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Four Star Playhouse

Season 3 1954 - 1955

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  • 1954-09-30T05:00:00Z on CBS
  • 25 mins
  • 15 hours, 50 mins (38 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama
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38 episodes

3x01 Man in the Cellar

  • Season Premiere

    1954-09-30T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

In the season premiere, a psychiatrist learns that a man he's had committed to an asylum for his homicidal tendencies has escaped.

3x02 Never Explain

  • 1954-10-07T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A widower refuses to send his two children to school. A female psychologist is sent by Social Welfare Department to reform him, but is hindered in her job by personal feelings.

3x03 Interlude

  • 1954-10-14T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A young woman from a wealthy family is graduating from an exclusive school with neither her parents nor close friends attending. In her lonliness, she becomes infatuated with an older man, a divorced newspaper reporter.

3x04 The Wallet

  • 1954-10-21T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Andre, a headwaiter, finds a customer's wallet containing a large sum of money.

3x05 The Adolescent

  • 1954-10-28T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A school teacher (Ida Lupino) on the disciplinery board, finds herself investigating her nephew's misconduct.

3x06 The Contest

  • 1954-11-04T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

When a police detective investigates the murder of a playwright, his investigation leads him to two possible culprits - his brother and his fiancée.

3x07 Vote Of Confidence

  • 1954-11-11T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A con man, recently released from prison, attempts to recoup his fortunes by convincing an heiress' secretary that he needs funds to run an orphanage.

3x08 My Own Dear Dragon

  • 1954-11-18T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A successful playwright does his best to avoid reading the script written by his young new wife. She can't understand why he refuses to encourage her. At a party celebrating his 25th year in the theatre, he reveals the incident from his past that causes him to discourage her writing.

3x09 Marked Down

  • 1954-11-25T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Evelyn gets a job in an exclusive dress shop as part of a plan to marry a wealthy man.

3x10 Meet A Lonely Man

  • 1954-12-02T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A lonely hotel clerk is mistaken for a rich Texas oilman and suddenly begins an exciting new life. The masquerade leads to complications, however, when a beautiful girl appears on the scene.

3x11 Bourbon Street

  • 1954-12-09T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A musician returns to New Orleans after breaking into the bigtime. Though his ex-wife deserted him, he is bent on revenge after receiving an anonymous letter telling him she committed suicide after being mistreated by her lover.

3x12 A Championship Affair

  • 1954-12-16T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A renowned professional bridge champion (Boyer) returns to (openly) woo his long lost, but married, love (Miles). In circuitous fashion, his unselfish love leads him to (secretly) help her bridge-addicted husband (Ross Elliott) choose to finally gain success in life.

3x13 The Answer

  • 1954-12-23T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A cynical Hollywood writer returns to his hometown. At a bar he meets a drunken, disillusioned playwright. The writer challenges the playwright to relate his play, which he does, holding the audience rapt in his gripping recital.

3x14 Go Ahead And Jump

  • 1954-12-30T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Eddie, a cab driver, picks up a sad looking fare and brings him to a hotel where he witnesses the man being humiliated by his ex-wife. When the man asks to be taken to the middle of the biggest bridge, Eddie uses some every day, hard-nosed psychology, and a little lie, to make the man see that life is worth living.

3x15 A Bag Of Oranges

  • 1955-01-06T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Believing her husband innocent of the crime he is to be executed for, his wife takes up a vigil the night of the scheduled execution at a nearby café. A curious reporter wonders about the bag of oranges she carries with her.

3x16 Stuffed Shirt

  • 1955-01-11T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A seemingly cuckolded working-class husband (Boyer), in tropical setting, must resort to a life-risking ruse (in court) to rid himself of his bigamous, greedy and potentially blackmailing wife who would not otherwise reveal her own lack of virtuosity.

3x17 Breakfast in Bed

  • 1955-01-20T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A successful commercial artist is happy with his life until a beautiful model insists he should be painting “great works.”

3x18 The Good Sister

  • 1955-01-27T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

An American nun in Germany plays Cupid for a Czech orphan girl and an American soldier.

3x19 A Kiss for Mr. Lincoln

  • 1955-02-03T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A young woman teaches her timid husband some things about love when he tries to show her the importance of supporting Abraham Lincoln for the Presidency.

3x20 Fair Trial

  • 1955-02-10T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A TV Newsman goes to a small town to cover a lynching. He has anything but an open mind about the details of the story until he meets a girl who tries to explain things to him.

3x21 The Wild Bunch

  • 1955-02-17T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

After a charmer sweeps a pretty widow off her feet and marries her in haste, she confesses that she has money and three children. He has no problem with the money, but the thought of instant fatherhood gives him pause.

3x22 Tusitala

  • 1955-02-24T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

The true story of Robert Louis Stevenson's stay on the island of Tahiti. The islanders have come to revere him as Tusitala-Teller of Tales. They believe he is magical and powerful. When the two opposing chiefs of the island plan war against one another out of petty jealousy, Tusitala uses his wits to convince both chiefs to make peace and save the tranquility of the island.

3x23 The Returning

  • 1955-03-03T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A tragic story of an English professor at a college in Japan who falls in love with an outcast Eurasian woman. His colleagues advise him to end the relationship lest he be outcast himself. He refuses, is forced to resign his position, and proceeds with his plans to marry the girl. He leaves for the USA to get a new job and find an apartment. On the day of his departure back to Japan, he is shocked to learn that his flight has been canceled because Japan has just bombed Pearl Harbor. He finally does return to Japan...but as a bombardier on a mission to bomb Tokyo.

3x24 Eddie`s Place

  • 1955-03-10T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

Ida Lupino stars as a parolee, Ellen, whose efforts to keep out of trouble only involve her in a murder.

3x25 Henry And The Psychopathic Horse

  • 1955-03-17T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

While visiting a western ranch, a psychiatrist tries to use applied psychology to break a wild horse.

3x26 Night At Lark Cottage

  • 1955-03-24T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

A mysterious stranger comes to the home of a young woman whose husband has just escaped from prison.

3x27 The Girl On The Bridge

  • 1955-03-31T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

n artist searches for a beautiful girl he sketched during a chance meeting.

3x28 The Collar

  • 1955-04-07T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

During the Indian wars of the 1870’s, a priest is captured by the Indians. After two years of torturous captivity, he is put to the test: can he forgive his tormentors?

3x29 Madeira, Madeira

  • 1955-04-14T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

The untimely death of his artist friend causes a failing writer to visit the widow to pay his condolences and pursue suspicions about her. When he arrives, the cheerful widow presents him with an offer he finds both puzzling and attractive. His acceptance leads him to the discovery of the fate of his friend.

3x30 With All My Heart

  • 1955-04-21T05:00:00Z — 25 mins

An overweight woman watches her doctor boyfriend marry someone else.

3x31 The House Always Wins

  • 1955-04-28T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

Willie Dante, the tough but suave owner of a nightclub and illegal back room casino. One evening, Willie sees an old flame with a man and another couple, The woman, still caring for Willie, tells him that the people she's with are planning to rob his casino. Willie outwits them and keeps his former love from being arrested.

3x32 Uncle Fred Flits By

  • 1955-05-05T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

An erratic practical joker pays a visit to his childhood home in London. He encounters a straitlaced family that is trying to put an end to the daughter’s engagement to a man they consider beneath their position.

3x33 Alias Mr. Hepp

  • 1955-05-12T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A suave, sophisticated confidence man whose romantic charm makes women easy prey for his outlandish but profitable schemes.

3x34 Trudy

  • 1955-05-26T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A young woman is planning her wedding to a groom whom no one believes exists outside her own wishful dreams.

3x35 Broken Journey

  • 1955-06-02T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A sharp-witted safecracker is placed in a small-town jail for temporary confinement. While his captors are absent, he devises a unique method of escape.

3x36 The Executioner

  • 1955-06-09T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

An army major in the service of a totalitarian government is ordered to assassinate an American physician.

3x37 The Frightened Woman

  • 1955-06-23T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A woman's loneliness leads her to re-experience her long repressed (20-year old) pain-associated memories (albeit benign themselves). The mystery: is she (Oberon) insane (hallucinations or phantasms?), will her busy businessman husband (Stevens) rediscover his more nurturing side (in other words will he ever finally land the account), and will a therapist (Beaumont) help bring it all together for the better and for us to make good sense of it?

3x38 Award

  • 1955-06-30T04:00:00Z — 25 mins

A ruthless Hollywood actress flops miserably in the only stage play she ever attempted. She asks her director to teach her to become an actress.

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