Michael Paulding Thomas


Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Season 1

Very good show. Among my favorite "superhero" shows, alongside Daredevil, which has a small crossover in this season!

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The Pursuit

From my friend and co-worker Dave M.

Nick Murray recommends the documentary The Pursuit by Arthur Brooks (Road to Character, The Second Mountain). I see why Nick so strongly recommended it. Arthur does an amazing job showing how capitalism has lifted the world to where it is today without criticizing people who disagree. He focuses on the common goals we all have and how freedom and capitalism has provided it. It isn't the typical documentary on this subject. It is on Netflix and is only 1 hour and 20 minutes. Hope you enjoy it as well.

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The Loft

I did like it, but as with many modern movies the "background" music is MUCH TOO LOUD. It should be called "foreground" music. At times it was difficult to hear the dialog.

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Sense8: Season 1

FInished first season last night. Started off good, but towards the end it fizzled out for me.

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The Bourne Identity

Watching it a second time, 12 years later, with my dad. Extended version, great film.

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