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Family Affairs

Season 9 2005

  • 2005-01-03T18:30:00Z on Five
  • 30 mins
  • 5 days, 8 hours, 0 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Soap, Drama

On its launch night (30th March 1997), Channel 5 broadcast the first episode of its original soap opera: Family Affairs. The series was Britain's first 5-days-a-week soap and has been broadcast every weekday since its launch. Family Affairs: The Hart Years (From Pilot to Episode 480)
The show followed the lives of the Hart family from Charnham, Kent, story lines surrounded Chris, Annie and their children Duncan, Holly, Melanie and Jamie Hart as well as Chris's father Angus, Annie's parents Elsa and Jack Gates and their friends and neighbours for 2 years. Friends and neighbours included Roy Farmer, Nick Trip and Maria Simons.
However, ratings were low and it wasn't long before Channel 5 threatened to axe Family Affairs. Drastic action was needed if the show was to survive, and so drastic action was taken: Brian Park, then producer of Britain's no. 1 soap Coronation Street, was hired at the end of 1998. In the next couple of months the Gates' were killed-off and early the follow

256 episodes

9x01 Episode 2026

  • Season Premiere

    2005-01-03T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

As The Swan begins to empty, Sean is still left lying in the gutter, but he's between two parked cars and not within any body's view . . . meanwhile, Babs assumes that Sean's got lucky and run off with a fancy man so she picks up Harry from the creche and takes him home . . . Pete recruits Eileen to help him clear the glasses. As she finishes up, he greets her with a drink. They talk for a little while and they both end up confessing that they still have feelings for one and other! One thing leads to another and, despite Eileen's initial objections, they kiss! Katie, Mel, Yasmin, Kelly, Jake and Olly head back to the Williams' place with alcohol from the Swan. There they meet up with Alex who drinks along with them. When they're done with the ones they have, they send Alex out for more bottles. Then, the girls decide to play a little trick on the guys! Promising them a strip show, the girls dare Olly and Jake to streak down Stanley Street. Not wanting to look like a coward in front

9x02 Episode 2027

  • 2005-01-04T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

The news of Sean's stabbing puts a downer on the party at the Williams'. Alex confides in Kelly that all he can think about during this whole thing is his brother . . . meanwhile, Katie uses the situation to get out of the girls promise to strip for the lads. Eileen wakes up in the middle of the night confused. She doesn't know what she's doing . . . she talks things over with Pete. Later, Pete gives her the tape of her confessing to setting him up. He destroys it and tells her it's a fresh start. Uncertain at first, Eileen agrees to give things another go with Pete. She returns home nevertheless to clear the air with Dave but he tells her that it's over between them, he doesn't even want to be her friend anymore! Tanya persuades John to let her spend time with Sean. He reluctantly agrees. After a few minutes he has to interrupts her and drag her away. She tells him that she wants to stay with him . . . a police officer escorts Tanya back to the flat. Seeing where Sean was stabbed,

9x03 Episode 2028

  • 2005-01-05T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kelly and Alex discuss his brother coming out of prison. Alex expresses his worries that all will not be well, he also worries that his family is being torn apart: his dad's always out, Katie's sleeping round and Jake's and Ania will more than likely be moving to LA with Ella. Meanwhile, Katie has trouble with the new regime at the Swan! Eileen disapproves of her outfit and what Eileen wants Eileen now gets apparently . . . Les persuades Denise to get checked out after her attack. After visiting the doctor, all appears to be well but Denise worries what if there is something wrong with her. Les reassures her that they'll cross that bridge if they come to it. Later, Kelly finds an article in the local paper about another rape in the area and tells her parents that she thinks it might be the same guy! Babs feels that Tanya is moving much too quickly after Sean's death but Tanya insists that she's just trying to get through the day. Later, Tanya returns to work for the first time and

9x04 Episode 2029

  • 2005-01-06T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Denise is blaming herself for an attempted rape on another woman. She thinks she sould have gone to the police but instead she washed away any evidence on her body and burnt her clothes. Ella and Ania come home from visiting Ella's parents. When prompted, Ania tells everyone that she's decided to move to LA rather than stay with her dad. Later however, Ania confesses to Katie and Alex that she doesn't really want to go to LA - she just said that after she heard Ella telling someone that she's having a hard time there and not really getting along with her husband. Katie and Alex both agree that Ania should tell Conrad and Ella the truth, but Ania makes them promise not to. Tanya confesses to Babs that she knew Liam was having a heart attack when she left him alone in the corridor! Babs begs Tanya to keep it between them but Tanya's not sure she can. Eventually she agrees to do so but later she goes into work and bumps into Liam's mum. Hearing how hurt she was by the death of her son

9x05 Episode 2030

  • 2005-01-07T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Denise is angered that a big deal isn't being made about the attempted rape of another woman. She tells Les that she wants to speak to that other woman and maybe they can figure out who this guy is . . . she also wants to know how the other woman escaped . . . Les tells Denise that if the two were to meet then it would compromise the case. Chrissy has a go at Mel after she stays out all night with Owen. Chrissy tells her that she must tell Yasmin but Mel decides to put it off. Later, Mel does tell Yasmin and tells her that she's really sorry. Together they formulate a plan to get Owen back. When Owen comes by later to rub Yasmin's nose in it, he gets the cold shoulder from Mel, she also announces that Owen is no good in bed! Katie can't stand to see Ania going to LA for the wrong reasons so against Alex's wishes, she tells Conrad and Ella the real reason. They decide to sit down and talk things through with Ania who changes her mind and tells Ella that she wants to stay with her da

9x06 Episode 2031

  • 2005-01-10T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chrissy decides to continue the search for her mother, despite Gary's objections. However, things don't start well when Keith, Chrissy's only lead refuses to take her calls and later contacts her to tell her to stop harassing him. It's Myra to the rescue though! She offers to speak to Keith for Chrissy. At the salon, Yasmin and Mel are fed up with the search for Mr Right so they decide to hand over the difficult part to the Internet! Mel fills in their application and their away! Tanya worries about the conclusion of the review into her conduct and on several occasions Babs notices her ignoring baby Harry. Later, Tanya's mood takes another turn for the worst when she hears from Sean's parents that they want the funeral close to them, rather than in London! Tanya asks Babs to go with her to help with arrangements . . . Babs agrees. After Conrad pestering the Institute, they agree to release Ben a few days early, so that the locals won't be expecting him! Meanwhile, Alex and Kelly

9x07 Episode 2032

  • 2005-01-11T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Yas and Mel set out to meet their ideal men, having got their profiles from the Internet, the girls confidently headed to the cafe to meet their guise. They were disappointed however to learn that there too guise weren't exactly what they expected and they soon made a hasty exit. Tanya seems to be constantly neglecting Harry more and more. Every time Babs turns her back and Harry starts crying, Tanya's nowhere to be seen. Later, Tanya confesses to Babs that every time she looks at her baby, she doesn't see Harry - she sees Sean! Tanya and Babs head for Worcester where Sean will be buried - close to his family. When Justin finds out that Kelly took Suzie to a squat yesterday he's not at all pleased! Kelly defends it saying that it was perfectly safe and accuses Justin of over-reacting. During their argument, Kelly lets slip that Alex is going through a hard time what with his brother coming out tomorrow and everything . . . Justin doesn't ask any questions but soon lets slip to Cat

9x08 Episode 2033

  • 2005-01-12T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mel and Yasmin tried in vain to shut Jake up about their embarrassing ""dates"" last night. Soon however everyone seems to know! Later, things take a bit more of a serious note when Yas visits Geri in hospital. Geri is so pleased to see her, or in fact to see anyone since she's been in confinement for weeks. Feeling a little bit stronger, Geri decides to take a walk but struggles to cope although Yasmin is there to help her. Later, when Yasmin has gone, Geri also gets a visit from Cat. Geri tells her that she's spoken to Sam a little on the phone but he always seems really distant . . . There's a big development in Chrissy's search for her mother when Keith, her former father-in-law, has a change of heart and pays Charnham a visit. He tells Chrissy that if she decides to search for her mother, she must forget about him and not bother him anymore. Chrissy agrees and Keith tells Chrissy that her mother married a man called Lawrence and gives Chrissy the last place he knew they were. As h

9x09 Episode 2034

  • 2005-01-13T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Yasmin buys Geri some wigs to make her feel better about coming out of hospital. Geri is reluctant at first but when soon can't help but get into it when Yasmin starts to play around with the wigs! Armed with a name and a town, Myra and Chrissy hit the phone book to find Chrissy's mother. Just as they're about to give up, they find the right house and immediately set off to Richmond. Later, having walked miles, Chrissy and Myra eventually find the house but hearing Jackie's voice from within Chrissy can't go through with it and walks away. Kelly is swamped with work and Justin doesn't seem to understand. He reminds her that coursework doesn't pay the bills . . . since Justin is too busy working to take care of Suzie, Kelly's work has to come second. Later, she manages to offload Suzie onto her mum while she gets some real work done. Also, Kelly has a go at Cat for telling the neighborhood that Ben's release date had been brought forward. Cat argued that the community has a right to

9x10 Episode 2035

  • 2005-01-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

After looking after Suzie all day, Denise feels she'd like to take the job on full time. Kelly is delighted but Les is skeptical since Denise used to worry she'd be lumbered with the baby . . . Cat gets an unexpected phone call from Florida to tell her that Doug's mother has had a stroke. Later, she tells Doug who rushes off to Florida. Cat offers to go with him but he says that while he'll miss her, he doesn't think she should drop everything and go. He tells her that he'll be back soon . . . Ania comes home from school early to find her mother passed out on the sofa, Ania knows what to do, showing that she's probably had to do this before. She attempts to lift her mum into an upright position but can't quite manage it alone so she goes to get Katie from the pub, Conrad is also there and so he's alerted to the fact that there's something wrong. He returns home shortly after the girls to find them carrying Ella up the stairs. When Ella's tucked away in bed, Conrad attempts to disco

9x11 Episode 2036

  • 2005-01-17T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Kelly and Denise head off to Sean's funeral. Denise seems to want to put everything off until the last minute and they almost miss the coach . . . Things aren't going very well with Lucy and Olly. Everything he says seems to be the wrong thing. Olly decides that to gain Lucy's favour he'll offer Jake a job on the construction with him. Later, Katie isn't happy to hear that she's going to see even less of Jake than she sees already. Ella pays the Williams' a visit but tells them that she isn't going back to LA next week, she's going that afternoon! The family really don't want her to go and Conrad tries his hardest to persuade her to stay but Ella leaves anyway. After a tearful goodbye at the house, she goes to wait for a cab. Meanwhile, Conrad is fed up with Liza scrounging in his house. He tells Alex that he wants her out but after the way Conrad treated Alex yesterday, he's set against Liza leaving! Later, Liza spots an empty house down the street and tells Alex that she's moving

9x12 Episode 2037

  • 2005-01-18T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chrissy tries to fill in the gaps in her past and tries to get her mother to tell her a little about why she left. But Jackie isn't keen on opening up, but then again nor is Chrissy when the discussion of the reasons for her divorce from Gary . . . later, having gives Chrissy her full hour, Jackie decides that she must go and keep her hair appointment. Seeing that Chrissy is disappointed, Jackie tells Chrissy to give her phone number to her and she'll call. But Chrissy can see that Jackie can't get out of their fast enough. Olly discovers that Liza and two of her mates have moved into the house he and Justin are supposed to be doing up. He tries to get her to move out but it doesn't work. She tells him that since the house is empty - she has a right to be there and if anyone tries to force themselves into the house, the squatters have the right to prosecute them! All of this seems to check out. Meanwhile, Alex and Conrad get into another squabble and so Alex decides that enough is en

9x13 Episode 2038

  • 2005-01-19T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

On her hasty exit from Charnham, Jackie meets Gary and then Mel and Chloe and she decides not to return to Richmond straight away . . . She decides to pay Chrissy a visit to apologies for her hasty departure. Chrissy introduces Mel and Chloe to their new grandma! Chloe is pleased to meet her but Mel is less impressed and so is Gary. When Chrissy and Jackie are left alone, Chrissy is both angry and disappointed to discover that Jackie came back out of curiosity. Jackie becomes confused over what Chrissy actually wanted from her and Chrissy tells her that she just wants answers . . . Katie tries to round up men for the speed-dating night in The Swan. When the male volunteers don't meet her standard she calls on Jake to fill in but he's not so keen! Later, Katie offers Jake a night to remember in exchange for his services. He agrees! Yasmin begins to prepare for Geri coming out of hospital. She shows off her new nurse cap to Mel and visits Dave to make sure that his cabs are clean eno

9x14 Episode 2039

  • 2005-01-20T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chrissy finally gets the opportunity to interrogate her mother about locking her in the shed but she doesn't get the answer she wants - Jackie denies it! She tells Chrissy that she did shout at her and she was probably too harsh but she would never do such an awful thing as lock her daughter in the shed! Angered by her mother's denial of an event that she clearly remembers, Chrissy continues to push and both mother and daughter wind each other up until Chrissy asks the inevitable: ""did you love me more than you loved Helen?"" In the heat of the moment Jackie responds: ""Yes!"" Chrissy rushes out of the room in tears and locks herself in the kitchen. Through the door she tells Jackie to get out! Later, thinking her mother has gone, Chrissy emerges only to find Jackie still sitting in the front room. Jackie apologizes but tries to explain things to Chrissy. She tells her that Helen needed her - she was ill and finally gives Chrissy the reason for her hasty departure: she, like Chrissy, had

9x15 Episode 2040

  • 2005-01-21T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's speed dating time at The Black Swan but things don't get off to a great start from Katie's point of view when Myra, Sadie and Babs decide to sign up and Jake's football team aren't quite what she had in mind! But things seems to go well, not for poor Yasmin though who at the end of the night is forced to leave empty handed. Babs on the other hand did rather well, she got 4 phone numbers but she decides to give them to Yasmin because the only one she's interested in a handsome management consultant called Adam, who payed far more attention to Babs while he was supposed to be chatting up Yasmin! Also, it's not a bad day all round for Babs, having decided that she's going to stick around to support Tanya she decides she needs to get a job. She asks Sadie but she's got nothing, later Sadie mentions Babs' problem to Dave who comes up with a solution: she can have her old job back! Babs agrees but only when she gets him up to £5.50 an hour and agrees that she can have a lie in on her fi

9x16 Episode 2041

  • 2005-01-24T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tanya still feeling down and nothing Babs says or does seems to cheer her up. Babs invites Tanya to lunch but Tanya says she's probably won't be up to it . . . later, Babs gets a call from Adam from the speed dating and she agrees to meet him for lunch! Later, Babs and Adam have a nice lunch together but there is a little bit of an awkward moment when Tanya comes in having decided to accept her mum's offer! That evening, Tanya comments that she didn't realize that Adam was so young, it doesn't seem to be much of an issue for Babs who just thinks it's all wonderful! Jake tries to talk to Lucy about what happened between them the other night, but Lucy isn't up for talking. She tells Jake that she's with Olly and he's with Katie so nothing can ever happen between them. Olly tells Lucy that he'll leave Katie for her, but Lucy tells him it's not that simple. Later, Mel tells Lucy that she agrees with Jake, she says that Lucy and Jake belong together but Lucy says she's not so sure. Things

9x17 Episode 2042

  • 2005-01-25T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chrissy is in a state preparing for the arrival of her mother, she's worried about what Jackie will say about her cooking. Gary tells Chrissy that she has nothing to worry about. Later, Gary, Chrissy and Mel wait for Jackie's arrival but as it appears she's later and later, Mel decides she's got to go back to work. Jackie does eventually show up and Chrissy really seems to feel that it's hard work getting to know her. They don't agree on which parts of France they like best and Jackie when Gary asks her if she'd like some more salmon, Jackie tells him that she's not fond of it . . . later, Chrissy asks Gary whether or not it'll get easier with her mother. He doesn't know but quickly moves the conversation along to a happier note; he presents Chrissy with 2 airline tickets to Lille! He tells her that Myra's looking after Chloe and he won't take no for an answer . . . Justin and Kelly are angry that the police could be accusing anyone in their family of harming Suzie. They head home to

9x18 Episode 2043

  • 2005-01-26T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jake and Lucy spend the night together and its all going great! Lucy decides that the whole thing with Olly is just a waste of time and tells Jake that she wants to be with him! He's delighted and runs along to dump Katie. Meanwhile, Cat, who spied Jake showing Lucy out of his place that morning, gets talking with Dave to see what's going on. Dave tells her that its none of her business but lies that Lucy was just dropping off some Cd's . . . Katie overhears and can tell that there's something going on. She tells Alex that she was planning on dumping Jake but later, when he tries to dump her, Jake is shocked when Katie tells him that she's pregnant with his child! Jake asks if she's sure and Katie says all the right things. Jake leaves to tell Lucy and they discuss things a little. Jake tells Lucy that he wants his kid to have a better dad than he did and says that if Lucy wants to keep the baby then he'll have to be there to support her . . . Its Ben's second day release session an

9x19 Episode 2044

  • 2005-01-27T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

In a panic, Tanya calls her mum and runs up and down Stanley Street trying to find Harry only to discover that having seen the baby outside the salon, Yasmin had gone out and taken him inside to look after him. Yasmin asks what Tanya thought she was doing. Then, seeing what Tanya had done, Conrad comes over the road to have a go at her for having a go at him about not looking after his children properly earlier . . . Tanya apologizes and Yasmin asks Conrad to move along. Conrad persists a little before he does as he's told and moves along. Tanya and Yasmin talk in the flat. Yasmin asks her whether or not she's considered talking to somebody about what's happened but Tanya doesn't seem keen on the idea. Soon, Babs returns with Adam in tow. Yasmin and Adam soon leave the mother and daughter to it as Babs has a bit of a go at Tanya. Babs tries to comfort Tanya by telling her about when Tanya's dad died but Tanya comes back at her mother that she had never loved Tanya's father! The argumen

9x20 Episode 2045

  • 2005-01-28T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Justin and Kelly struggle with the fact that they can't be left alone with their daughter and as soon as they get too close a nurse tells them she can't allow them to do that . . . Cat is outraged and tells Justin and Kelly that she's going to use her influence as the wife of the mayor to get some answers but knowing that's probably not the kind of publicity Doug needs they calm Cat down they however remain furious! Gary and Chrissy head for a couple of weeks in the sun. Before she goes, Chrissy calls her mum and tells her that they won't be around. Later, to Chrissy's surpirse, Jackie shows up to wish her daughter well! Chrissy is delighted and even gives Jackie an awkward kiss. Gary and Chrissy head off and after being offered a cup of tea by Myra, Jackie leaves too. Cat makes Yasmin realise that while the sale of the shop and the flat is good for her, there's Dave and Jake to think about, not to mention the shop's employees . . . Yasmin realises that it's not going to be as easy

9x21 Episode 2046

  • 2005-01-31T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

When Jake goes to tell Conrad about the baby, Katie is forced to confess that she is in fact not pregnant. Jake is upset that she lied but tells Lucy that this means that they can now be together. However, Lucy's got other ideas. She's just got back together with Olly and doesn't want to confuse things even more . . . Meanwhile, Darren puts yet more pressure on Olly to deliver the money he owes by tomorrow even though Olly tells his he's got no way of getting the money . . . Justin and Kelly continue to struggle with the hospital's supervised visits. Later, they get even worse news than that when Justin is arrested for GBH on Suzie! Kelly can't believe this is happening . . .

9x22 Episode 2047

  • 2005-02-01T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Babs is a little put out when Adam tries to help her re-live her youth by arranging tickets for a 70s night and buying her a ""best of the 70s"" album! Babs confesses to Tanya that she was drunk when she told Adam about what she got up to in the 70s, in fact she spent most of the time changing Tanya's nappies! Everyone around Katie is trying to make her feel guilty about what she did to Jake and she tells Alex that Conrad has barely spoken to her since. Katie tries to remind people that Jake did in fact cheat on her but no one can make her see the error of her ways . . . Lucy stands up for Jake but ends up just getting a mouthful from Katie. Later, Jake thanks Lucy and lets her know that he's still interested in her but Lucy tells Jake that wouldn't be fair on Olly . . . Following his arrest, Justin is released on bail. He and Kelly spend much of the day worried about what will happen next to him and to Suzie. Meanwhile, Doug heads back to Florida to see his mum with Justin's reassur

9x23 Episode 2048

  • 2005-02-02T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ben spends another day out hanging with Alex and trying to catch up. Having been living in a world where 50% of the population are female, Ben's surprised that his brother hasn't so much as dated one of them and is even more shocked to discover that his brother is a virgin! The boys decide to try chatting up Yasmin and Mel! It doesn't go well - there's a little bit of awkward conversation about shoes, other than that it's all bad news! Jake tells Dave that Olly is a waste of space on the construction job - he doesn't pull his weight at all. The only problem is that they're having this conversation in the cafe and Lucy overhears! Thinking that Jake is having a go at Olly because she chose him other Jake, she tells Jake what's what! Later, Lucy tries to make amends by bringing Jake (and Olly) coffee on the construction site. Meanwhile, Olly subtly interrogates Eileen and overhears the odd conversation about the security measures that will be taken in the pub when Eileen and Pete go out

9x24 Episode 2049

  • 2005-02-03T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

It doesn't get any easier for Justin and Kelly as Denise remains strict over their visiting rights with Suzie and forces them to leave when their four hours are up. The whole situation is taking its toll worst on Kelly who can barely stand to be away from her daughter and tells Justin that she'd give anything even to hear their baby cry. Alex is feeling bad that his family knows he's a virgin, Katie promises not to tell anyone and says that she's got a friend who isn't fussy that she can set him up with if he'd like! Alex just seems to want to be left alone. Babs' big 70s night with Adam arrives and she just can't seem to go through with it. She sees Adam and tells him that she can't get out of babysitting duties and when Yasmin appears in the scene she persuades Adam to take her instead! Yasmin is delighted and spends plenty of time trying to dress to impress - Geri has to help pick out the shoes! Later, while Babs enjoys a quiet night in with Tanya, a movie and junk food, Yasmin

9x26 Episode 2051

  • 2005-02-07T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Still upset that his family now know that he's still a virgin, things don't get any better for Alex with Katie's teasing over breakfast. Later, he admits to Kelly that he thinks Mel's fit and he'd love to ask her out . . . Kelly is a little surprised by Alex's taste but agrees to get him invited to a party that Lucy is holding for Olly (and Mel is going too!). Later, Alex tries to get some women advice from Katie who tells him that he needs to be more ""dangerous"". Alex doesn't quite get it and later invites Mel for a ride on his bike and tells her that he's only had a couple of drinks . . . Mel declines and seems amused by Alex's advances. Yasmin gives an economics lesson to Geri - all the things she's learned from Adam. Geri and Mel both comment that Yas can't seem to shut-up about her new man but Yasmin reassures them that she and Adam are just friends . . . Neither Geri or Mel seem to believe her! Jake persists is trying to get Olly into trouble. After getting his job back on th

9x27 Episode 2052

  • 2005-02-08T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alex tries his luck with Mel and heads into the salon supposedly looking for some details on treatments for an ex of his . . . Mel serves him and to be friendly agrees to have a drink with him some time. Alex takes this to mean their going on a date and prepares all day and even scrubs up a bit! Meanwhile, Mel is clueless to the whole thing - she thinks she's just having drinks with mates! Kelly soon puts Mel straight and she feels terrible thinking that she may have led Alex on. Later, Alex nervously talks his way through several drinks only to be told at the end of it all by Mel that she's not interested in him that way. Seeing that he's hurt she tells him that it's too soon after Brendan for her to start thinking about a relationship. Adam returns from wherever he's been and into Yasmin's open arms. They spend the say together and i finishes off with Adam telling Yasmin that he's really fallen for a new woman, Yasmin prompts him for a name and he tells her that he suspects she alr

9x28 Episode 2053

  • 2005-02-09T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Out on day release, Ben discovers that Alex will have the house to himself that night! He advises him to throw a party since girls always go for that sort of thing. Alex is reluctant but he might change his mind when he finds out that Ben lost his virginity before he went inside! Also, Mel gets close with one of Jake's friends from the football team. Alex is not impressed and nor is Katie who had her eye on the same guy . . . Jackie shows up unannounced several hours before Chrissy and Gary get home. She runs into both Myra and Mel, she tells both of them that she probably won't hang around for much longer. Nevertheless, Jackie is still on Stanley Street when Chloe gets home from school. Chloe is delighted to see her and when Jackie suggests a walk in the park - Chloe is really excited! Myra is less sure but Mel says she'll go along to keep an eye on things. Later, Mel tells Myra that Jackie didn't really notice her there at all, it was Chloe she wanted to see . . . it becomes late a

9x31 Episode 2056

  • 2005-02-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Katie tries to persuade Alex and Conrad to join in the party she's arranging at the Swan. Neither of them seem very keen but they still agree to go to support Katie. Later, Alex tells Conrad that even though things didn't go too well with Mel last week he thinks he still might be in with a shot! Also, Babs checks out Conrad. She tells Tanya that she might be interested. Tanya tells her mum that she must need her eyes testing! Cat is worried about Doug (and a little upset) when she doesn't get a card on Valentines day morning. But later, Cat is cheered up when Sadie presents her with a bunch of flowers sent from Doug! In another romantic Valentines day tale, Adam reappears but before he lets Yasmin know that he's back in town he gives Geri a call . . . Later, to Yasmin's surprise, Adam appears in the pub. He apologizes for being out of touch and tells her that he's got a surprise planned. Yasmin hastily takes the afternoon off work and gets into Adam's car. From outside the Swan, he

9x32 Episode 2057

  • 2005-02-15T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jake wakes up in the hospital to find that Lucy's been watching over him. He's obviously happy until he learns that Lucy is only there as a friend and that she's still with Olly. Lucy makes the mistake of calling Olly to tell him that Jake is awake. Olly takes this to mean that he should come to the hospital . . . Lucy is surprised to see Olly and tells him that he's better leave instead Olly decides to go into Jake's room to ""see if he's alright"". While he's there, Olly takes pleasure in rubbing it in Jake's face that he's still with Lucy. They kiss much to Jake's disgust. Olly leaves and Jake asks Lucy how she can possibly still be with him? Lucy goes on the defensive and Jake can see that there's only one way around this one: he tells Lucy that he was pushed! Lucy is shocked and immediately throws Olly out of the hospital. Dave overhears their argument and when Olly's out of the way he confirms what Jake told Lucy and then calls the police! Olly soon returns and heads straight for J

9x33 Episode 2058

  • 2005-02-16T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Costellos find a ""For Sale"" sign outside their house and all inquiries they make about it lead to dead ends. They'll have to contact the Webbs to find out what's going on. Also, Jackie makes another appearance and apologizes for standing Chloe up last Friday. Chrissy is not impressed but with the promise of a shopping trip, Chloe is soon brought round. Jake discharges himself from hospital and Olly is less than happy to see him back on Stanley Street. Olly is also having trouble making Lucy see that he's telling her the truth. Later, Jake's guilt gets the better of him and he confesses to Dave that he made it up about Olly pushing him! Dave forces Jake to talk to the police and later to Lucy. Lucy doesn't believe Jake at first but soon sees the truth. She asks him why he did it and Jake tells her it's because he loves her and asks Lucy to look into his eyes and tell him that she doesn't feel the same way . . . Yasmin boycotts Geri after she refuses to show support for her next

9x34 Episode 2059

  • 2005-02-17T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

After hearing the truth about what happened with Olly, Lucy storms out of Jake's flat closely followed by Jake. He tries to apologize and tells Lucy how much he loves her but she tells him that he can never love her as much as he says he does because there's a whole part of her that he knows nothing about . . . Jake asks Lucy to tell him so she does: all about Mike. Jake's horrified that Dave didn't tell him but he tells Lucy that it doesn't change how he feels about her. At which point, Olly enters and starts on Jake who doesn't take it lying down. Seeing that the two won't ever stop bickering, Lucy tells them to stop and says that she doesn't want to be with either of them instead she's going to call her dad and ask him to send her a ticket to New York! Later, Jake confronts Dave about keeping the whole incident with Mike from him. Dave makes Jake see that he would have done the same thing had he been in that position! Yasmin starts to have real doubts over whether or not this wedd

9x35 Episode 2060

  • 2005-02-18T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's a Costello special! While Chloe helps out her Nan in the shop all day, Mel wonders if it would be so bad if they were forced to sell the house - after all it's only really brought misery for her . . . But Chloe and Myra are determined that they shall not be moved and so when they hear that there's a couple coming to view the house they go about wrecking the place! Meanwhile, Gary tells Chrissy that he's been up all night for the past few nights trying to figure out what to do about the house sale. He still thinks that asking Jackie for the money is the best solution but Chrissy is adamant that she won't be in debt to her mother. Nevertheless, when Gary looses it with Chrissy she is left feeling that she isn't doing enough for her family and so she calls Jackie and asks to meet her. They do meet but Chrissy is disappointed when she sees her mother's true colours . . . Jackie tells Chrissy that she plans to move to New Zealand when her divorce comes through. As Jackie continually

9x39 Episode 2064

  • 2005-02-24T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Conrad fixes the toy dog Tanya got from Sean and heads round to give it too her. Tanya buzzes him in but as he heads inside, doctor John shows up and tells him that he can deliver the parcel . . . Up in the flat, Tanya is surprised to see John coming in. They start by having a civilized conversation that turns into an argument when the matter of Tanya's guilt is brought up - surprisingly it might seem, John argues Tanya's case while she protests her guilt! Eventually, John finds himself thrown out! Meanwhile, Katie can see that Conrad is somewhat disappointed with not having had the chance to given Tanya the toy dog himself . . . Furious that Mel screwed up her treatment so that she wouldn't be able to go to the premiere with Drew, Katie decides to threaten Yasmin with a lawsuit if she doesn't get all the free treatments she wants for a week. Eager to avoid a public fight, Yasmin agrees and tells Mel that if she can't be trusted then she can go back to being an assistant! Katie is de

9x42 Episode 2067

  • 2005-03-01T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Unwilling to admit defeat, Yasmin calls Adam to explain what she's done but again and again she gets his voice mail. Ever the optimist, Yasmin jumps every time the phone rings all day at the salon. Cat mistakes Yasmin's mood as missing Geri - at first Cat gets her head bitten off for suggesting such a thing but seeing that she's got nowhere else to turn, Yasmin confides in Cat about Adam leaving her but still keeps the wedding a secret . . . Conrad is insistent that he should meet Katie's new man and seeing that her dad isn't going to give up any time soon she agrees but when she asks Drew he tells her that he's not really one for ""meeting the family"". But Katie asks nicely so he goes along with it! Later, Drew shows up to pick Katie up but finds himself a bit disappointed by her choice of dress and tells her that she should change. When Katie has left the room, Drew finds himself in a room full of hostility, apparently his new girl's dad and brother thought she looked fine! Drew mak

9x43 Episode 2068

  • 2005-03-02T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary finds that Chrissy is avoiding him after she found out that he'd gone behind her back to get money from Jackie. Gary tries to explain himself but Chrissy's having none of it. Gary finds himself explaining the situation to Myra . . . later, Chrissy runs into Dave who jokes about Gary having to sell his half of the business. This is news to Chrissy and for the first time it seems she understands what Gary is going through. She decides that they need to talk and so they sit down and so just that. Chrissy tells him that in future they shouldn't need to go behind one and other's back - they need to face things together. Tanya is let down by a babysitter on the day of her hearing so she has to ask Myra and Sadie in the shop to take him for a while. At the hearing, John gives Tanya words of encouragement and tells her that he feels responsible but Tanya corrects him saying that he's not the one who left a boy to die . . . Tanya's guilt leads her to trying to convince the chairman of th

9x44 Episode 2069

  • 2005-03-03T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Despite Yasmin's cold feet, she and Adam announce their marriage to their friends at the Corner Cafe to a mixed reaction and despite Yasmin's paranoia they do seem to have all come around . . . Mel gets a date with new boy Graham. After being cleared of all charges, Tanya starts thinking about the future which eventually leads her to writing a letter of resignation . . . later, Tanya presents the letter to John but he tells her that he can't accept it and tells Tanya that she should think very hard before she does anything like that . . . Tanya takes his advice and thinks things through this time it leads her to leaving Harry with Myra and Sadie while she rushes off . . . later, Tanya arrives at an anonymous door. A woman opens it and Tanya introduces herself as a nurse who was working at the hospital when Liam died . . . the woman, Liam's mother, invites Tanya inside . . .

9x46 Episode 2071

  • 2005-03-07T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tanya all but begs the police to charge her after she deliberately damaged the bus stop but the police are in fact more interested with getting to the route of the problem and eventually release Tanya without charge. Tanya returns home and finds Liam's mother on her doorstep - she came to see where her son had become a murderer and is surprised to see Tanya there . . . Tanya invites her inside and Liam's mother eventually understands the whole story and tells Tanya to get on with her life for baby Harry's sake if for no one else's . . . Later, Tanya does just that and spends some quality time with her baby. After getting the fright of her life when Graham utters the words: ""scouts honor"", Denise makes a run for it. Later, Les convinces her to go to the police and tell them everything that she knows. The police take down all the details and Graham soon finds himself in a police interrogation room having been arrested for raping a woman he's never even heard of. He agrees to cooperate

9x47 Episode 2072

  • 2005-03-08T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Having thought things through, Tanya decides that quitting her job isn't the best solution to her problems and calls John to withdraw her resignation. Delighted, John soon appears bearing flowers! Also, having sorted out her house in Southampton, Babs returns to Stanley Street. Conrad and Alex continue to be disapproving of Katie's man! They tell her that they're just concerned that she's not being used . . . Chrissy gets upset when Chloe starts asking about her grandma (Jackie). Chrissy tells her to stop bothering her, Gary tells Chrissy that she needs to tell the girls about Jackie moving to New Zealand but Chrissy tells him that the time isn't right. Later, Mel finds the cheque from Jackie in her mum's handbag and when Chrissy tells her that she doesn't plan to cash it Mel looses it and accuses Chrissy of thinking of herself over her family and Gary . . . Also, Gary hears that his trial has been put back a couple of weeks. The Boulters (and Justin) are worried that Denise is

9x48 Episode 2073

  • 2005-03-09T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary and Chrissy are shocked to hear from Chloe's school that she didn't show up for registration that morning despite being dropped off by Chrissy! Myra joins the search as they frantically ring round all Chloe's friends but with no luck . . . soon someone suggests that Bradley might be back! But as soon as Chrissy starts to call Sharon, the phone rings with the good news that Chloe is safe . . . at Jackie's house. Unfortunately, nobody told Chloe that her Gran had moved to New Zealand . . . Later, as Chloe rumbles through a box of Jackie's things, she finds a box with Chrissy's name on it. Inside, Chrissy is surprised and seems delighted that her mother had kept all these things from when she was a girl. Tanya discovers that finding a creche in London on short notice isn't easy so Babs offers to step in. Babs tells Tanya that she'll quit her job at the cab office to take care of Harry while Tanya returns to work and perhaps to dating with her handsome doctor friend . . . Tanya, smi

9x49 Episode 2074

  • 2005-03-10T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Much to Tanya's horror, Babs arranges a date for her with Doctor John. Things seem to go well, even though Tanya was asleep most of the time! They arrange to meet up again on Friday for dinner . . . Katie returns home early from her lunch with Drew. She comes into the house looking a mess and when questioned she is forced to admit that the party was so boring that she drank too much and fell into a bush! Ania and Alex are very amused by the story but Conrad is more concerned to hear that Drew had told Katie she was an embarrassment to him! Later, Katie shows that she's not so bothered and agrees to have drinks with Drew. She decides to confront him over their sex life and since he can't think of a good reason not to, they end up doing it that very same afternoon! Chrissy is now far more cheery knowing that perhaps her mother did care about her after all. She begins to think that Jackie wasn't so bad and tells Gary that perhaps she is just remembering the bad bits. Gary tells Chriss

9x51 Episode 2076

  • 2005-03-14T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tanya returns to work but finds that coping with the workload isn't as easy as she remembers it. Later, Babs isn't surprised when her daughter returns home early from her shift. Babs suggests that Tanya should perhaps transfer to less intense department. The residents of Stanley Street begin to form their opinions of Graham and there's very little support for him as Cat and Sadie lead the way in boycotting Gaz & Dave's until they agree to fire the rapist. Meanwhile, Dave tells Graham that he's still got a job and a flat, after all they have no grounds to fire him. Gary, however, is more skeptical about keeping Graham on and while he talks to Dave over what they should do about him, Graham finds himself taking the day off . . . At the Boulter's Les tries to convince Denise that she should not harass Graham. She's proved her point by telling e everyone, if she tries to do any more then it'll be worse for her. Denise tells him she doesn't care and she's immediately backed up by Sadie an

9x53 Episode 2078

  • 2005-03-16T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Conrad is still unhappy about Katie's relationship with Drew and he doesn't hesitate to make his feelings known. Later, Conrad buys a bed for Ben in the hope that upon hearing tat he has a proper place to stay is might change his mind about coming home. However, during the assembly process, things go horribly wrong from Conrad as he emerges from upstairs to tell Alex that he's had a little accident with the nail gun and asks his son to drive him to the hospital since he won't be able to sit down . . . Suppressing laughter, Alex takes his dad to the hospital where things go from bad to worse for Conrad when he learns that the nurse treating him will be none other than Tanya! For the first time the two really start hitting it off, even though Conrad did spend the entire time face down with his backside hanging out! At the end of it all Tanya complements Conrad on his nice bum! Pete brings up the idea of kids again with Eileen and at first she isn't sure they should rush things but with

9x56 Episode 2081

  • 2005-03-21T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Pete's excitement at the prospect of a weekend away with Eileen is dashed when she comes down the the flu and they're stuck at home all weekend. Just as she thinks she's feeling better, Eileen ventures down to the pub only when Pete mentions a romantic night in with oysters she once again find herself with her head in the toilet . . . Mel takes pleasure in rubbing Katie's nose in it after her very public break-up with Drew. But Katie takes it harder than expected and finds herself being escorted home in tears by Alex. When they return home, Alex fills Conrad and Ania in on recent events. Conrad goes to comfort Katie in the kitchen while Ania tells Alex: ""I told you so!"" Later, after a weekend to mull things over, Katie is a bit more cheerful but ends up putting her foot in it when she sees Tanya outside the shop - Tanya tells her that she wasn't busy on Saturday night and thinking that Tanya had turned Conrad down for a date at that time, Katie lays in to her only to later find herse

9x57 Episode 2082

  • 2005-03-22T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mel announces to Gary that she's invited Graham to his wedding. He's not pleased about the idea but tells Mel that he'll talk things over with Chrissy. That conversation is a little one sided with Gary doing most of the talking. They (or rather he) comes to the decision that Graham isn't welcome and later it becomes his job to tell Mel! She isn't happy at all but Gary tells her that it's just family . . . even though Sadie's invited-ish . . . Anyway, Mel isn't happy! Having invited Dr John round for a homemade dinner, Tanya remembers that she can't actually cook! So she enlists Babs' help! Babs to the rescue - she soon gets her daughter organized and gives her a recipe that can't fail. Later, things go horribly wrong in the kitchen and Tanya decides that a takeaway is a much better solution! She apologizes to John who tells her he's not hungry anyway. Tanya also confronts him about why he' with her, after all he's so perfect and she can't even cook. John tells her that for starters s

9x58 Episode 2083

  • 2005-03-23T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Babs is surprised to discover Doctor John emerging from Tanya's bedroom as she enjoys her breakfast. Everyone tries to make the best of an awkward situation. Later, Babs puts Tanya on the spot asking her for all the details! Seeing how the frustration of Ben not coming home is upsetting his dad, Alex decides to pay his twin brother a visit. He's surprised when his brother agrees to see him. They talk for a while and Alex tries to make Ben see that his home visits aren't all about him. But his efforts seem to fall on deaf ears as Ben tells Alex that when he's released in five weeks time, he won't be going to live with his family. In a state of disbelief, Alex returns home, keeping quiet to Conrad about where he's been. Pete and Eileen are overjoyed by the news of her pregnancy but Eileen tells Pete that she doesn't want everyone knowing about it until the scan. After all, she doesn't want it being like last time when she lost the baby and everyone knew. Pete agrees to go along with

9x59 Episode 2084

  • 2005-03-24T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's Davie's fifth birthday and since he still has a bee in his bonnet about his son playing with a ""girl's doll"", Pete decides to get Davie a manly Action Man doll to play with instead (complete with guns and everything!) Davie very politely thanks his dad as Pete cunningly hides the girly doll away behind a cushion! Later, the doll can't be found and Cat suspects that Pete might have done something to it, guilt eventually compels Pete to ""look"" for the doll, unsurprisingly it doesn't take long before Pete finds it in the same place he hid it. Also, Pete worries that Eileen might be overdoing it but Eileen tells him that shes hardly going to spend the next nine months lying down, is she? Seeing Conrad's optimism over Ben's future release days, Alex feels at liberty to break his silence and tell his family that Ben doesn't plan on coming home for his visit days. But he can't bring himself to tell Conrad that Ben doesn't plan on coming home at all! Later, Alex tells Katie and Ben's de

9x60 Episode 2085

  • 2005-03-25T18:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tanya tells Babs all about her horrible evening with John's friends. Babs tells her that these people are such a huge part of John's life that if she wants to be a part of that life as well then she's going to have to get to know them and get on with them as best she can. Later, John calls round with a proposal for Tanya - a weekend away with his horrible friend (who he says liked her). Tanya is reluctant: but what about Harry? Babs steps in and offers to babysit and even though she catches glances from Tanya who insists she really doesn't have to, Babs tells her that a weekend away is just what she needs. Tanya reluctantly packs up and heads off to the country with Doctor John . . . Meanwhile, Conrad tells Katie that he is definitely over Tanya, despite the fact that he keeps going on about her. Katie doesn't believe him! Gary and Myra try to distract Chrissy when Mel doesn't show up for her big day. While Chrissy gets ready, Gary hears the music he's been looking for (from their f

9x62 Episode 2087

  • 2005-03-29T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mel continues to hide away in Graham's flat, fearing people finding out that he hit her. Graham tries to stay home with her but Dave won't let him off any more shifts so he's forced out of the flat to go and work. Meanwhile, Denise asks after Mel at the shop, Myra tells her that she hasn't heard from her since the wedding and that every time she rings Mel cuts her off. Denise suggests that maybe it's Graham that's been cutting her off but Myra dismisses her saying that it's probably just Mel's pride that's getting in the way of her picking up the phone. Nevertheless, all this makes Denise suspicious so when she sees Graham heading out she decides to pay Mel a visit. She rings the bell and bangs on the door and begs Mel to let her in, when Mel comes to the door Denise can see exactly what's been going on even though Mel denies it outright. Later, after they've been talking for a while Mel becomes irritated and worried that Graham might be home any minute and that Denise needs to go. Den

9x63 Episode 2088

  • 2005-03-30T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Yasmin can't get over the news that it'll be Adam's problem that stops them from having kids. She researches all the information she can find about his condition but he tells her that it's genetic and not treatable. Yasmin is devastated. Adam tries to comfort her suggesting IVF treatment but Yasmin throws it back in his face saying that she doesn't want another man's child - she only wants his. Adam later suggests they go through adoption but Yasmin just can't come to terms with the devastating news . . . Ben walks out on his family, Alex follows after him. They argue in the street until Ben demands that he just be taken home. Although it hurts Alex to hear Ben call the institute ""home"", he decides to drive him in their ""new"" car. They talk things through and when the car breaks down on the way it gives the boys a chance to talk. Things go OK until Alex tells Ben that he's more like Conrad than he thinks. Ben takes in personally and tries to make Alex see that they don't know anythin

9x64 Episode 2089

  • 2005-03-31T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Adam and Yasmin are left with the question - where do we go from here? Yasmin tells Adam that all she really wants is a baby, his baby. She doesn't want to adopt or to foster . . . Adam can see no other solution but to end their marriage, he says that this shouldn't have to be Yasmin's problem. She doesn't know what to do for the best. After Ben and Alex leave their party, the Williams' are left to debate what's best. Conrad still insists that this is Ben's home but Katie isn't so sure and tells her dad that if Ben is going to be that unhappy there then maybe it would be for the best that he doesn't come ""home"" . . . Before they can finish their conversation, the doorbell goes - it's Drew's boyfriend, Russ, with the news that he's been dumped! Katie and Ania listen to what he has to say and then Ania tells them both that they're probably better off without him. Meanwhile, the Williams lads are still arguing. Things get heated and Ben tells Alex exactly what he thinks - Alex is to bla

9x65 Episode 2090

  • 2005-04-01T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

After finishing with Adam, Yasmin goes to see Cat and Doug for a bit of comfort but all she gets is an argument whether or not it's right to dump somebody just because they can't have kids - after all Adam was willing to work around Yasmin's possible infidelity. After talking with Doug about how his relationship with Davie has grown despite the fact that he's not his biological father, Yasmin sees that even though her child wouldn't be her flesh and blood she would no doubt love it all the same. She returns to her flat to tell Adam . . . After hearing the whole story of Russ and Drew's break-up, Katie decides to do some match-making. Things don't really go as planned. Drew eventually comes to the conclusion that the only way he can be with Russ is if Katie agrees to be his plus 1 at all the big showbiz events. Katie tells Drew that she could never do that, she would be living a lie and if the tabloids found out they'd tear them both apart. Denise wakes up after the accident to find

9x66 Episode 2091

  • 2005-04-04T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary and Chrissy returns home to find Melanie in the kitchen and their furious when they hear the whole story but Chrissy holds Gary back, telling him that he'll only make the situation worse. Meanwhile, Denise comes to terms with her ordeal by confronting Graham head-on at the hospital. He tells her that she's just his puppet but she tells him that's who she as, she's better now! While Ben's in surgery, Alex tells the police the whole story but, later, when he overhears how much trouble his brother will get into he changes his statement and tells them that he was driving!

9x67 Episode 2092

  • 2005-04-05T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mel struggles to return to her normal life after the whole ordeal with Graham. She hears her parents talking about her in the kitchen, they note that she couldn't see what Graham was really like. She disappears upstairs. Later, Denise, who's coping with things much better, comes round to see Mel. Mel tells her that she's been through nothing compared to her . . . Olly makes a reappearance, he tells Katie how Pete's given him a few weeks to find a flatmate or else he's out of the flat. Katie says that seems generous for Pete! Meanwhile, Jake runs into Justin and tells him that he's getting his plaster off soon and so he was thinking maybe he could get his old job back? Justin tells him that it might not be such a great idea to have Jake and Olly on the same site again but says he'll give it some thought. Later, Olly takes great pleasure in rubbing Jake's nose in it when Justin decides that there just isn't room for Jake on the workforce . . . The Williams' family lay into Alex after

9x68 Episode 2093

  • 2005-04-06T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

The feud between Jake and Olly continues, that is until Jake sees Olly coming out of a building job desperate for help. Jake tells him that since he's the bigger person, he'll help him out. Later, Jake is let down when Olly takes all the credit for fixing the job from Justin. Pete and Eileen aren't very successful at keeping her pregnancy under wraps. Pete quietly lets Sadie know while Eileen lets slip to Chrissy. They forgive one and other and have a good old laugh about it! Also, Sadie tells Pete that she's written to her daughter, Pam, in prison. She tells him that seeing Conrad dealing with Ben reminded her of the guilt she feels for not making more of an attempt with Pam. Pete reassures Sadie that she wasn't the guilty party in that relationship. After being let out of the lift, Conrad isn't sure what lies ahead for him and Tanya. Katie becomes suspicious when she sees her dad acting strange around Tanya. Tanya meanwhile tries her best to move on from the whole thing and feeli

9x69 Episode 2094

  • 2005-04-07T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Conrad doesn't seem surprised to get a visit from Tanya. She tells him that she's just there inquiring about Ben, Conrad isn't convinced and tries to work his charms on her. Tanya heads for the door but it's unclear as to whether she's leaving because she feels uncomfortable or whether she's leaving because she doesn't trust herself . . . Later, Conrad is surprised by the news that Ben plans to come home instead of moving into a hostel! The news is only added to by the fact the the institute say that since Ben will be spending the next couple of weeks in a hospital ward, he won't have to return and so he can go straight home. But what Conrad doesn't know is that Alex has made a deal with Ben: Alex will lie to the police on the condition that Ben will come home. However, after having a rough day, especially as far as his family's concerned, Alex is left wondering if lying to the police was the best idea. He tells Ben that he wants to tell the truth but Ben isn't so keen on the idea . .

9x71 Episode 2096

  • 2005-04-11T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

From her phone number, Pete figures out that Sadie's daughter, Pam, is now living in Birmingham. He decides to take Sadie to see her so that they can resolve their issues, Pete also persuades Eileen to come along. On their journey, Eileen sees the close relationship that Pete and Sadie share. Later, in spite of Eileen navigation skills, they come across Pam's new home which is in a very nice neighborhood. Then, Pam comes out of her house. Sadie is so taken aback that she tells Pete that she can't go through with it and begs him to drive on instead. Pete reluctantly does as he's told . . . Gary's trial gets underway. Alex testifies and tells the jury that Gary had left the Swan that night swearing to kill Bradley. After that, Bradley himself takes the stand. He tells the court that Gary beat him and that it was completely unprovoked but he could see Gary's point of view. He accuses the Costellos of being a family of liars and says that he acted as a friend to Chloe when she was left o

9x72 Episode 2097

  • 2005-04-12T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

There was more high drama as Gary's court hearing continued: Mel decided not to attend, feeling that what happened to Chloe was all of her fault - she refuses to discuss things and Myra and Chrissy soon give up . . . When Chrissy gets to the courthouse and sees Sharon waiting to testify she can't help but try and make her see the error of her ways. Myra tries to persuade Chrissy to stay away, but she just can't and the second Myra's out of sight - Chrissy confronts Sharon! Sharon tells her that she's back with Martin now and that Bradley's living with them and that everything's really going well for them all so she really doesn't want to rock the boat. Chrissy is outraged by this feeble excuse but their conversation is cut short when Bradley comes up behind Chrissy. Myra and Sharon have to drag Chrissy away from Bradley to see to it that she doesn't do him any damage! In court, Gary's barrister remains optimistic and tells Gary that he must come off as a nice guy who acted out of chara

9x73 Episode 2098

  • 2005-04-13T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary points out to his barrister that he was not provoked by Bradley and he did want to kill him. Gary is reminded that, if the court hears this, he will never get off. Mel overhears Chrissy saying that she finds it hard to like her at times, as she's acting so selfishly. Bradley's fallen out with his mum too after her outburst on the stand yesterday. Sharon pleads with him to get help for his dark desires. Pete tries to find Pam to let her know her mother's in hospital after suffering a stroke; he finds out that she's been keeping a secret!

9x74 Episode 2099

  • 2005-04-14T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Myra returns home to find Mel in a state after washing down pills with alcohol! Pam's sacked, and she admits to Pete that her life is pretty miserable. He manages to persuade her to visit her mum. Meanwhile, Eileen opens up to Sadie. She explains how ill she feels with the pregnancy, but declares that she's really looking forward to having Pete's baby. When Eileen tells Pete that she wants to go home because she feels so unwell, he takes this as selfishness and insists on staying at Sadie's side; he tells Eileen to go back home alone if that's what she wants so much.

9x75 Episode 2100

  • 2005-04-15T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Now Eileen's in hospital. After an ultrasound, she hears that the baby is OK. Eileen's experienced a miscarriage before, and that's what they said back then, too; she's not convinced. All she wants is for her absent husband, Pete, to be there with her. After much of a to-do, Myra eventually comforts Melanie after she found her trying to kill herself. Mel blames herself for everything that's gone wrong recently. Elsewhere, Gary anxiously awaits the jury to return with their verdict...

9x76 Episode 2101

  • 2005-04-18T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Melanie's missing and Myra secretly fears she's killed herself, while Chrissy thinks she's been raped. But Gary's not too worried now Graham is locked up behind bars. The police soon change his mind when they take Mel's disappearance very seriously! Yasmin's shaken after finding Adam's information on adoption. Cat suggests Yasmin should look after Davie to see how she gets on. Alex has overslept, when he's due in court. Pete tries to get back into Eileen's good books by being a ""new man"".

9x77 Episode 2102

  • 2005-04-19T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary and Chrissy become very concerned when they're asked to fill out a missing person's report for Mel. There fears are worsened by literature in the police center's reception that says that it becomes less likely to find somebody if they go missing for more than 24 hours although they are assured that every case is different. Meanwhile, Myra breaks down in the back room at the shop. She's comforted by Babs who, after hearing Myra's story, reassures her that it's not her fault and that Gary will come round. However, Myra isn't so sure . . . Despite Adam trying to persuade her not to, Cat decides to bring up the idea of adoption to Yasmin. She sees right through the whole thing straight away and informs both Cat and Adam that she couldn't handle having someone else's kid - she just wants one of her own . . . Later, Yasmin and Cat receive a tarot card reading from Babs who tells Cat that she's in for a windfall and tells Yasmin that she sees children are on the cards but they're inter

9x78 Episode 2103

  • 2005-04-20T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

It appears that Babs' reading on the tarot cards have come true! Firstly, Tanya finds comfort in the arms of a passionate man with brown hair. Only Babs thinks it's Dr. John while, in fact, it appears that Conrad is the subject of her affection. Later, Tanya asks Conrad if he meant it when he said that he couldn't stop thinking about her. He tells her that he did! Meanwhile, Conrad's kids are getting themselves into trouble. After Conrad gets Ben a job with Mackenzie and Sons, Jake and Olly take him out for lunch but Ben puts his foot in it a little when he notices Lucy walking by . . . Jake and Olly warn him away but he tells them that he likes a challenge! While Ben makes new friends, Alex is down in the dumps, firstly because his bike has been sold and secondly because Conrad is still giving him such a hard time over crashing the car! Alex tells Ben that now the court hearings and stuff are out of the way, they should tell Conrad the truth. Ben reluctantly agrees . . . But later, du

9x79 Episode 2104

  • 2005-04-21T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary and Chrissy are running out of ideas about where Mel could've gone. They agree that they don't think the police are doing enough and so Gary heads out to some places he thinks Mel might go but he has no success. Also, the pressure is getting to Gary as he snaps at Chloe just for asking for a lift into town. Later, Chloe reminds Myra of a holiday the family had when she was little. Myra remembers the story and immediately tells Gary that she remembers Mel saying that she wanted to go back there. Gary thinks is a bit of a long shot since it was such a long time ago but he's running out of ideas so Gary and Chrissy head off, leaving Chloe with Myra . . . Ben asks Jake and Olly if they fancy going with him for a lads night out to welcome him: ""the new boy"". But they both decline telling him that they have other plans. It seems that both of their other plans involve asking out Lucy but in turn she turns them both down and so they both end up in the Swan. Soon, Jake and Olly are wishi

9x80 Episode 2105

  • 2005-04-22T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

While Olly ponders why Lucy turned him down when he asked her out the other night, Ben found out that Lucy had a great time with him but it seems she just wants to be friends. Later, Olly's curiosity leads him to confront Lucy who tells him that she thought it was a set-up, since Jake had asked her out not five minute before! Olly decides to confront Jake and they end up arguing very publicly in the Swan but Doug breaks them up. Soon, Jake decides to make amends and apologizes to Olly. They decide not to let Lucy stand between them any longer . . . When Tanya sees Alex, she's surprised when he thanks her for not telling Conrad what really happened the night of the accident - mostly because she did tell Conrad! She decides to go and talk to him about it. They get into a fight when Tanya tells Conrad that he can't keep ignoring this. He tells her that its none of her business and she sees him for what he really is. She tells him she's so pleased she found out in time how selfish he was

9x81 Episode 2106

  • 2005-04-25T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Yasmin introduced Beyonce to Cat (who is ironically allergic) and to Babs who finds Yasmin's new kitty adorable. Yasmin also lets them both know that things between her and Adam are now fine, it was all just a big misunderstanding. Little does she know . . . Also, Cat begs Babs to give her another tarot card reading in exchange for a pedicure! Babs accepts and later tells Cat that she will be in for some more money but as a result of sadness . . . Pete starts to drive Eileen mad as he keeps her under lock and key and doesn't allow her to do anything at all! When she has to go and pick something small up for dinner she finds herself being told off but in return Pete gets a mouthful as Eileen tells him that he can't keep her wrapped up in cotton wool until October! Dave's options are beginning to run out. Pete tells him that his flat is still available but Dave's pride won't let him accept. Then Dave tells Jake he's come up with a great idea - Graham's rent on the flat above the cab

9x82 Episode 2107

  • 2005-04-26T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

In Pete's absence, Dave takes Eileen to hospital. Eileen fears she could be losing the baby. Gary and Chrissy have had another sleepless night after being told Mel's bag has been found by the canal; Gary knows this is a suicide spot. The gap between Myra and Gary widens. Taking Babs's tarot prediction to heart, Cat immediately steps up Doug's health regime. He's not going to die; not on her watch! Tanya wants Babs to come clean about being a charlatan. Yasmin takes Beyoncé, her kitten, to work; disaster ensues...

9x83 Episode 2108

  • 2005-04-27T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary is having a rough day. He's unable to sleep and only manages one fare at work before he finds himself distracted by his home life. Things only get worse when Dave confirms that he's taking the job in Scotland! After forgetting to pick Chloe up from school because he was out, driving around, looking for Mel. Gary finds himself at the other end of a good talking to by Chrissy and Myra who try and remind him that he has another daughter too and that he has other responsibilities other than Mel. They try and reassure him that Mel doesn't want to get in touch with them right now, the police are doing their best and all the Costellos can so is go about their lives . . . While out having a fag brake and hassling Doug about his eating habits, Yasmin's kitten comes to the door of the salon. Cat tries to shoo her away but this has the adverse affect and Beyonce ends up running out of the shop. Cat follows but not fast enough as a car comes speeding down Stanley Street -- SPLAT! -- Horrifi

9x84 Episode 2109

  • 2005-04-28T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

After Cat finds out that the coin she found while burying Beyonce is worth £300 she tells Doug about it but he wonders what she was doing digging around in the garden so Cat is forced to confess. Doug tells her that she can't keep Yasmin thinking there's hope of finding her kitten alive and so later, Cat tells Yas who is devastated and wonders if she can't look after a kitten for more than a few days what kind of a mother would she be . . . But Adam returns and reassures Yasmin that she'll be a great mum - after all, she's such a great wife . . . Chrissy and Gary get some potentially good news when they hear that Mel's credit card has been used. They eagerly await while the police develop CCTV footage from the cash point . . . Later, the police bring Chrissy and Gary the photos for identification. Gary's optimistic that the fuzzy pictures could be of Mel but Chrissy knows her daughter and she knows that the pictures are not of her . . . It seems like the Costellos are back to square

9x85 Episode 2110

  • 2005-04-29T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Lucy sneaks home after spending the night with Jake. She finds a new message on the answer machine, it's from Pete who tells Eileen that he's made a mistake and that he'll be home today to make things right - Lucy deletes the message! As night becomes morning, Dave and Jake finish off their packing. They talk about the next step in their lives. Dave seems worried that rekindling his relationship with Lucy might have made Jake think again about going to Scotland with him. But apparently not. Jake pays Lucy a visit at the cafe and without warning he asks her to go with him to Scotland! She says she's not so sure but when she hears that Dave invited Eileen it becomes a different matter . . . Lucy goes to see her mum. Eileen and Lucy talk things through. Soon, they emerge and as Eileen drags Dave off to one side, Lucy tells Jake that she wants to go with him! He is delighted! Meanwhile, Eileen keeps Dave waiting for an answer, he thinks she's going to say ""no"" but then she turns around

9x86 Episode 2111

  • 2005-05-02T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chloe is becoming more and more suspicious about Mel's whereabouts but her parents still refuse to tell her what's really going on. Later, after a conversation with Ania, Chloe confronts her parents with Mel's MP3 player - she says she never leaves the house without it. Gary still insists that she shouldn't know . . . Justin prepares for his hearing tomorrow. He tells Kelly that he thinks there's a good chance they'll take Suzie away from them. Kelly won't listen to him though, she says she needs Justin to tell her that everything's going be alright. Later, Kelly runs into Doug. She tells him that Justin's lawyer has several expert witnesses who will all testify that Suzie's injuries were not his fault but she also mentions that Justin seems to have shut himself off from everybody. This drives Doug to confront Justin. Doug tells his son that he's ashamed o him for the way he's treating Kelly. Justin thinks this over and decides that his father is right. Justin tells Kelly that he thi

9x87 Episode 2112

  • 2005-05-03T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary and Chrissy wonder what on earth's going on when they start to receive phone calls from pranksters saying they've seen Mel. Gary heads out to find out what's going on and finds that posters of Mel have been posted up all of Stanley Street with the Costello's number on them. Gary starts ripping the posters down but then Chloe emerges from the Williams house. She tells Gary that she and Ania put the posters up, Chloe just wants somebody to be doing something to find her sister . . . Justin and Kelly have to spend an agonizing time as the judge reviews their case for full-time custody of Suzie. But first, Justin gets a call from the police. He heads to the station with Les, they return so late they almost miss the whole case! But it's good news from the police - they've dropped the GBH charge against Justin! However, that doesn't mean that his childcare skills are not still in the spotlight, a family court is an entirely different arrangement . . . Later, after waiting and waiting,

9x88 Episode 2113

  • 2005-05-04T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ania decides that since she helped Chloe with the posters she should try and make things right with Gary and Chrissy - she pays them a visit. Gary is quite hostile toward her, but Ania apologizes and says that the only reason she helped Chloe was because Chloe doesn't understand what's going on. Chrissy comes to the conclusion that Chloe must be told the truth and so later, both Gary and Chrissy sit Chloe down and tell her in as little detail as possible what they know is going (Gary still thinks that Chrissy tells Chloe too much). Meanwhile, the Katie tells Conrad that they should be lending support to the Costellos and tries to convince him to invite Gary and Chrissy round to dinner. Conrad tells Katie that they should keep their noses out of other people's business! Denise is finding it hard being alone after Justin and Kelly take back Suzie. After spending the morning wondering what to do next, Denise pays Eileen a visit. The ladies talk. Denise tells her that all she wants now i

9x89 Episode 2114

  • 2005-05-05T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Les and Denise talk about his lack of passion and desire for her. A surprised Gary accepts Conrad's dinner invitation. Babs promises to recommend some dream analysis books for Chrissy. Pam returns to Charnham and promises never to leave Sadie again. Sadie is delighted when Pam says that Pete's offered them a flat to live in. Katie is unimpressed when the boys decide to cook for the Costellos. When Lucy tells Les that she is not keen on meeting up with Olly, Les offers Lucy a drink at the café. The Costellos and the Williams' enjoy each others company and bond over the awful meal. Lucy is horrified when Les leans in to kiss her.

9x90 Episode 2115

  • 2005-05-06T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Olly is stunned when Pete kicks him out of the flat in order to move Sadie and Pam in. Les is horrified when he wakes up and remembers that he tried to kiss Lucy the night before. Gary tells Chrissy that they have been asked to do a TV appeal about Melanie. Olly tells Lucy that he's thinking about leaving Charnham. Denise is annoyed when she finds out that Lucy didn't show up for work. Babs feels under pressure when Chrissy asks for a tarot reading to help find Melanie. Lucy advises Les to talk to Denise and save his marriage. Chrissy is troubled when Babs starts to read her tarot cards, but stops half way through and packs them away. Convinced that Melanie is dead, Chrissy decides to buy her own tarot cards. Lucy is sad as she watches Olly leave Charnham. Les goes for a drive and sees a prostitute. He's on the verge of picking her up when he comes to her senses and thinks better of it.

9x91 Episode 2116

  • 2005-05-09T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Seeing that Pam is getting frustrated with looking after her all the time, Sadie insists that Pam spend the day for herself and gives her some money to spend down the pub. Pam is reluctant to leave Sadie alone but Sadie insists that it'll be OK. Later, Pete calls to see how Sadie's doing but when she hears the door go, Sadie falls out of her chair and can't get onto her feet again. Pete is quick to find Pam and when they find Sadie, Pam finds herself on the other end of one of Pete's lectures . . . After what happened last week and because it's her birthday, Les buys Lucy a set of chef's knives (very expensive), the only thing is, he forgets to mention this to his wife! Later, Denise confronts Les for shutting her out yet again! Gary and Chrissy prepare to go and do a televised appeal to find Mel but neither of them seem very confident that it'll work . . . As Tanya reluctantly heads out for a night at the theater with John, they find themselves the victims of a mugging! Conrad s

9x92 Episode 2117

  • 2005-05-10T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tanya tells John that she'll think about moving in together. Later, she thinks she might have put him off when he cancels their date together. Tanya finds herself drinking alone in the Swan and watching Conrad chat up Pam. When John turns up unexpectedly, Tanya agrees to move in with him but is she doing it just to spite Conrad? Every conversation Les and Denise seem to have are rows. Denise talks things over with Eileen who tells her that the best thing to do would probably be to get some professional help before it's too late . . . Gary and Chrissy take part in the televised appeal for Mel but they're disappointed when there are only five journalists there. Gary comes to think that the whole thing was just a set-up to see if he and Chrissy looking guilty. He takes his anger out on the liaison officer and tells him to forget about finding Mel - he doesn't need to be treated like this!

9x93 Episode 2118

  • 2005-05-11T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Tanya breaks the news that John is moving in to both Conrad and Babs. Babs takes it as her cue to move out and Tanya stops Conrad before he can start trying to talk her out of it. Later, Conrad has another drink with Pam. He thinks things are going well but she soon sets the record strait. Conrad says he understands and goes off in a huff! Gary becomes frustrated when one of the local papers prints all about his GBH charge in the column they're supposed to be using to help find Mel. The police tell Gary and Chrissy that they've had about 50 responses to the appeal so far, which is good, and they're hopeful that one or two of those might give them a lead. Also, Gary becomes worried when Chloe doesn't come home on time. In turns out she's just with Ania but he soon lays down the law! Denise tells Les that she arranged for them to go and see their GP about marriage guidance. He's set against the idea. Later, when the time comes around for Les to leave work early for their session with

9x94 Episode 2119

  • 2005-05-12T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Les really can't wait to get out of the police station and Denise worries that her warning earlier that if he didn't go to the GP's appointment then they were finished may have been a bit too harsh - she tells Kelly that she didn't mean it. Later, much to his relief, Les gets out with a caution while Denise still worries about where he's got to. Les decides to go for a drink at the Swan. However, Kelly soon finds him and lays into him for not calling Denise. Kelly orders Les home. He heads out of the pub but takes one look at his house across the street and decides against it, instead he goes to the cafe to apologize to Lucy. She asks him where he's been all afternoon, he's forced to admit the truth but he's put out when Lucy can't offer him any pearls of wisdom . . . Les decides to put in an appearance with Denise. They end up apologizing to one another but Denise interrupts Les as he's about to confess where he's been all afternoon! They decide that maybe marriage guidance wasn't the

9x95 Episode 2120

  • 2005-05-13T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chrissy stays up late calling Mel and leaving messages on her answer machine, begging her to call again. Later, Chloe gets an earful from Chrissy when she's found chatting away on the house phone. Myra talks to Chloe and later talks to Gary and Chrissy about including her more in what's going on. They agree and Chloe even gets £20's worth of mobile phone credit out of it! Soon after, the police are round with good news. They tell Gary and Chrissy that whoever is using Mel's phone is still on London and they're going to stick around in case they call again. The phone soon rings and there's silence at the other end. Chrissy asks if that's Mel. There's a pause before the phone is hung up. The officer is soon onto his office and confirms to Gary and Chrissy that the call was made from West London! Chrissy announces with joy that Mel must be coming home . . . Conrad and Pam continue to have fun at Katie's expense! They have a good old laugh over it but Katie somehow can't see the funny si

9x96 Episode 2121

  • 2005-05-16T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chrissy's optimism is shattered when the police are forced to admit that they've lost the signal from Mel's phone. Gary guesses that it's because she's on the tube or because her battery's dead. Unwilling to dismiss anything the police officer says anything's possible but he seems pessimistic . . . Also, Myra tells Gary and Chrissy that she's noticed that Chloe is much happier since they started to include her a bit more. Les and Denise finally get round to seeing their GP but its bad news since they won't be able to see a marriage guidance councilor for another two months. Later, Denise tells Eileen that she's worried anything could happen in that time . . . Adam is overwhelmed when Yasmin buys his a shiny new present: a brand new sports car! He can't quite believe it and tries to talk her out of it but Yasmin insists that this is just a ""little"" present to show how much she loves him . . . Adam accepts and tells Yasmin how much he loves it! Babs buys herself a sexy new top but

9x98 Episode 2123

  • 2005-05-18T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary's convinced that Jane won't show, but she does and what she has to say keeps Gary and Chrissy hooked. She tells them that she's been hanging out with Mel in squats and that she'd been hearing how Mel hasn't been getting alone with her parents recently . . . Chrissy thinks its all their fault. When they've finished with their questions, Chrissy begs Jane to talk to the police and tell them what she knows. Jane is reluctant but agrees. As Gary searches for the liaison officer's number, Jane asks to use the bathroom. While Gary and Chrissy chat in the front room, they hear the front door go - Jane has made a run for it! She drops Chrissy's handbag on the way out, but takes her purse. Gary tells a distressed Chrissy that they must face the possibility that they've been had! Babs returns from her visit to the high street all shaken up. She tells Tanya that she saw Adam with another woman. Tanya dissuades her mother from talking to Yasmin about this as it would only cause trouble. Mea

9x99 Episode 2124

  • 2005-05-19T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chrissy's still optimistic that Jane told them the truth. But Gary and Myra both try to make her see that's probably not the case. The Costellos also get a visit from PC Will who tells them off for not calling the police when they knew they were meeting this source - they do have some experience of this after all! Will has to inform Gary and Chrissy that police think that this is probably a hoax . . . Tanya has to hold Babs back from telling Yasmin what she saw. But later, she goes about telling her anyway - but at least she gives Adam a chance to explain. He tells Yasmin that he was with Melisa, she'd had some bad news and so he was comforting her . . . Yas is surprised that Adam hadn't told him but soon moves on. But Adam can't get the encounter out of his mind and so later he goes to see Babs to explain the situation fully. But he can tell that Babs doesn't believe him . . . fearful that Babs might tell Yasmin, Adam preempts her and tells Yas that while he was helping Babs with he

9x100 Episode 2125

  • 2005-05-20T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

When Jane drops Chrissy's purse through the letter box, Chrissy thinks its a sign she might have been telling the truth about Mel. But Gary and Myra try and see to it that Chrissy doesn't get her hopes up . . . Yasmin is fuming at Babs (who isn't really sure why). When Babs catches on to what's happening she tells Yasmin the truth about what happened between her and Adam and what's going on between Adam and Melissa - Yasmin doesn't believe her! Later, when Ada gets wind of the news that Babs has been to see Yasmin, he pays her a visit and warns her away. He's so threatening that Babs can see no other way out but to agree to keep her mouth shut. Eileen tells Chrissy that she's worried Pete might be coming to like the idea of having a baby even if its with Trish. Meanwhile, Pete makes his feelings to Trish clear - he wants nothing to do with her. Once again Trish pushes Pete, but he pushes her away - a bit too hard as Trish falls to the kitchen floor knocking her stomach on the side

9x101 Episode 2126

  • 2005-05-23T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Babs decides to let Yasmin fight her own battles with Adam. Tanya is secretly pleased when Sadie tells her that Pam and Conrad are just friends and that Pam is gay. Trish begs Eileen to go to the hospital with her - she says that she's going to give up on Pete as she now realizes that he will never love her. Trish is told by a doctor that her baby is healthy and that she's having a boy. Eileen tells her that she needs to clean up her act for the sake of the baby. Later, Eileen comforts Trish who says she has nothing to offer her baby and says that she doesn't want to keep him. Pete picks Eileen and Trish up from the hospital. Eileen tells him that she is concerned for Trish and her baby's health. When they seem to have settled into the Swan Eileen becomes desperately worried when Trish disappears!

9x102 Episode 2127

  • 2005-05-24T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

After John tells her that he's got a surprise up his sleeve, she's left pondering what it could be . . . Later, John reveals that he's found a house that would be just perfect for ""the three of them"" - but its away from Stanley Street and Tanya's not so sure about leaving the area . . . John seems quite taken with the idea however. Justin worries that he's not going to get the job at the shop finished in two weeks, especially since half his work force have up and left Charnham! Ben suggests that maybe Alex and Conrad could pitch in. Justin agrees and offers the Williams' work - they accept so they're back on track. Also, Conrad and Ben help out Sadie and Pam when they're computer breaks down and Sadie tells Pam that she'd love to get back to work . . . Eileen worries about Trish's whereabouts and she's relieved when Trish rings her. Pete tries to deter his wife from going to help but Eileen insists - Trish needs their help. Pete remains adamant that Trish is out for something. When

9x103 Episode 2128

  • 2005-05-25T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

There's baby talk amongst the Callans and the Greens. Eileen tries to convince Pete to accept Trish's baby as his own while Yasmin comes to a decision about baby Lily. Meanwhile, John's in for a surprise when he tells Tanya that the house they went to look at has been snapped up by somebody else.

9x111 Episode 2136

  • 2005-06-06T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Denise is in a state of shock after seeing Les picking up a prostitute, Babs and Yasmin play detective in the hope of uncovering clues to track Adam down and the new owners arrive at the shop: Max Lawson and Sami Shafiq.

9x112 Episode 2137

  • 2005-06-07T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

The doctors can't figure out what's wrong with Kelly, Les can't seem to figure out what's wrong with Denise and Max and Sami start hiring staff for the shop but Myra and Sadie aren't quite what they're looking for . . .

9x113 Episode 2138

  • 2005-06-08T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Denise tells Les she's hearbroken. Max and Sami have trouble with their pipes and Yasmin starts on Adam's case again . . .

9x114 Episode 2139

  • 2005-06-09T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Les and Denise talk things through but neither of them feels better for it later on. Conrad tries to make Ben see the error of his ways and Yasmin is hot on Adam's heels as she meets his girlfriend!

9x115 Episode 2140

  • 2005-06-10T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Yasmin and Melissa finally confront Adam and when the lies become too much for him - he confesses! Meanwhile, Denise thinks Les has told her the whole truth . . . until she talks to Eileen!

9x116 Episode 2141

  • 2005-06-13T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Yasmin's adopted a new positive attitude after her run in with Adam on Friday, Conrad goes on a second date with Doctor Nikki, Les and Denise hope Kelly won't notice that he's sleeping in the spare room and Jane returns but will she have any more news on Mel?

9x117 Episode 2142

  • 2005-06-14T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

When Chrissy learns that Jane has been hospitalised she decides to offer her a bed for the night, against Gary's wishes. While Justin tries to keep Les away from Kelly so that she can recover fully, Denise tells Les that she's going to move out instead of him! Doctor John gets the impression that Tanya might have feelings for another man . . .

9x118 Episode 2143

  • 2005-06-15T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

John conveys his concerns to Babs about Tanya's feelings for Conrad, its Cat's birthday and she thinks Doug's got a big surprise planned (but he hasn't!), Jane finally agrees to talk to the police and later Gary decides to find out once and for all if she really is a fraud and pays the price for it . . . Also, Denise leaves Stanley Street as she and Les declare their marriage all but over.

9x119 Episode 2144

  • 2005-06-16T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Cat and Max conspire to set Sami and Yasmin up. Katie helps Nikki plan a surprise for Conrad while John thinks about popping Tanya the question! Jane returns and PC Will visits the Costello's.

9x120 Episode 2145

  • 2005-06-17T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary goes to the mortuary, Yasmin and Sami find out they've been set up, Cat celebrates her birthday while Eileen and Trish reminisce about the good times they spent together in Hastings and Tanya wants to ask John a question . . .

9x121 Episode 2146

  • 2005-06-20T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's Ania's birthday but she doesn't seem best pleased about it. John gets cagey when Tanya asks about his father. Sadie worries that if she stops becoming dependant on Pam then she'll abandon her. The Costellos get what appears to be good news about Mel . . .

9x122 Episode 2147

  • 2005-06-21T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Ania breaks up with Ryan but she refuses to open up about it. Chloe worries that her parents are getting another divorce. Conrad spends a quiet night it with Pam . . .

9x123 Episode 2148

  • 2005-06-22T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Gary and Chrissy have made up but not for long. Tanya contacts John's father. Conrad and Pam have both got the ""morning after"" feeling. Ania lets Katie in on why she's been acting so out of character.

9x124 Episode 2149

  • 2005-06-23T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Chrissy goes to a funeral. Jane goes to work. Tanya gets a surprise visitor. Katie and Ania are hiding something from Conrad.

9x125 Episode 2150

  • 2005-06-24T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jane lies to the Costellos. John is reunited with his father, but its short lived. Tanya asks Conrad for help. Ania finally takes a pregnancy test.

9x126 Episode 2151

  • 2005-06-27T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Pete and Chrissy worry that Eileen's getting to friendly with Trish. John's father returns, he gets the cold shoulder from Tanya but Babs decides to hear him out. Conrad discovers that one of his daughters has got an appointment at an abortion clinic, but it's not the one he thinks it is . . .

9x127 Episode 2152

  • 2005-06-28T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sadie infuriates Pam by telling Cat about her liaison with Conrad. Trish sucking up to Eileen is getting on Pete's and Chrissy's nerves. Conrad wants to treat Ania and send her off to see her mum in LA.

9x128 Episode 2153

  • 2005-06-29T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Williams' are hiding something from Ben, Trish is hiding something from Chrissy and Sadie is hiding something from Pam!

9x129 Episode 2154

  • 2005-06-30T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Sadie sets about ruining Pam's relationship with Theresa. Jane gets fired and Chrissy confronts Eileen about Trish.

9x130 Episode 2155

  • 2005-07-01T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Doug gets an upsetting call from his son, Marc. Les worries about seeing Denise again at Susie's 1st birthday party. Pete and Eileen prepare to renew their vows but will Trish let the happy couple enjoy an unspoiled day?

9x131 Episode 2156

  • 2005-07-04T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jane gets another job. Pete argues with most of the women in Charnham. Sadie moves out.

9x132 Episode 2157

  • 2005-07-05T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

It's party time for Ben and Alex. Sami gets a smack in the face. Sadie asks Pete to let her go. Chloe's shaken to find Mel's diary.

9x133 Episode 2158

  • 2005-07-06T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

Mel's diary becomes the focus of everyone's attention at the Costello's. Eileen makes a suggestion to Pete. Max is shocked to see Sami's black eye.

9x134 Episode 2159

  • 2005-07-07T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x135 Episode 2160

  • 2005-07-08T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x136 Episode 2161

  • 2005-07-11T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x137 Episode 2162

  • 2005-07-12T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x138 Episode 2163

  • 2005-07-13T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x139 Episode 2164

  • 2005-07-14T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x140 Episode 2165

  • 2005-07-15T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x141 Episode 2166

  • 2005-07-18T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x142 Episode 2167

  • 2005-07-19T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x143 Episode 2168

  • 2005-07-20T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x144 Episode 2169

  • 2005-07-21T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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9x145 Episode 2170

  • 2005-07-22T17:30:00Z — 30 mins

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