enjoy every single one of the other characters. You'll enjoy Bruce's comedic relief, his theories, the names he has for every single situation or action.

The show keeps you on your toes, wondering where things will really head, who will end up with whom and how. It's a mating game, but despite the original goal being simple pleasure, Mixology turns out to be more about humanity, friendships, love, and connection. The final resolution is satisfying and true to each character's nature.

If only there was a way to have more, more Mixes and more Ologies!

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