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Legend 1985

Beautifully crafted, I consider it a work of art..

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Eu assisti este filme no cinema, com pouco interesse nele, mas depois que a sessão terminou, ele tornou-se o meu filme preferido.
A produção e direção de Ridley Scott foram excelentes neste filme, todos os detalhes foram bem feitos, e as duas versões que existem dele com muitas diferenças entre elas só dão mais "charme" ao filme.

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It is rare that I find a film to be so terrible that I shut it off without finishing, but this film is one of the few for which I've done just that. I love fantasy, and there were some great costumes, but the plot just wasn't there. I remember thinking the dialogue was poorly written. I was roughly 50 minutes (a little bit over halfway) into the film when I realized that I still had no idea what the heck was going on, and ceased to care. Strangely, my brother in law cites this as being one of his all-time favorites :P

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Seen this movie on TV during my trip to London. I almost have forgotten about the movie and that it even existed. It was made when i was born, and first think that strikes me is the quality of the movie, the costumes, the lightning and the drama it can build. Nowadays tales (adventure, fantasy ..) cannot compare to this and I wish someone started to make movies again this way and not the cheap computer animations.
Ridley Scott (and his team working for him) as director of the movie made excellent job. The tale with its fantasy elements can stand competition even 25 years after its creation!

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