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  • 15.8k
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  • 2005-06-29T02:00:00Z on ABC
  • 43m
  • Greg Yaitanes
  • Chip Johannessen
  • United States
  • Spanish; Castilian, French, English, Portuguese
  • Drama, Mystery
Marc Antony addresses the crowd at Caesar's funeral, where a shroud hides the deceased leader's stab wounds. Octavius' mother, Atia, recently imprisoned by Cassius, is allowed to speak at Caesar's funeral, but she tells the wild crowd that her son is Caesar's true heir. Meanwhile Camane, the psychic vestal virgin, has put her own life at risk by guarding the will, and Tyrannus, fearing for Octavius' life, once again takes the young heir away from the turbulence of Rome.