The New Legends of Monkey

IMHO The original series was superior. However saying that this was a good attempt at a reboot and enjoyable to watch. There were some nice nods to the original series ( including a brief play of the original theme tune at one moment). The handling of the Tripitaka question was interesting as well.

However if you get the chance definitely check out the original https://trakt.tv/shows/monkey as its fun to watch.

Also for more stories on the exploits of The Monkey King I recommend checking out "A Korean Odyssey" (https://trakt.tv/shows/a-korean-odyssey) which is a more modern remake.

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The Bridge: 4x03 Episode 3

The moment when the therapist asks Saga to give a little background and she lays it all out. The look on the her face. Priceless :-)

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The Good Place: 2x08 Leap to Faith

I did like how they handled presenting a mid-season recap by handing it to Jason that way we know how important that really cool cloud is.

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