Shout by Enrico Camillieri

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2017

I liked it.
It's not perfect. It's not the "Empire Strikes Back". But it is a good movie.
There are many things I did not like. First of all, the plethora of comedic moments. One or two can improve a serious movie, but there were too many of them here. Then the scene in which Leia floats in space, without an explanation whatsoever, what the hell? . The writing could have been better, some lines of dialogue didn't really click with me.

But, there are also many positives. The overall story is nice. Kylo/Ben managing to do what Vader failed to, killing and replacing his master, was a really nice scene.

The acting was good, although a bit over the top sometimes.

The cinematography was great. The scenes on the frozen planet looked stunning and the CGI of the various ships was super cool. There were some CGI animals/creatures, but I did not find in them the charm aliens had in the original movies.

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