Review by Cluisanna

Titans: Season 1

1x07 Asylum

Oh my god, Rachel is reaching Davina levels of stupidity. Yeah, blabla she's a teenager, but throwing a massive tantrum because someone tells you it's idiotic to storm a heavily-guarded fortress without any preparations? A six-year-old understands why that is a bad idea. And yet she reacts as if they said they were never going to do it instead of literally half an hour later. In fact, it seems like her stupidity is catching on. What does a grown-ass woman who has so far been shown to be pretty reasonable do in a situation where she has only one finite resource protecting her? Deplete that resource within twenty seconds for absolutely no reason. facepalm Nothing is more annoying than a show where the plot depends on the protagonists suddenly turning into idiots, and this show has been relatively successful in avoiding that so far, but in this episode it went full r***** within 15 minutes. Thank god dark!Rachel was there to save the day - she's been the smart one since the very first episode.
Also, I've been feeling weird about this ever since they first met, but why do Beastboy and Rachel keep flirting with each other? Even if they're supposed to be roughly the same age in the show, the actors are 14 and 23.

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