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Roni Laukkarinen



The Walking Dead: 9x06 Who Are You Now

What a borefest. I don't know why I'm still watching this show. Ended a long time ago, for real. Bad writing, dull soap opera. Gabriel and Rosita, what? Ridiculous season. Daryl wandering in the woods all alone, Michonne hating his life, others just hanging around making stupid decicions all over again, couldn't care less about the new people... After that skip to the future this feels like a really bad spin-off. Boooo!

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Making a Murderer: 2x08 Special Care

I was torn to million pieces when sweet old Allan forgot his driver's license and didn't get to see his son, then at home holding back tears when telling about his greatest fear that they could pass away before Steven gets out and about Stevie how he always hugs him when they visit. So much pain I couldn't help but cry. Poor Averys, I really hate the injustice in this mess. My heart goes out to Averys.

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The Haunting of Hill House: 1x05 The Bent-Neck Lady

Wow, that was trippy! The loop and everything! Loved it!

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Maniac: 1x09 Utangatta

One of the few episodes ever that got me crying like a baby. I juuusst love the confrontation between Annie and Ellie. Opening up is everything in this life. Huge episode for me. Awesome.

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Castle Rock: 1x07 The Queen

The best episode of the season so far. I'm a sensitive soul and this was as heartbreaking as the last episode of 11.22.63! I'm sure I have never shed this many thears after it caused by a tv episode. Just brilliant.

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The Walking Dead: 8x08 How It's Gotta Be

I agree with the commenters with most likes here, this mid-season and episode sucked ass. How can they get one of the most eventful episodes so boring? There have been ambient music and close up faces in every episode this Fall. Booo-riiiiinggggg.

So many things wrong in this episode. How did Daryl, Dwight and the gang shoot everyone else except that woman who just happened to saw Dwight kill some Saviours? Rick just spent couple of episodes to bizarre convincing of Scavengers, then they just ran away? And what the fuck Enid, shoot on sight when seeing unarmed old woman, with super aiming in the dark? And so on...

There was a time I was really expecting the next episode and actually a bit frustrated with the time in between. But not any more. Today I'm just "meh, let's see if this is any better than the last" and less and less interested in the characters after seeing plot holes, off-scene obscurities, close up faces and the dumb people wandering around talking about irrelevant things...

Let's hope the rest of the season is better. Or I will be Negan soon.

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The Walking Dead: 8x07 Time for After

Man, those plot holes and character stupidity. Rogue missions, Rick being arrogant... Eugene was a tough guy and then not. I was hoping he would go tell Negan about Dwight after drinking the bottle, but no. I'm more and more rooting for Saviours because of those stupid people on the other side.

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Marvel's The Punisher: 1x13 Memento Mori

Ladies and gentlemen, that is how the Jigsaw was born. Brutally great, awesome finale! Jon Bernthal is the bomb!

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Marvel's The Punisher: 1x12 Home

Fuck! Shit! The most brutal thing I've seen for a long time! Got me grinning really bad. At the same time I loved it. Oh, how revenge is sweet thing.

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Lucifer: 3x05 Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards

Oh come on, like he didn't know it wasn't his mom but Charlotte. Really stupid and un-funny episode with all its illogic.

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Narcos: 3x09 Todos Los Hombres del Presidente

Fuck! this was the most intense episode so far! first trembled from excitement and anxiety, then cried from relief. Insane! Just insane. No words. Amazing episode.

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Designated Survivor

Really great, fresh series. West wing + Homeland + House of Cards + 24. Kiefer Sutherland and Kal Penn rule!

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Stranger Things

Amazing 80s nostalgy, Stephen King / Steven Spielberg vibes, brilliant soundtrack. Just watch it! One of the best if not the best shows I've seen so far. 5/5

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11.22.63: 1x08 The Day in Question

Left me speechless and torn apart. One of the best series, definitely. Perhaps the all time best of Stephen King. Gotta read the book.

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The Walking Dead: 6x03 Thank You

One of the few series that really gets my adrenaline pumping. Especially this episode. Wow.

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Mr. Robot: 1x09 eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt

Currently my favourite show and I don't mind the Fight Club references at all. I can relate to Elliot as a nerd who has mental issues.

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Hannibal: 3x01 Antipasto

A really boring start for the season. I hope it gets better.

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Forever: 1x22 The Last Death of Henry Morgan

I would have loved to hear the story in the end. Brilliant show, loved every episode. I wish there will be season 2!

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The Walking Dead: 5x14 Spend

Man, I hate the new people! Crazy episode. More like this!

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