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Embarrassing Bodies

Season 2 2009

  • 2009-04-15T20:00:00Z on Channel 4
  • 45 mins
  • 8 hours, 15 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Documentary

Channel 4 in the United Kingdom hosts the television show, Embarrassing Bodies. There's also a website providing health information that is detailed, audacious, graphic, and absolutely engaging.

On it, you'll see close-ups of breasts, testicles, vulvae, and most other body parts in Grey's Anatomy that are suitable for self-examination.

The show launched in April 2008 and was watched by over 12 million people. Since there, Embarrassing Bodies has seen countless downloads of health videos, page views on every topic of consumer health care,

The website houses self-check videos that help people learn about conditions from A to Z (er, zed), from "acne" to "zits," from the esoteric xanthelasma (cholesterol deposits underneath the skin under the eyes) to the more common genital herpes (both, graphically illustrated).

As Adam Gee, Commissioning Editor of Channel 4, said, the program, "helps people to avoid literally dying of embarrassment."

11 episodes

2x01 Pelvic Floor

  • Season Premiere

    2009-04-15T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Pixie McKenna – the nation’s favourite doctors for those toes curling embarrassing conditions are back – and now they’re joined by A&E Doctor, Dr Priya Manickavasagar and leading cosmetic Dentist, Dr James Russell – between them they’ve got every orifice covered. This week’s episode starts with a visit to the clinic for 21-year-old Rebecca. She’s always had noticeably asymmetric breasts (in common with many women in the UK) but pregnancy has accentuated this problem and left her with a severe imbalance. Dr Pixie sends Rebecca to a specialist to see if anything can be done to rectify the problem. The specialist performs a surgical procedure to give Rebecca more balanced and symmetrical breasts. Next through the clinic doors is Mark, who’s firing on all cylinders – but unfortunately he’s firing blanks. As a long-term diabetic, Dr Christian suspects this might be connected with his erectile problems, but first sends him for a check-up on his prostate. Tests reveal that damage to nerves is causing a condition called retrograde ejaculation, where the semen is entering his bladder instead of leaving through the end of the penis. In our truck stop Dr Christian sees a case of neuroma, an overgrowth of nerve tissue that is benign, but can be removed surgically if necessary, whilst Dr Pixie sees a patient who is suffering from keloid scars, which are sadly too far developed to be treated effectively. There’s also a case of a birthmark on the tongue, and an instance of melasma that has lead to an overgrowth of pigment on the patients face. Pixie recommends make-up to start with, before considering lazer treatment in the future. Dr Christian next sees a young lady suffering from one of the most common conditions that Doctors see – warts. Luckily Christian is able to freeze the warts off in the surgery, and with some home treatments she should be able to keep them under control herself. Our Dentist Dr James has a visit from a patient with an artistic streak, but her teeth are anything but picture perfect. Heavily decayed, her teeth need to be crowned and reshapen if she’s to recover her sparkle. After removing the decay and creating custom veneers, Dr James gives his patient a reason to smile again. Next up is Brigitte who’s comes to see Dr Pixie with a big problem. She thinks that she has an excessively large vagina that has remained even though she has lost a substantial amount of weight. Dr Pixie examines Brigitte and diagnoses her with a vaginal prolapse and excess skin around the vagina. After a visit to a specialist, Brigitte is told that there is no quick surgical fix for her problems and further examinations must be done. The doctors hit the streets of Birmingham to talk to locals about the perils of weak pelvic floor muscles and recommend exercises and remedies to regain control over these important muscle areas. The doctors persuade a group of 3 women to road test 3 different techniques for strengthening their Pelvic Floors – with some surprising results. The products tested included a Pelvic Toner, a Pelvic Floor Exerciser and Pelvic Cones. Dr Priya meets her first patient, Peter, who’s suffering from urinary incontinence after the removal of his prostate due to cancer. He’s been wearing pads and taking medication to control the symptoms, but nothing seems to be effective. Dr Priya sends him to a specialist where the consultant inserts a pump to give Peter control of his bladder with the push of a button. This week’s body check sees our guinea pig group checking their feet for early signs of an embarrassing illness, whilst Dr Pixie and Dr Priya talk to them about what they can do about athlete’s foot, corns and flat feet. And finally, the doctors put their own bodies on the line to take the fear out of simple tests. This week, Dr Pixie undergoes the latest test for HIV that reveals results instantly.

2x02 Kids

  • 2009-04-22T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

This week’s episode starts with 8-year-old Charlotte from Suffolk who’s been suffering from sore verrucas on her feet for over 2 years. Dr Christian sends Charlotte for tests to check her immune system and try and find out why the virus is winning. The tests reveal that her immune system is unable to fight the virus and so the usual treatment for verrucas will not do the job. Whilst a formaldehyde treatment produces some encouraging results, further immunology test reveal that she’s missing certain lymphocytes and the possible treatment course includes a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. +++UPDATE+++ Charlotte’s operation to remove the verrucas from her foot appears to have been successful and her foot is healing really well. She’s back on her bike and back to being a normal child, pending a potential bone marrow transplant. The EB bus heads to Southend, where Dr Priya has a patient with case of cold feet, medically known as Chilblains. Dr Pixie’s patient can’t stop scratching her itchy sores while Dr Christian has a customer with a permanent runny nose due to nasal polyps. Next up is a visit to the dentist for 27-year-old Lyn from Aberdeen. Lyn arrived to see Dr James because she has an addiction to fizzy drinks that has left her with missing, rotting and discoloured teeth. After extracting the rotten teeth, Dr James recommends implants, but only if Lyn will give up smoking, as it drastically reduces the success rate of the procedure. After a long day in the dental hot seat, Lyn has a new set of pearly whites. Visiting the clinic next is David, 24, from Shropshire who’s had an embarrassing swelling for more than half his life. None of the treatments and tests have been able to ease his enlarged sore lips. Dr Pixie suggests that the swelling is a possible sign of an allergic reaction. Tests reveal that David is allergic to cinnamon and a long list of preservatives; so he sets off in search of a new diet. The doctors head to a very windy Southend-on-Sea to meet with a group of kids and their parents at Fairways primary school. Dr Pixie talks to the kids about head lice and shows them up close just how nasty they can be, whilst Dr James teaches the kids a lesson about tooth decay. Read Dr James’ guide to How to Look After Your Teeth > Maria, 13, believed she had a case of head lice, but it turned out to be much more serious. Maria actually has scalp psoriasis that causes her scalp to scale and nothing she’s tried has helped. Dr Pixie sends Maria to a hair specialist to get the scaling and inflammation under control with the help of creams and steamers. After three visits to the hair specialist Maria comes back to the clinic and shows Dr Pixie her much improved scalp. Ever since 43-year-old Sandra from Derby gave birth she’s developed a rather messy problem. Sandra experiences problems with her bottom – it bleeds and causes problems for her hygiene. Dr Pixie diagnoses Sandra with skin tags and sends her to a specialist to try a surgical procedure to clear up her problem. Tests show Sandra’s problem goes deeper than just the skin tags – she’s suffering from a case of rectacil, where her bowel is misshapen. Sandra will have to complete more tests, but pelvic floor exercises have been recommended to help her cause.

2x03 Rural

  • 2009-04-29T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

First through the door this week is 18-year-old Cherie who’s suffering from back pain caused by extremely large breasts. The best option to ease the discomfort caused by her gigantic 30JJ bust is breast reduction and Dr Pixie refers Cherie to a specialist surgeon to get the procedure done. Visiting the dental clinic is Richard, 27, who has painful, aching teeth. Dr James’ examination reveals that Richard’s teeth are worn down as a result of Bruxism, an involuntary grinding of the teeth. Richard is sent to a specialist to clear the decay in his gums and teeth before Dr James can restore his smile with veneers and crowns. Read Dr James’ guide to How to Look After Your Teeth > Next in is Vicky, 28, who’s been dealing with boils in her groin area. Dr Christian believes the boils are caused by a condition in the sweat glands called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. As Vicky’s case is fairly mild, Dr Christian recommends treatment with antibiotics, the contraceptive pill, or acne treatments as opposed to more invasive surgery. The EB Bus heads out on the road, and first in is Amanda who feels that she has very large labia – but Dr Pixie’s examination reveals she’s perfectly normal. Meanwhile, Sharon shows her severe skin condition to Dr Christian who sends her to a dermatologist for a more accurate diagnosis. The specialist seeing Sharon prescribes topical creams to treat her scaly skin that’s been badly sun damaged. Julie visits the clinic because her ear is flaking skin and secreting gunky liquid. Dr Priya believes July has chronic otitis externa, an infection and inflammation of the ear, and sends in some sample swabs to be analyzed. An Ear Nose and Throat specialist injects an ointment into Julie’s ears and clears up her infection. Next in the clinic to see Dr Christian is Sarah who’s been suffering from lumps around her eyes for years. The condition is known as xanthelasma and it causes fatty growths around the eyes. Dr Christian recommends that she try make-up to start with as other methods carry the risk of scarring around the eyes. Allison, 23, is suffering from a funnel chest, a common hereditary condition where the chest is sunken. Because funnel chest can affect cardio and respiratory functions, Allison is sent to see a specialist for a check-up. After positive results from her test, the specialist attempts to re-contour Allison’s chest with a cosmetic filler. The EB doctors head out to rural Staffordshire to meet with the locals and discuss their health. Dr Christian speaks with some young farmers about the perils of STIs whilst Dr Pixie gets people talking about their bowels. And finally, this week’s body check sees our guinea pig group checking their poo for signs of ill health. Dr Christian talks to them about the reasons behind the differing colours and what different shapes and consistencies can indicate.

2x04 Feet

  • 2009-05-06T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

This week’s episode starts with a visit to the clinic for Natalie, a 31-year-old woman who has had to endure taunts from children about the boils and cysts that she has suffered since childhood. Dr Pixie suspects she is suffering from painful cystic acne, and sends her to a specialist for treatment with antibiotics and lazer resurfacing. On returning to the clinic, Natalie has been prescribed the contraceptive pill and some small skin grafts that drastically improve the appearance of her condition. The EB bus heads to Merseyside, where Dr Christian sees a case of a pierced problem nipple, whilst Dr Pixie sees a case of dermatitis that has it’s sufferer scratching himself in a very sensitive area. Meanwhile Christian puts a hydrocele sufferers mind at ease. Dr James meets Thomas, whose mouthful of manky molars has left him with a smile that would worry a 70-year-old, but he’s only 20! Dr James recommends implants, but Thomas’s smoking substantially reduces the success rate, so dentures are going to have to be tried first. Read Dr James’ guide to How to Look After Your Teeth > The docs hit the streets of Liverpool to talk about feet, helped out by local podiatric surgeon Emma Supple, with some cases of calloused corns and nail psoriasis on display. The docs also hit the streets of Merseyside to see if they can persuade the ladies of Liverpool to give high heals the heave ho… Next in the clinic is Anna, who has come in with a swollen arm and leg that Dr Christian diagnoses as Lymphodema. After visiting a specialist clinic, Anna starts a course of treatment involving manually massaging the excess fluid out of the swollen limbs. Dr Pixie sees a young woman called Emma who is suffering from a hernia and excess skin after two pregnancies. Dr Pixie sends her off to a surgeon for repair to her umbilical hernia, and removal of the excess skin. Next up, Dr Priya sees an unusual case of an abscess just above a man’s bottom, called a Pilonidal Sinus. The amount of hair in the area seems to be to blame, with hair filling up a pit in the skin and causing an infection to develop. The first treatment used is a lazer to remove the problem causing hair, followed by a surgical procedure to remove the infected follicles, which is full of matted hair. And finally, this week’s body check sees our guinea pig group checking their urine for signs of ill health. Dr Christian talks to them about the reasons behind the differing colours and what the warning signs are to look out for. You can take the urine test yourself here >>

2x05 Holiday

  • 2009-05-13T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

This week the doctors have set up shop at the airport. First patient Joanne, an air-hostess, feels that her psoriasis is alienating her passengers. Dr Pixie sees Donna, who has a patchy rash on her back that is diagnosed as shingles and Dr Christian deals with Arthur who has a disfigured fingernail due to an accident at work. The doctors also check random samples from passengers to test for bacteria and bugs that have travelled with them. Back at the clinic, 44-year-old Stuart thinks that his holiday is responsible for the constant burning at the end of his penis. Dr Pixie believes an inflammation of the prostate, caused by a possible bladder infection, may well be the reason for Stuart’s troubles. He’s sent for a visit to a specialist and a treatment involving a prostate massage… After the birth of her child a year ago, Kerry has begun to feel pain and bleeding with her bowel movements – and visits to the loo are few and far between. Dr Christian notes that Kerry has developed a skin tag due to a tear and sends her to a specialist. Further testing doesn’t reveal anything sinister in her bowels and the problem is pinpointed as a tense pelvic muscle. Next up is Lindsay who has had a scar on her chest since she was 7 years old. Lindsay has developed a keloid scar, possibly from a pimple or bug bite, and Dr Pixie recommends steroid injections followed with laser treatment to help flatten out the surface of the scar. In to meet Dr James is Jessica, who has suffered from bad breath for years. Jessica has been blaming her halitosis on her tongue, but Dr James reveals it has more to do with gum disease. Jessica’s inflamed gums have created pockets that help to house bacteria and plaque, a visit to the dental hygienist helps to clear up the blockage and reduce her bad breath. Back at the airport, Brendan has a spotty abdomen caused by “folliculitis”/conditions/folliculitis/ whilst a returning passenger has been bitten by bed bugs on his holiday. Dr Pixie also sees Helene who has some moles on her back that are hurting… This week’s body check sees our guinea pig group checking their moles for signs of changes and abnormalities. Doctors Christian and Priya explain what to look out for to avoid dangerous deadly moles. Caroline, 25, has hidden her hair loss problem for over 10 years. She’s been losing hair in patches that take up to a year to grow back. Caroline has a condition called Alopecia, and Dr Christian gives her the unfortunate news that there is no known cure for her problem. Possible treatments to control the hair loss are steroids or topical creams that stimulate hair growth. And finally this week, Dr Pixie and Dr Christian put their bodies on the line to show how easy it is to do body checks. This time around, they are checking their urine for any signs of abnormalities and ill health.

2x06 Erectile Dysfunction

  • 2009-05-20T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

This week’s episode starts with a visit to the clinic for former RAF airman Richard, whose case of gynaecomastia has left him with no body confidence and feeling repulsed when he looks in the mirror. After 26 years of suffering, Dr Pixie decided to send Richard for surgery to get rid of them once and for all. Next into the Doctors’ mobile clinic is 16-year-old Wendy, who after recently giving birth has been left with severe stretch marks on her tummy. Vitamin E creams and Bio Oil are recommended by Dr Pixie as a way of reducing the marks that will also fade over time. A case of excessive sweating has left one woman feeling extremely embarrassed, but Dr Christian reassures her that there are multiple treatments available for this common condition. EB Dentist Dr James Russell has a case in his surgery involving bulimia sufferer Harriet. Self-induced vomiting has left her with acid erosion on her teeth, shortening and eating away at the enamel. Porcelain veneers can be used to extend and protect her remaining teeth, but Harriet decided to wait before proceeding with the full treatment. 18-year-old student Clare has come to the clinic with some problem bowels that mean that she can go a week without passing a stool, but this is swiftly followed by excessive diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Dr Pixie excludes the possibility of haemorrhoids, but decides to send a stool sample of to be analysed. Having eliminated all other possibilities, Dr Pixie makes a diagnosis of IBS. Next through the clinic doors is Alan, who has been battling with erectile dysfunction for nearly 10 years. Dr Christian recommends that Alan starts by losing some of his excess weight, before he is sent off to a specialist to check out the problem. The specialist recommends a number of possible non-surgical treatments, including a penis pump. Dr Pixie sees a patient with an enlarged stomach whose GP has already eliminated a number of potential conditions. Despite losing weight Stuart still has a large belly, and so is sent for an ultrasound scan. The results of the scan are inconclusive, suggesting that dietary and lifestyle changes are the best course of action. Dr Priya sees a patient who’s complaining of pain in her vulval area, which appears to be caused by the condition vulvodynia. Over 15% of women suffer from it, but over 50% of these sufferers don’t seek help. Finally through the clinic door is veterinary nurse Terry, who’s suffering from a condition called “Paprika Staining”: on his legs and ankles that leaves him with rust coloured marks. Dr Christian reassures him that there is nothing to be worried about, but there is also unfortunately no cure… Also this week, Christian and Pixie hit the streets of Newcastle to discuss Erectile Dysfunction, whilst Christian puts himself, and his sperm, under the microscope, whilst also investigating the growing problem of fake pharmaceuticals, particularly targeted at ED sufferers. We also have our body check group conducting a thorough examination of their mouths.

2x07 Back to the Clinic

  • 2009-05-27T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

First up is Maria, who came to the clinic with a potentially life threatening weight problem. Although very young, Maria’s health was deteriorating so rapidly that a gastric band operation was carried out. Having reduced her stomach to the size of a walnut, Maria returned to the clinic to reveal that she had dropped over 4 stone in just 10 weeks. 8 months later, and Maria had dropped a further 4 stone, and been able to start work in a local hair salon. 53-year-old Christopher came to the clinic with a painful problem with his penis. Following a years treatment by a dermatologist, Christopher returned to the clinic with some good news for Dr Christian. Having been diagnosed with an atopic dermatitis, Christopher has responded well to treatment and now has ‘a normal penis’. We next catch up with Emma, who had suffered for over a decade with facial hair growth. Following 6 rounds of lazer treatment on the problem hairs, Emma is finally feeling like a women again, with her confidence massively boosted. In our first series we met Margaret, who was suffering from a prolapsed vagina. Extensive surgery was required to rebuild her vaginal wall, and following the operations success, Margaret returned to the clinic to share how things were progressing. With her life back on track, Margaret is now able to exercise and do all the things her prolapse had denied her. Next up, Dr Dawn meets up with a patient that she first saw in the clinic in Magaluf. Marissa suffered with acne on her face and forehead, and despite 9-months of antibiotic treatment, she is still suffering from the dreaded spots. Dr Dawn suggest a course of photopneumatic therapy, where a lazer and a vacuum are used to loosen and extract dirt and excess oil from the skin. Following three courses of treatment, Marissa was feeling a lot happier. Many people think that sunbathing is a cure for acne, but too much sun can be extremely dangerous, and in our Teenage Bodies series we investigated a growing problem of ‘tanorexia’ which had led 16-year-old Sammy Jo to spend far too much time on the sunbeds. On a revisit to the clinic, Sammy Jo has revealed her addiction has now switched to the bottle – but fortunately it’s a bottle of spray tan. 26 year-old David came to the clinic with a massive amount of excess skin that was leftover from his overweight teenage years. David underwent surgery to remove his man boobs, and the results have left him with not only a flat chest, but a new lease of life. After the success of this operation, David is considering the next stage of removal of his excess stomach skin as well… And finally there was Charlotte, who at only 19 was suffering from an extreme case of excessive sweating. With other treatments not working, Charlotte was sent for a painful series of botox injections. 6-months on, the initial treatment has worn off, leaving Charlotte with a return trip to the clinic. Fortunately, the treatment works again, leaving Charlotte sweat free to pursue her dream of becoming cabin crew…

2x08 Oral

  • 2009-06-03T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

First up, is 26-year-old David whose rotting, bleeding, puss-filled armpit has left him unable to lift up his arm without tearing the skin. The problem is diagnosed as Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a condition in which the sweat glands are blocked up, infected and develop into boils. Dr Christian sends a swab sample for analysis to reveal the bacteria infecting David, in order to prescribe the appropriate antibiotics. In the meantime, David is told to take steroids to help contain the symptoms and has been referred to a surgeon to see what can be done about the damaged skin. The EB Bus heads out to Cambridge, and first to see Dr Pixie is Lucy who has a problem growing hair, whilst Dr Christian sees a 3-year-old that has problems staying on her feet. Meanwhile, Dr Priya meets a footballer whose passing is not being helped by a curling toe. Next up there is David who consults with Dr Christian about pains in his penis and lower back. Believing that the pain is stemming from his nerves, Dr Christian recommends acupuncture treatment. Dr James meets 35-year-old rocker Neil whose teeth are hanging on by a thread as a result of advanced gum disease. Dr James saves many of Neil’s teeth by restoring them with porcelain crowns, but the teeth that couldn’t be saved have to be replaced with dentures. The doctors hit the streets of Cambridge to conduct a breath test and teach the locals about better oral hygiene. Wendy has been suffering from bad breath and heads to see a specialist that finds the root of the problem – gum disease. If you want to find an NHS Dentist in your area then use the NHS Service Finder Visiting the clinic next is Stacy, who has a problem with piles. Dr Priya examines Stacy and discovers that she’s also suffering from skin tags. As other treatments have thus far failed, Dr Priya suggests a visit to the surgeon to have both the skin tags and the piles removed. There is also a visit from Allison, a newlywed from Lancashire who is experiencing pain during sex. Dr Pixie’s examination doesn’t reveal anything sinister with Allison’s body and so she recommends psycho-sexual counselling to try and get to the root of Allison’s problem. Next up we see 24-year-old Holly who has come to see Dr Pixie about her sweaty palms. As botox injections are ineffective for palmar hyperhidrosis, a procedure utilizing electric currents is suggested. Holly’s iontophorisis treatments show significant improvements and the good news is that she can get a machine at home to continue with these treatments on a permanent basis. And finally, after conducting a sweat test after his own workout, Dr Christian meets up with the Cambridge University boat race team to calculate their sweat rates and help work out how much water they need to keep themselves healthy and hydrated. You can conduct your own sweat test at home by checking out our Sweat Body Check

2x09 Rally

  • 2009-06-10T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

This week’s episode starts with Rachel Smith who has become increasingly hairy in the past few years, especially in her nether regions. Rachel suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it is this that is causing her excessive hair growth. Dr Pixie sends her to a specialist to tackle her PCOS and for laser therapy to reduce the excess hair. The EB bus heads out on the road again, and first through the doors are Jenny and her dad David, both suffering from the same suspicious skin condition. Dr Christian diagnoses the white patches on their skin as Vitiligo meanwhile Dr Pixie diagnoses a patient’s protruding problem as calcification and Dr Christian sees a diabetic patient who’s losing his nerves. Then there’s Maria, a nurse from Kent, who had a heart operation 14 years ago that has left her with a large, hard scar between her breasts. Maria suffers from Symmastia, a frequently congenital condition in which both breasts connect at the centre of the chest, though the condition can develop due to surgery as well. After seeing a specialist surgeon to see how to best deal with the problem, Maria is informed that the tricky procedure may leave her with more scarring and opts to wait to make her decision. Up next is Keith, 31, who’s developed a seeping sore scalp that has left his hair growing in clumps. Dr Christian reveals that Keith has developed a rare form of Folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicles caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. Keith is prescribed an ongoing treatment of antibiotics and topical creams to battle the fungus. Sasha is a 24 year old who’s been suffering from lack of sleep because of her excessively loud snoring. As snoring is caused by a blockage in the respiratory structures, Dr Priya refers Sasha to a specialist who does a small surgical procedure to open up Sasha’s passageways. Dr James makes Sasha a dental guard as well, to push her jaw forward and create even more breathing space during sleep. Next through the clinic door is Hilda, who has been suffering so much from her skin condition that she’s gone to great lengths to cure it – including soaking the problem area in buckets of urine! Her hands and feet are red, flaking and developing sores. Dr Christian treats her hand and foot Psoriasis by prescribing a course of steroid creams, which dramatically improves their appearance. Then there is Tori, a mum who’s suffering from some unwanted leakage Though she hasn’t breast-fed in 3 years, she still has an occasional discharge from her nipples. Discharge from one breast can be a sign of something sinister; however Dr Pixie reassures Tori that leakage from both breasts may only be a hormonal issue. Tests reveal no abnormalities and Tori’s prescribed tablets to control the lactation. Finally, school caretaker Bob and plumbing merchant Dave accompany fellow snorer Dr Christian to the sleep clinic and get tested for Sleep Apnea a potentially deadly problem…

2x10 Back to the Clinic 2

  • 2009-06-17T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

The doctors are back in the clinic to check-up on some of the most interesting cases that they’ve encountered over the past 2 years. Dr Dawn asks Scotsman John back to the clinic to update her on progress with his treatment for the disfiguring condition Acne Keloidalis. It had left John with painful nodules on the back of his head and some severe scarring, forcing him to not go out in public without a baseball cap. Thanks to some extensive treatment from Consultant Dermatologist Dr Sunil Chopra, John’s condition has improved beyond all recognition, leaving him with a full head of hair and brimming with confidence. Confidence, or lack of it, was what drove 16-year old Nathan to visit the EB clinic with some severe pubescent acne. With home treatments not proving effective, Dr Dawn referred Nathan for hydra-dermabrasion, a procedure that removes impurities and lessens the scarring caused by acne. Following treatment Nathan’s acne: has improved dramatically, ensuring that he can hopefully avoid the painful physical and emotional scarring that it can cause, something that another of Dawn’s patient, Haileigh, knows about only too well. Haileigh has suffered with severe acne for 28 years and it has left her with deep, pitted scars all over her face. After over a year of intensive skin treatment, including lazer resurfacing and dermal injections, Haileigh is showing considerable signs of improvement. A patient whose life has been totally changed by her treatment by the Embarrassing Bodies Doctors was Dionne, who arrived in the clinic with a mystery skin condition that numerous specialists had failed to diagnose. Dr Harper suspected that it was a condition called Ichthyosis, where her skin was becoming dry, scaly and cracked. Having treated her condition with a prepared solution of Cetraben, Culmurid & Eucerin, combined with wrapping in cling film, Dionne is problem free and only occasionally has to repeat the treatment to prevent future flare-ups. Dr Christian also catches up with Anna, who came to the clinic with extremely deflated breasts following her pregnancy. With her confidence low Dr Christian sent her for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss a breast augmentation operation. Having decided to go ahead with the surgery, Anna returns to the clinic to report that her confidence has skyrocketed since the operation, making the extensive surgical risks worthwhile on this occasion. Another patient who’s back in the clinic is Pamela, who came to see Dr Christian with stress incontinence, a very common problem that affects millions of women in the UK. Pamela’s case was extremely severe, so Dr Christian recommended a botox treatment that would treat, though not cure, her overactive bladder. Having successfully undergone the treatment, Pamela returns to let Christian know how she’s been getting on, and though the results were not permanent, she has seen a massive improvement. 34-year old Sophia came to the clinic with a skin condition that Dr Pixie diagnosed as hyper-pigmentation caused by excessive hair growth. Having undergone lazer treatment and glycolic peeling, Sophia returns to the clinic to show a marked improvement in the colour and severity of her condition. Finally, Dr Christian sees a patient who decided to undergo a testicle implant operation to balance out his balls after losing one of them to testicular cancer, and also caught up with 13-year old Anthony, who was suffering with gynaecomastia, brought on by puberty and some excess weight. Dr Christian is delighted to see that Anthony has shed over 2 stone in weight, and is well on the way to getting his problem off his chest.

2x11 Back to the Clinic 3

  • 2009-07-01T20:00:00Z — 45 mins

The doctors are back in the clinic to check-up on some of the most interesting cases that they’ve encountered over the past 2 years. First up is a visit from fifty year old Jackie, who was suffering from one of the commonest problems seen by GPs – urinary incontinence. A staggering one in five women over the age of 40 will suffer from the condition. Fortunately there was a simple solution to Jackie’s problem, as tension free vaginal tape was added to support the bladder and replace the muscle that she has lost as she got older. The doctors also caught up with 72-year-old Bryan, who had been suffering for over 10 years with a painful problem with his penis, a direct result of a circumcision that hadn’t gone to plan. Bryan is packed off by Dr Christian to have a second circumcision carried out, and returns to the clinic two years later to check that Bryan is still firing on all cylinders following the opp. Dr Dawn next sees a patient whose life was literally torn apart by the birth of her baby boy. Debbie’s vagina was so badly torn during the birth, that the muscles around her bladder and rectum were causing her to leak urine and faeces. After a massive reconstruction operation, Debbie returns to see Dr Dawn, who is delighted to see that she is feeling just like a young mum again. Our next patient is Rachel, who has suffered from plaque psoriasis for over 11 years. Rachel’s skin cells were reproducing every 2-6 days, which compared alarmingly to a normal person’s rate of every 3-4 weeks. Christian sent Rachel for ultraviolet light therapy, which even after a few treatments was starting to show positive signs. Returning 18-months on, Rachel’s skin is vastly improved and her life has completely changed. Another patient who returns to the clinic was Martin, who has undertaken a course of cognitive behavioral therapy to help him to get over his fear of taking a pee in public. Fortunately Martin’s therapy has been a success, and he’s making fantastic progress. Next there are visits from Dr Christian and Dr Dawn to the men of Moseley Rugby Club and a group of women who have shame in baring all. They’re shown how to self-check their balls and their boobs, and you can too by going to our How to Check Yourself guides >> Boobs were a problem for Alison, who after 20 years of suffering awful back pain from her double J boobs, came to visit Dr Dawn to see if she could get something off her chest. After surgery that removed a kilo and a half of breast tissue, Allison returned to the surgery with a new lease of life. Dr Dawn caught up with Adel, who came to the clinic with a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome. This has resulted in Adel developing excess hair on her face and body, so Dr Dawn sent her off for a course of lazer treatment. Eight months later, Adel is back in the clinic and showing a fantastic improvement. Though the hairs will continue to grow back, she now knows that she can keep the condition under control… And our final patient also came into the clinic with a breast related problem, this time caused by an earlier breast reduction that had left her with artificially high nipples now that nature was taking it’s course. Flattening of the nipples was also a cause for concern for Dr Dawn, so Jacqui was sent for a mammogram to check their was nothing sinister afoot. Fortunately there wasn’t, and she was able to return to the clinic to show how a hydrolonic acid lift had been plump up the breasts and bring the nipples down back to where they belonged.