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Surprisingly good series. Left a lot of threads to explore in subsequent seasons while handling the origin and team establishment well. So when's the next season?

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Arrow: 6x23 Life Sentence

F-n hell, Diaz is the worst villain - just utter garbage. And the Quadrant? That super evil world dominating organization that no one knew about and lasted two episodes?

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Timeless: 2x09 The General

I want that new $20.

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Atlanta: 2x10 FUBU

Damn. Just got punched in the gut.

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Gotham: 4x20 A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse

If everyone Jim gets with turns into a super villain, maybe he should like, stop.

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Lost in Space: 1x06 Eulogy

She's an awful therapist.

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Lost in Space: 1x04 The Robinsons Were Here

Wil's dad is kind of a fragile dude.

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Atlanta: 2x06 Teddy Perkins

That was an incredible episode.

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The Flash: 4x14 Subject 9

The chair is a mechanical device, she could have just turned around and blasted it. wtf...

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Altered Carbon

Eh, I found it rather disappointing. I know in the mythology of the show stack tech has only been around a couple hundred years, but look at how different culture is with just a few decades of cell phones. Am I really to believe cross sleeving would even be a thing? If the stack can receive input from drugs, how would a body's natural hormones impact? Lack thereof in a synth body? And DNA tagging? When you jump sleeves, clone? What kind of identity verification is that?

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Madam Secretary: 4x12 Sound and Fury

But what to do when it's not a tumor that can be cured with some shots and a simple brain operation?

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Black: 1x14 Crucial Evidence

Dude was rolling around for a week and no one told him his dad died? wtf...

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

For a story in which we knew how it ended, and all the characters died, it was pretty good. Can we get K-2SOs core downloaded into another robot? On repeat viewing, post VIII, one can appreciate some of those bits of data with long term impact.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 3x09 Beebo the God of War

This show is so ridiculous, and I completely appreciate it. My insta-ships paid off episodes later. And two members of the rainbow brigade (at least).

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The Flash: 4x09 Don't Run

I am so glad that Iris threw some shade at that stunt by Oliver and Felicity.

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What Happened to Monday

Just because there are seven fertilized eggs doesn't mean all of them have to be carried to term (they do commonly freeze excess fertilization in IVF treatment). I'm only about 30 in, but going to call it. Their father was a horrible person who sacrificed his wife and the happiness of all his children rather than abide by the law and be happy with a sustainable solution.

I was right.

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Madam Secretary: 4x08 The Fourth Estate

Big ups for Kat the scifi nerd!

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Would have been 2pts higher were it not for the main casting. These two are so incredibly milquetoast that they drain all color and flavor from every scene they are in. And there's a lot of color and flavor.

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The Holy Mountain

More drugs were involved in the making of just five minutes of this movie than in the entirety of Keith Richards life.

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Marvel's Inhumans: 1x08 …And Finally: Black Bolt

This series was utterly disappointing. But, on the bright side, Iron Fist is no longer the worst Marvel television series.

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Outlander: 3x08 First Wife

What a coincidence that the pirates would show up just as he were going for the gold, but they were distracted by a heart to heart conversation...

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Marvel's Inhumans: 1x07 Havoc in the Hidden Land

Is it because everyone is so incredibly dumb? The painfully predictable dialog? That I'm expected to care about a family of royalists? This show is so... Disappointing.

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Gotham: 4x06 A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon

An entire episode without Bruce Wayne or any of the others in the brat pack. Did anyone notice?

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Marvel's Inhumans: 1x06 The Gentleman's Name is Gorgon

For f-k sake, maybe the people of Atilan could learn to interpret sign language....or at least Blackbolts closest advisers.

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Zoo: 1x11 Eats, Shoots and Leaves

An entire planets ecosystem rises up simultaneously against you. Communicating, collaborating. And still you spend half the episode bickering among yourselves. If the environment is capable of causing these changes in other species, why not human animals?

Another series where I am rooting against the protagonists. o.O

Someone should find a "cure" for the humans inability to embrace the planet-wide consciousness.

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Zoo: 1x09 Murmuration

Why do they keep calling it a cure? They are talking about arresting the evolution of other species to prevent their ascendancy.

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Marvel's Inhumans: 1x01 Behold...The Inhumans!

Ouch. I've watched some hot garbage before, and I'll likely watch another episode at least. But this has some issues. For one, Inhuman society is horrible. Monarchy, castes, those that don't get terragenesis manifestations are enslaved.

And what was up with awkward beach party. I'm glad they shaved off that hair, that was just awful. And Blackbolt is as compelling a character as warm, spoiled milk. I'm struggling to find anything redeeming in this rn.

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The Orville: 1x03 About a Girl

Surprised, this is actually turning out to be not bad.

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Ozark: 1x09 Coffee, Black

Is it really a mystery why Fed man can't keep a boyfriend?

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Twin Peaks: 3x07 The Return, Part 7

and all I could think is...

Why the hell isn't he using a wide push broom?

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