Shout by FinFan

Darkest Hour 2017

I know I am in the minority but I don't see where this movie is better than Teplitzky's. On the contrary, with the exception of production, which is on the same level, the Brian Cox movie is better on all accounts.
It's not a documentary so I am willing to give writers some leeway for the purpose of dramatising certain facts like, say, timeframes or putting a fictional character in between real ones. But that scene in the underground is pure fabrication, it's a fairy tale that is pure Hollywood. Do filmmakers even care that there are people who don't know the real history taking things like that at face value.
Oldmans performance maybe more accurate but did not pull me in. While, after watching Cox, I tought Churchill is a person I would liked to have met, I percieved Oldmans versions as unlikeable. After watching this I can only say I am dissapointed.

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