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Death Note

My biggest problem with this is that L did not hold the phone correctly.

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Andi Mack: 1x12 Best Surprise Ever

First season and they already confirmed that Cyrus is gay. I love this show. Can't wait for season 2.

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Once Upon a Time: 6x22 The Final Battle (2)
Riverdale: 1x13 Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

I actually felt so bad for Cheryl. She did some things this season that made me want her to die. But when it came down to her taking her own life because of her shitty family, she just didn't deserve that. I loved that the ice didn't break when they all ran to save her. It was ridiculous. It would have been more realistic and hilarious if some of them just fell through and they all had to save each other. I hope in season 2, Cheryl joins the gang and becomes less of a bitch. She deserves happiness. She's been through too much.
Jughead's face when he got the serpent jacket. He can finally have a family now and be a part of something, but then Betty's gonna be like "no you can't, they're bad people."
I was gonna give up on this show, but since they answered all of the dumb Jason Blossom stuff, I'll stick around. I hope for lots of Cheryl character development in season 2.
The Scooby-Doo and Heroes references were dumb. They just took classic lines and paraphrased them...

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Riverdale: 1x12 Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder

why did he do it? only papa blossom knows.
whoops hes dead.

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Once Upon a Time: 6x20 The Song in Your Heart

Holy crap that was amazing.
After watching The Flash musical, I thought this was going to be crappy. I didn't expect much. But wow, the performances were great.
I stopped caring about the storyline a loooong time ago. I stopped asking questions because they are pointless. I just enjoyed these performances.
The best part was that they were singing about singing. They were fully aware that they were singing and it was abnormal.
It was hilarious that they actually tied in the singing to the plot and that it was the key to defeating The Black Fairy in The Final Battle. I think at this point, they're just trying to end this 6 season 'saviour' plot and they're doing it with a musical which is both amazing and ridiculous.
Many laughs. So enjoyable. At this point, I can't expect anything out of the plot. All I can do is enjoy the wonderful performances of these wonderful actors.
Favourite performances: snow/charming and zelena's.
Really hoped Henry would get his own song instead of just one line in the final song. Thought Rumple would start rapping, but I guess Robert Carlyle would have none of that.

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Riverdale: 1x10 Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend

I thought this was going to be the finale, but nope, 13 more episodes.
No wonder nothing has happened so far. They took characters we love, put a murder mystery spin on it, and totally ignored the murder mystery. I don't even care who murdered Jason Blossom anymore. They all deserve to be murdered because they're all assholes. Why has no one punched Cheryl in the face yet? Why is no one shaming Chuck? Why is Betty trying to be perfect when she's not? So what if she has a "dark" side? Just embrace it and move on. I don't even know what's going on with Archie. Veronica, I like. Jughead I can relate to. Betty's mom is annoying af. She seriously has nothing better to do, it's sad.

If nothing happens next episode, I'm dropping this show. They made Archie Comics unnecessarily dark and did a poor job doing so.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 2x17 Aruba

It has been a fantastic season!

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 2x13 Land of the Lost

Rip and Gideon???? Hope they actually explore that further.
Wow, I can't believe this was episode 13. This whole season has been amazing. Way better than season 1 with the whole "we're gonna take an entire season to defeat Vandal Savage" plot.
I'm loving single, lonely Ray. The whole Kendra shebang was forced because Ray is meant to be foreveralone.
I still think Sara and Amaya have more chemistry than Nate and Amaya.

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Time After Time: 1x01 Pilot

I love this. Way better than I expected. Didn't think I'd like it at all.
Freddie Stroma as H.G. Wells is so cute! I hate him in unREAL which is why I thought I'd hate this show, but he's so different in this. His smile makes me giggle.
It's light and suspenseful at the same time. I lost it when he was crying while watching the news.
This is going to be a fun adventure!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 4x15 Self Control

What an episode. So many twists and turns in every scene.
Having to stab your soulmate to death, Daisy hiding among a bunch of Daisys, Jemma-Quake hug, Daisy fighting for FITZSIMMONS, the inevitable android annihilates creator, fake May learning to make her own decisions, and the Framework...
When Daisy had long hair and the text said "boyfriend" I just knew it had to be Ward even though she said "Lincoln?" And is Jemma dead in the Framework? How will they meet at the rendezvouz point?
This show somehow always delivers these amazing episodes. Yeah, there will be some average to above average episodes inbetween, but it leads to a series of mind-blowing episodes.
Oh, man. And Hydra. I wonder how that fits into the Framework. The Framework is gonna be hella fun!!!

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APB: 1x02 Personal Matters

Oh, man. The amount of douche in this show...

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 2x13 Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?

The evolution of Rebecca Bunch! Hope this gets a third season because it's going to be fun watching Rebecca destroy Josh Chan.

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The Good Place: 1x13 Michael's Gambit

Wow! Just WOW! Excited to see a season 2 (if there is one). It will be very interesting.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 2x11 Josh is the Man of My Dreams, Right?

So many awesome songs in one episode!
The Santa Ana winds guy is my favourite. WeeEEEeeEEEeeeird!

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No Tomorrow: 1x12 No Time Like the Present

Wow! They went there! So glad we didn't have to wait until a season 2 or something.

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Golden Globe Awards: 1x74 The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2017

No In Memorium...
Jimmy Fallon did not mess anything up, but he didn't make much of a presence either. His opening monologue was supposed to be the most important, but he wasn't able to deliver it because the teleprompter broke. So basically he was barely a host.
Best part was probably the Stranger Things part.

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Grimm: 6x01 Fugitive

Can't believe this is gonna be the last season. But I know it's gonna be a fantastic one!

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The Mick: 1x01 Pilot

Hahaha. This is great and Ben is the cutest.

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The OA: 1x08 Invisible Self

I was sobbing during the cafeteria scene because they all came together and everything, but like nothing happened? I mean something did happen, but I thought we would get a clue as to what happened. Really confused, don't know if all of this was worth it.

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People of Earth: 1x10 Snake Man and Little Guy

So happy for Gerry!! We knew you were special.

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Supergirl: 2x08 Medusa (1)

Only the last minute was part of the crossover... didn't even watch most of the episode since I'm not caught up.

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Arrow: 4x18 Eleven-Fifty-Nine

I used to hate Laurel and really wanted her to die. But these past few episodes have made me like her. Then they killed her...

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Watched this again as an adult. Still holds up.

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First two seasons were great. Then she started making all of these dumb decisions and then the final few episodes were whack.

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Silicon Valley: 3x04 Maleant Data Systems Solutions

I died this episode. That faceplant. And then Erlich just smoking and coughing and laughing through that entire conversation.

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Person of Interest: 5x09 Sotto Voce

The ending had me in tears. :')

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 1x16 Legendary

I don't understand how vandal savage became not invincible throughout the timeline. Kendra killed him in 2021, but how does that make him mortal in the past?
Very confused by the rules of time, but still a very fun and awesome season. Looking forward to some more Mick/Ray bonding and glad the whole Kendra/Ray thing is over.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3x22 Ascension (2)

Excited for season 4!!

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Once Upon a Time: 5x23 An Untold Story

They just opened up all the fictional stories in existence. Hopefully they don't screw this up. They probably will, but I'll still watch it.

Hoping for Dracula and Dorian Gray. Hoping that they won't do half-season arcs again. I feel like they can go back to the greatness that was season 1 and 2. Hades was fun, but an ultimate disappointment because in the end, we all knew he would be gone before season 6. Past 2 episodes were better than past 2 seasons.

One thing that was wtf was that Hyde was like "look at all the friends I brought" and there was no one there. They could've ended at that and made us wait for season 6, but there was actually no one there.

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