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Good Morning Call: 2x09 Can You Fall Out of Love?

Whoa, I admit, I did not expect that ending at all. I always thought it would be Uehara proposing to break up rather than the other way around. Kudos to Nao; she's way smarter than she looks. She's finally starting to find her own two feet. Hope she pairs up with Natsume later in the future, he's a good influence on her.

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Good Morning Call: 2x07 For Friendship.

OK, the relationships in this show are all wrong. They should go like this: Nanase x Natsume, Nao x Issei, Uehara x Saeko, and of course, Micchan x Marina. Daisuke can just die alone lol because he literally has zero facial expressions except for "pleasantly surprised" and "surprised".

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13 Reasons Why: 1x11 Tape 6, Side A
Love Catharsis: 1x09 Episode 9

The wife Yuka has some serious mental health issues. No one healthy and normal throws temper tantrums like that, throwing wine glasses and dinner plates around, and then wakes up the next morning happy and cheerful as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. What a piece of shit.

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Love Catharsis

There are two major issues with this TV drama that can quickly summarize the entire show:

  1. Emi Takei and Hideaki Takizawa have absolutely no chemistry with each other. They act at each other, not with each other.
  2. This show is essentially a 10-hour long commercial for Tiffany & Co., with a dash of Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik on the side.
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Good Morning Call: 1x13 The Getaway (Part 1)

Personally, I think Nao and Issei are a better match together. Nao and Uehara are on two different extremes.

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Riverdale: 2x12 Chapter Twenty-Five: The Wicked and the Divine

Holy shit that ending! Did Alice Cooper lose control or did Chic?!

And you know, I wasn't really feeling the whole FBI side plot at the beginning, but I really liked how they intertwined Veronica's and Archie's storylines together in this episode. The Poppa Poutine murder is gonna be a fun conversation topic next episode.

Also, are the writers finally learning how to wrap up loose ends and not write so episodic?! Because if so, about time!

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Riverdale: 2x08 Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil

I support Archie/Betty, so I loved the final sequence, but damn, my favourite scene of this episode has got to be Alice confronting F.P. at Pop's. My god, the sexual tension between those two is hot! I mean, was that F.P. suggesting Alice to leave Hal, her husband?! There's history between those two, and I can't wait until it's finally revealed.

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Riverdale: 2x02 Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks

OK, real talk. What is up with Cole Sprouse's acting this season? That scene between him and the mayor was awkward af. As was his line delivery of "How many damn years?" - ugh.

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Riverdale: 2x01 Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying

I can finally see why some fans rate Cole Sprouse's acting so poorly. He definitely needs to be more subtle with his angsty sequences.

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This Is Us: 1x12 The Big Day

Cried like a motherfucker during this episode. My god, the show producers have exceptional talent in organzing story lines. Also, mad kudos to the scriptwriters.

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Tiny Times: 1x28 Episode 28

I have waited so long for that scene between the two brothers. Kimi Qiao's line delivery was absolutely perfect when his character confronts Gong Ming. That scene and its follow-up show how strong the chemistry is between the three actors (e.g. Ivy Chen, Kimi Qiao, and Peter Ho). They honestly have the best chemistry among all the male-female relationships on this show. Their scenes always seem organic, and never forced. I mean, compared to the male-female relationships for Gu Li, Nan Xiang, and Wanru, the relationships Lin Xiao has with the two brothers always seem much more natural.

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Tiny Times: 1x23 Episode 23

Nan Xiang's ex-boyfriend is a monster. Why didn't the girls go to the police? Instead, the audience is forced to watch the aftermath of a rape scene. WTF. That is utterly disgusting. I hope this psycho goes to jail. Gu Li does not deserve this; getting raped and getting shamed in front of all her friends for getting raped. What the fuck. What the fuck is this plot device. This is absolutely disgusting. So much for friendship, eh. Instead of standing up for your friends, like Gu Li did, they all embarrass her for cheating on her relationships. We spent so much time in this series discovering that Nan Xiang doesn't care for Xi Cheng anymore, so why on Earth was she angry that Gu Li "slept" with Xi Cheng? Chicks before dicks, man! WTF.

What in the world were the scriptwriters thinking? "Let's take the strongest character out of the four girls, and throw some shitty plotlines at her." This episode completely contradicts the entire goal of this drama series; this episode is completely and utterly misogynistic. Gross.

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Riverdale: 1x07 Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place

So happy we finally got an episode on Jughead! And so happy we got to see a tiny sliver of happiness from him - aka that scene where he smiles after he walks Betty home.

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Into the Badlands: 2x10 Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire
Into the Badlands: 2x09 Nightingale Sings No More

Tilda's fight at the end was kind of weird. It was unexpected in a way that it didn't feel characteristic of her to rebel against the Widow. Yes, she's been doubting the Widow's actions for the entire season, but the lines she delivered before the big fight don't really depict her true frustrations or emotions towards the Widow. Again, the show really needs better scriptwriters. Ally Ioannides, Tilda's actress, finally shows off her acting chops though, so at least we get that.

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Into the Badlands: 2x08 Sting of the Scorpion's Tail

Sunny is back! And by "back", I mean that he's back in the Badlands and as the proper protagonist again! YAY. The whole civil war thing was getting boring. Also, I would not mind an alliance between Sunny and The Widow. They would make a good team!

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Into the Badlands: 2x07 Black Heart, White Mountain

I'm so confused, what's the difference between the purple Abbotts and the regular Abbotts? I must have missed this detail... Glad to see Sunny back alive though. They could have fleshed out Sunny's memory/flashback a bit more, imho. It felt a little rushed, especially when there were so many other side stories to tell (e.g. Jade's capture).

EDIT: OK, found out the difference. Purple are apprentices, while orange ones are trained, which makes sense, since cutting the purple ones would make them go out of control and attack.

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Into the Badlands: 2x06 Leopard Stalks in Snow
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Shout by Wendy
Spoilers2017-05-13T21:13:54Z— updated 2017-05-19T03:40:58Z

That kiss between Tilda and the other Butterfly came out of nowhere. WTF. I'm all for showing diversity in TV shows and movies, but it's gotta be weaved into the story line better; this one just plopped in without any lead-up. The show has some killer choreography, but damn, the overall story needs some drastic improvement. Ditto with line delivery. The inexperience of actors like Ally Ioannides (Tilda), Aramis Knight (M.K.), and Eve Connolly (Ava) really shows whenever they have a long scene.

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Into the Badlands: 2x04 Palm of the Iron Fox

Marton Csokas' acting is driving me nuts. His weird accent is so gimmicky. His accent, more than anything, makes me dislike his character. Also, can't wait for more scenes from Sarah Bolger. She's one of the better actors on the show.

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Into the Badlands: 2x03 Red Sun, Silver Moon

The actors in this show really need to work on their line delivery. Neither Aramis Knight (M.K.) or Eve Connolly (Ava) make their scenes believable, which makes the entire 'hidden gift' Abbotts temple seem super tacky.

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Sherlock: 3x03 His Last Vow

That plot twist with Mary was wild! Totally didn't expect that. But it was incredibly clever for the show writers to lay out mini-clues about her history throughout this season. I mean, you always thought she was kinda suspicious, but it's never done to a point where you're like, "Oh she's not who she says she is." 10/10. Simply excellent writing. Plus, the one-liners are hilarious.

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Death Comes To Pemberley

I think this mini-series would have been miles better if another actress was cast as Elizabeth Bennett. There's just no charm to Anna Maxwell Martin's portrayal.

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High Society

This is one of those Korean dramas that has so much potential at the start, but about five or six episodes in, it just dies out because producers restructure everything for ratings and not for story. ~Throw in all the Korean drama clichés! All of them!~ Ugh. You can pretty much go down a check list of typical Korean drama scenes, and this drama will have them all.

The best (read: only) way to watch this show is to fast forward through all the unnecessary/terrible scenes. First, all the chaebol family scenes, starting from about four or five episodes in. Second, all the Yewon or mistress scenes; they add absolutely nothing to the main plot. Third, all the Yoonha & Joongi scenes, starting from when Yoonha finally figures out Joongi's real intention. What you'll have left are all the scenes with Changsoo and Jiyi. That couple is the only reason why you should even bother with this show.

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High Society: 1x16 Episode 16

So in the end:
• Yoonha's older brother stages his own disappearance with barely any consequences, because his father still welcomes him back.
• Changsoo is suddenly able to control both Jiyi and his mother, even though in 60% of the drama, he couldn't.
• Yoonha suddenly becomes VP in one year, and takes her sister's place somehow.
• Changsoo is still a flop in his own company.
• The mistress has no influence over the story line at all.

You can essentially fast forward all the scenes that don't feature the four main leads, and you'll still be able to understand the ending.

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High Society: 1x14 Episode 14

Mandatory must-have scenes in every Korean idol romance drama: The leading men grabbing hands with the leading ladies and running down a sidewalk or pathway. (Optional: In the pouring rain.)

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High Society: 1x11 Episode 11

Park Hyungsik is so handsome. Like in a way where he can both be handsome yet adorable at the same time. Korean casting directors are real good at finding those kinda talent, eh.

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High Society: 1x01 Episode 1

Oh god, this is one of those terribly clichéd Korean dramas where rich people fall in love with poor people, and vice versa. Cue lots of longing stares, hands slamming on tables, overdramatic rants etc. Even Uee can't save this, the script is just that bad.

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This Is Us: 1x02 The Big Three

Oh god, this show is just blowing me away. From Randall prompting the "Big Three" cheer between his siblings, to his father telling them the cat story, to Kate being an absolute darling at a Hollywood party was just so endearing. BUT THAT PLOT TWIST AT THE END THOUGH. WTF. NOOOOO, WHO ARE YOU EVEN, MIGUEL.

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