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Omicron Persei 8

This Is Us

OMG this writing on this show is superb best story telling in a long time to come along. It will make you laugh and cry and that was only the first episode. I am not even going to spoil this because you have to watch the story and you will be amazed how this story is told.

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Queen Sugar: 1x04 The Darker Sooner

Love this show!!! Magnificent Cast and Cinema. Love the concept of the story. Queen Sugar is a 10!!! Best new show of the fall on OWN

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Fist episode I liked how they related it to the movie we all know and love. Makes you a believer this is the grown up Damien.

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Queen Sugar

I will be watching. Previews look good.

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Stranger Things

This is a good show just started watching today and I am hooked like ready a book catching up on all 8 chapters..1st episode reels you in to the mystery. But girl don't be going in the woods in the dark and in a tree lol.

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The Last Ship

I personally love this show from Season 1 don't know what them other clowns talking about if it was not good would not be on season 3 you think. More action than the movies coming out. If you never watched start with Season 1 because it is a continuing story.

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