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Beyblade Burst: Season 6

QuadDrive 2021 - 2022

  • 2021-04-01T15:00:00Z on TV Setouchi
  • 24m
  • 10h 48m (52 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Adventure, Anime
A tenacious boy hijacks the World Beyblade Battle Association's broadcast to challenge every Beyblader to battle him in the Dynamic Battle System.

52 episodes

Season Premiere


6x01 The Dark Prince! And Destruction Belfyre! (1)

Season Premiere

6x01 The Dark Prince! And Destruction Belfyre! (1)

  • 2021-04-01T15:00:00Z12m

Bashara and Hanna investigate the creepy mansion near their home. Inside, the siblings come face to face with the Dark Prince, Bel Daizora. Bel challenges Bashara to a battle.

Bashara is determined to battle the Dark Prince again, but Ranzo Kiyama arrives with a similar goal in mind. Bashara and Ranzo team up and challenge the Dark Prince.

Bel challenges Ranzo to anything - eating, dishwashing or whatever they're doing! Ranzo swears he won't go home until he defeats Bel, and at this rate, he might never leave.

Ranzo will only leave Phantom's Gate once he has defeated Bel. Valt Aoi arrives at the Theater of the Abyss to challenge the Dark Prince. Bel is in for a Battle he'll never forget!

Bel drags others to BC Sol and Free De La Hoya to Battle the strongest Bladers. Bel will need all the help he can get. Can the Dark Prince accept help from his friends?


6x11 The Other Valtryek! (1)

6x11 The Other Valtryek! (1)

  • 2021-06-03T15:00:00Z12m

Bel's unruly antics cost him some training privileges at El Astro. With another Battle around the corner, he's gotta find a way to help Belfyre unleash its true strength!


6x12 The Other Valtryek! (2)

6x12 The Other Valtryek! (2)

  • 2021-06-10T15:00:00Z12m

Bel comes up with a new tactic against Free, but will it be enough to defeat the Blading legend? Bashara doubts he'll ever be strong enough to defeat the Dark Prince.

Bashara challenges Bel to a battle and his newfound courage takes the group by surprise. Rashad and Valt also go head-to-head, but are they both using Salvage Valtryek?

Valt prepares the Great Aerial Tour! With Wakiya's help, they travel across the world to battle great Bladers! But, Bel's upgraded Belfyre has been behaving erratically in battles.

The Great Aerial Tour continues on to its second destination, but only one Blader will battle this legend! A mystery challenger hopes to test the mettle of the Dark Prince.

The rules say Rashad will face the Blading legend, Free. But, Bel is desperate to prove the strength of Belfyre's S-Gear upgrades and he challenges Free! Can Rashad forgive Bel?

Bel and Ilya sneak away to have an unsanctioned battle with unusual terms. After getting intel on Lui's evolved Lúinor, Bel is inspired to work on an enhancement for Belfyre!

Ilya feels confident after scoring a point against the Lui Shirosagi. Can she pull out any more tricks? Meanwhile, Bel completes the L-Gear and believes Belfyre can beat anything.

The Great Aerial Tour is coming to an end with a final twist from Wakiya! With wins against the world's Blading legends, will the Dark Prince get the coveted MVP title?

After a crushing defeat, Bel shuts himself away in Phantom's Gate. While the Dark Prince hides in solitude, Bashara, Ilya, and Rashad climb the ranks of the Blading world.

Rashad's ascension to "High Prince" begins with an intense battle against Valt. Inspired by the battle, the Dark Prince challenges Rashad himself.

Bel wants to go head-to-head with Rashad, but this is a Team Battle! If he, Valt and Ranzo are to succeed, Bel must put aside his desire to defeat Rashad himself.

Bel and Valt both want a shot at Rashad, but Rashad has challenged Valt directly! With the showdown against the High Prince approaching, how will the team make their choice?

Valt may be winning against Rashad, but it looks like Valtryek is damaged from a previous match! Battling with Bey could lead to defeat, but what other options does Valt have?

After losing a match to Valt, Bel succeeds in improving his launch power. This newfound ability enables the unveiling of a new Blading club set to be captained by an old rival.

Phelix Payne challenges Ilya and Bashara to a 2-on-1 match. Phelix's true target is the High Prince. If he's taking down Rashad's allies and rivals, who could be next on his list?

Rashad watches Phelix and Phoenix take on foe after foe. Phelix comes face-to-face with the Dark Prince. Bel has witnessed Phelix's power before, but will that give him an edge?

Phelix and the High Prince have changed. Just as tensions are ready to burst, Valt and Wakiya organize a tri-Blader tournament where all scores can be settled.

As the winner of the first round of the tri-Blader showdown, Bel Daizora gets to pick his next opponent. Just one more win and the Dark Prince will be crowned champion.

Each Blader has one win apiece and that means that whoever wins next, wins all! Is it time for Bel and the High Prince to settle their rivalry once and for all?

Season Finale


6x52 Prince vs Prince! Darkness and Light! (2)

Season Finale

6x52 Prince vs Prince! Darkness and Light! (2)

  • 2022-03-17T15:00:00Z12m