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The 100: 5x12 Damocles (1)

What gets me with the whole "save the human race" thing with this is that not one person within the show has mentioned the fact that in order to save the human race you need a man AND a woman, a pretty obvious mistake to not explain.

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The Cloverfield Paradox

Spoiler Free

I have enjoyed all of the Cloverfield movies so far and this one was no exception.

The Cloverfiled Paradox tries to explain some of what we know from the previous films. In my personal opinion I feel they partly delivered here, however for every question answered or in some cases part answered there was another question asked.

Offering plenty of claustrophobic moments, mystery and a dash of intensity that left you intrigued for more and keep the attention for the length of the film, without ever reaching Alien style depths but then this is a different style of film.

The acting is fantastic, the dialog can be a little off at times by not flowing naturally. The cinematography is well done and the effects believable (remembering this is a Sci-Fi film).

Overall I feel the Cloverfield Paradox has added to the franchise answering some question, creating new ones and creating a need to see the next instalment. Number 4 will be the make or break for the series and a strong follow up will be needed to make the films truly great.

A 7 out of 10 in my eyes

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Butcher Boys

I've seen worse films.

The acting in some cases is good, in some ok. The story actually has some promise to it unfortunately the whole film is let down by some poor camera shots and unanswered questions.

If your after a gore movie this certainly is not it, generally speaking I would certainly avoid this film.

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The Walking Dead: 6x15 East

A good episode (as for the previous two as well) with a rather heavy build up to the season finale, showing the toll and burden that some of our most loved characters have endured over the past 6 seasons.

Some will say that those that ventured from Alexandria were acting out of character and with reckless abandon but fear and anger can drive even the most logical and calm person to walk away from their path, for one in particular who, seems to have been criticized the most for this, actually has precedent so shouldn't really be a shock.

I wasn't at all happy with the ending much preferring no dialog at all would have left the viewer in much more anticipation for the finaIe.

I hope my expectations are not too high for it.
I'm thinking that there will be multiple deaths much in the same light as the governor's attack on the prison. I'm going to go for Rosita, Glenn and Carol to die and/or Rick to have his hand removed.

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American Crime Story: 1x01 From the Ashes of Tragedy

Very good opening episode with an all star cast, expecting big things from this series and so far looking forward to next episode.

Great acting and a story we all know about but I imagine few will know the details of (I consider myself one of those).

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Baby Geniuses

Firstly I just want to point out that this rating is purely from my 4 and 7 year olds perspective. The film itself was OK from my point of view, but my kids loved it and they were what matters here. The acting is good from some well known stars, an average storyline and some good comedic elements as well. My7 yr old daughter loves anything with a baby in it so this hit all the right chords with her.

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Fantastic Four

Before I watched this film I didn't expect much (mainly from reviews I had read and scorings I had seen) but being a fan of other Marvel films and shows I had to give this a chance.

I wish I had trusted the reviews, this film is bad. Boring, slow and way too predictable (even with its altered storyline from the comics). I found myself often checking social media while watching and frankly not having any interest in the characters at all.

The story seemed ridiculous in a bizarre way (strangely the other Marvel films seem credible, this just seemed thrown together with little thought).

The ending was rushed, the plot building to the metamorphosis of the characters seemingly endless, unnecessary and way overdone character backgrounds that provided little other than pointless screen time.

The original films were decent, with good action sequences this just makes you think why the hell did they do this and secondly why are they going to make a sequel?

I think this is a film to avoid, I've tried to write this review without providing spoilers to help other potential viewers with this film choice.

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Having no knowledge of the Ant-Man comics I approached this one with a little caution. What can I say other than this is another great marvel movie and continues the universe very well being both Intelligent and witty. Some great and memeroble scenes, that will have you enthralled and giggling to yourself with amusement. A strong cast, with for me Paul Rudd being the stand out, he doesn't seem like the obvious choice for a superhero but takes the ball and runs with it providing a very solid and convincing performance. Hats off to Marvel for another piece of work that I will certainly enjoy watching again.

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The Walking Dead: 6x03 Thank You

Very very good episode, high intensity that the has been there from the get go. Going on Record now to say i think Glen is not dead, it was Nicholas who the zombies ate. Also is this the series where Rick loses his hand? Love this show and how it constantly pushes itself

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The Blacklist: 2x22 Tom Connolly

Wow what can be said! Great ending to a fantastic series that leaves you eagerly anticipating season 3. Too many times series such as these become stale but for me this is still as intriguing as S.1 E.1 giving you an ultimate answer for one of the shows main stories and produces an ending where your left begging for one more episode.

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