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Me Before You 2016


Review by Devalabra
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I didn't have any expectations before watching this movie and I hadn't read the book(still haven't ,still not going to)and to me this was all very average.
This movie reminded me of two other movies.Those movies are both superior to this one,and it only reminds me of them because of the whole ''There's someone that has gone through some type of injury and they need an assistant to help them''thing.Those 2 movies are ''The Intouchables (2011)'' and a Swedish movies called ''Ego (2013)'' and both of them are really quite good.
Emilia Clarke did a great job and her character is very likable from the very start.Her smile is adorable and I think she's a really good actress in general.
In the very beginning I wasn't feeling Will and Lou's relationship at all and I was honestly shipping her more with Nathan.Of course she had a boyfriend that I wasn't really very fond of.Patrick was a bit annoying and when he gave Lou a necklace with HIS NAME on it I just kind of lost it...what is she?property?No thank you dude,I'll pass.The only time where I really felt for Patrick was when he found out about the trip ,the uh.."business trip" ,I completely understand why he got mad.
The biggest reason why I give this movie a 6 and not anything higher is because there's something missing.I can't quite put my finger on it but there's just something that just makes this movie kind of "meh" to me.I think it might be Sam Claflin,I don't think he's a bad actor but I don't think he fits the role very well.
I got kind of irritated at the fact that she was always saying both his first AND last name,it's so cringey ,but that's probably just me.
I'm glad he ended up dying,I know that sound horrible but if he would magically just get better and start walking again that would just be way too cliché and I'm so glad that didn't happen.Is a life with just a little joy and a great deal of pain really so much better than no life at all?maybe not,it really depends.
Just like a guy suddenly going blind,he knows what he lost and knowing what you can't have is certainly much worse than not having it in the first place.To live your life in a wheelchair when you know there's so much more out there is a major restraint and for some people it just isn't worth it.
Would I recommend it?not really.Watch it if you want to,maybe you'll love it or maybe you won't but those are my thoughts about it anyway,if that helps.

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I respect that. I haven't seen these movies as yet but they are on my to watch list. Thank you. I agree about Patty on both counts. I think there may have been a few things that might have contributed to that. After being immobile for 2 years your body would have been much small and in his case disproportionate to his head. Physically you don't see that at all and it makes it less believable. The visual impact of that helps when fully constructing the character and understanding that is going on with him mentally. He just looks too buff and fit and able to get up and walk out of there which is very misleading. I am not sure if it was intentionally so or not but it makes his character in authentic. Maybe that is what is missing because I find that it was a well acted and lovely story personally.

I totally understand where you're coming from, and I gave it the same rating. I thought the casting was stellar for the most part, but the overall performances and tone lacked the nuance and realistic gravity of Will's situation, unlike in the book. There were definitely upbeat moments, but you can't tell a story about assisted suicide and gloss over those ugly bits without the story falling a bit flat (not sure if that was the script or what). Instead of romanticizing the fact that Louisa was practically the only reason Will got up in the mornings, it actually felt heartbreaking when reading that line. And although the characters were still lovable in the film, they were much more three-dimensional in the book, same as the relationships. It seemed a little rushed to me too, and they missed a lot of little, intimate beats that had me sobbing despite myself by the end. I hate comparing the two, but I think it could've been the difference between just another mediocre crowd-pleasing romance, and something truly special. So, while I wouldn't necessarily recommend the movie, I would encourage people to still give the book a shot. Just my two cents!

@devalabra You should definitely use spoiler tags the next time. Happy I've already seen the movie.