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In this new weekly series, HGTV's House Hunters Renovation follows potential home buyers as they tour three for-sale homes and choose the one that is the perfect fixer-upper. In a House Hunters first, HGTV cameras also capture what happens after the home is purchased and the renovation project begins. Each episode features the new homeowners as they renovate and then reveal their new space.

13 episodes

4x01 The Ever-Expanding Makeover

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 43 mins

The Ever-Expanding Makeover --- HGTV s04e05 --- Relocating from Colorado, Eric and Jillian Dowsland are finding the Boston real estate market hard to navigate. With higher home prices but smaller floor plans than they're use to the couple is questioning if they'll ever be able to put down roots in their new city. Eric is looking for a place with rustic wood elements that remind him of home, whereas Jillian just want it to be clean and contemporary. Once they decide on a home, the couple then faces a massive, full house renovation they were not expecting, nor budgeted for. Eric admittedly knows nothing about construction yet finds himself deep in a renovation that keeps expanding from room to room. Way in over their heads, the young couple turns to designer Shelly Cates to create a new master bathroom where there once was only a small closet. Under Shelley's guidance the couple also tackle the kitchen and living room along with turning a small alcove into a guest room that doubles as an office. Watch as Shelley's clever ideas paired with the couple's fearless can do attitude create a stunningly picture perfect home.

A Young Family Buys a Fixer and Transforms the Outdated Kitchen into Their Dream Space --- HGTV s04e07 --- Pentagon City, Virgina residents Seth and Simchah are ready to upgrade from apartment living and get more space for themselves and their young daughter. They both work in nearby Washington D.C. and are hoping to find a place that has train access. Simchah is targeting a light and bright Hamptons style home. She especially wants a white kitchen with Carrerra marble countertops. Seth prefers a city-like loft with a low-maintenance yard. They're comfortable doing renovations, since they know that their $525,000 budget will most likely buy them a fixer-upper in the pricey Virgina suburbs. Once they agree on a home, Seth and Simchah immediately begin renovations only to have their contractor uncover major structural and safety concerns in the master bathroom and kitchen. It takes the crew extra time, money and resources to shore up the house before progress can move forward. And even though their patience and $50,000 budget is put to the test, Seth & Simchah end up with a beautifully updated home that includes Simchah's dream kitchen.

A Boston Couple Take on a Major Overhaul of their First Home Together --- HGTV s04e08 --- Debbie and Sean have been living with their respective families near Boston, MA. Ready to strike out on their own, they are looking to buy their first house together. Debbie, a real estate agent, is set on finding a Cape Cod style home that she can overhaul. Sean, however, prefers a more rustic look; he's also wary of undertaking too many renovations. Debbie finds them several places to look at, but agreeing on one proves to be a challenge. Once they do, work gets underway and quickly takes on a life of its own. What starts out as a simple kitchen update spearheaded by designer Tiffany LeBlanc turns into a redo of the entire house. The ups and downs of renovation prove to be a challenge for everyone, especially when it comes to the ever-mounting costs. And with Debbie acting as the project's general contractor, she faces a steep learing curve in the world of construction. But after many months of dust and demo, they come out with a beautiful home for themselves and their family.

First Time Homebuyers Take On An Over The Top Renovation --- HGTV s04e09 --- Newlyweds Eric and Erin have been living with roomates to save money for their first home. They're now ready to ditch their frat lifestyle and set out on their own, but agreeing on what house to buy may cause a hiccup in their marital bliss. While they disagree on architectural style, they share the same love for entertaining and wanting a kitchen that's big enough for both of them to cook in. After much bickering and debate they agree on a cozy single family home with good bones and begin demolition right away. Looking for a design plan and details that are a little outside-the-box they turn to seasoned designer Samantha Knapp. With Sam's vivid imagination and keen sense of color and style their house is transformed from a bland box to a stunning retreat, but getting there is no easy task. The road to perfection is paved with perspiration, pitfalls and plenty of ups and downs. In the end all the shenanigans cease and the renovation comes together for a fanciful masterpiece like you've never seen before.

Young Architects Take On Their First Renovation in Baltimore, MD --- Baltimore Two Young Architects First Home --- HGTV s04e04 --- Intern architects Chris and Lindsey are moving from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland. Chris is all about the functional style of Frank Lloyd Wright houses, and he's hoping to find an unconventional space he can completely overhaul. Lindsey, on the other hand, prefers an old word feel with modern updates; and unlike Chris, she is not interested in a massive renovation. Once they agree on a place and start the updates, these young architects quickly discover that renovation is not for the feint of heart. Inclimate weather, mold, and ever-increasing expenses make for a steep learning curve; but after several months, the house takes shape into a modern and functional space for them to enjoy.

Realtor Turns Contractor On His Own Fixer-Upper --- HGTV s04e06 --- New parents, John and Jacki, are looking for a baby friendly home in the competitive real estate market of coastal Connecticut. John, a realtor, and hunting and sailing enthusiast, has lots of needs on his househunt wish list, one of them being lots of storage for his boats. His wife Jacki, the practical planner of the two, is looking for a cottage beach style home they can grow into. When they finally find a perfect fit they tackle the kitchen renovation themselves, getting their hands dirty to cut some costs. But cutting costs turns doesn't always save on time so they solicit help from John's childhood friend, now a contractor, to help get the kitchen done. In a hurry to get out of their rental they double up on the help and hire designer Susan Glick who transforms their drab bedroom into a rich luxurious master suite. It's a long road of reno with a multitude of pitfalls but in the end this young couple has the home of their dreams.

4x07 Rowhouse Reno

  • no air date — 43 mins

From Buffalo to a Fixer in Baltimore --- HGTV s04e10 --- Newly engaged Jessica and Eric just relocated from Buffalo, New York to the Baltimore area and finding a home to buy is no easy task in a new city. Jessica wants to put down roots in the suburbs, while Eric is dead set on embracing the Baltimore rowhouse lifestyle in the downtown area. After seeing a variety of homes in various neighborhooods they finally agree on a place that suits both their wish lists. Armed with enthusiasm, and with help from designer Jamie Merida, they jump right into a full kitchen renovation, along with adding a new powder room on the first floor. Upstairs plans for a new master bath don't smoothly as Jessica changes the design plans multiple times causing the plumber to be a familiar face around the house. Back downstairs the kitchen project comes to a complete halt when Eric and Jessica face off about the size of the kitchen island. Watch as this soon to be married, young couple, work out their difference as they create their new home and life together.

A Young Family Moves from Australia to Boston to Buy and Renovate Their First Home --- Boston Couple Major Overhaul of First Home Together --- HGTV s04e11 --- Chris, Erin, and their baby Sebastian have been living in Chris's native Australia. But Australia's high cost of living and wanting to be closer to Erin's parents has prompted them to move back to her hometown of Milton, MA. They've been living with her family as they search for a place of their own. Erin is clear that she doesn't want a Cape Cod home, which she feels is all too common in New England. She'd prefer a contemporary split-level; Chris loves all things modern, paired with rustic elements like exposed beams. Of utmost importance is finding an in-law suite for Chris's parents, who visit for months at a time from Australia. They have a max budget of $600,000 which includes buying furniture and any renovations the place might need. Once they agree on a home, renovations begin straightaway, since Chris's parents are coming to visit in only 9 weeks. With a tight turnaround and rising costs, Chris & Erin struggle to finish extensive kitchen and basement updates in time for their guests.

A Shocking Fixer Transforms into a Stunning Forever Home --- Neglected House Transformed --- HGTV s04e02 --- Married for five years but high school sweethearts Caitlin and Paul spent a year living with her parents before purchasing their forever home. Caitlin hopes for a home that compliments her traditional sensabilities while Paul doesn't want to raise his kids in an old fashioned house. Once these picky buyers agree on a home for their family, the couple embark on a massive interior and exterior renovation. Hitting roadblocks at every turn, Caitlin and Paul must remedy their differing design styles while staying on budget. Watch as this determined couple transform an unbelievable fixer into their amazing dream home.

4x10 Country Cape Fixer

  • no air date — 44 mins

Outdated House Gets a Much Needed Makeover --- Competitive couple with diverse wish list and tight budget take on a major renovation --- HGTV s04e13 --- Picking up her West Coast life Fran moved to the Boston suburb of Norwood so her husband Tim could be close to his ailing mother. When it came time for them to sell Tim's family home, they opted to look for a place to buy in the same close knit neighborhood. Fran wants to find a house that's move-in-ready, and reminds her of her California upbringing. She prefers ranch style homes with lots of light and little renovation. Tim is adamant about buying a Cape Cod since that is what he grew up in, and is eager to take on a fixer-upper. With conflicting wish lists and a tight first-time buyers budget, finding a house that meets both their standards is quite a challenge. Once they find a place, staying on budget proves to be difficult as electrical and plumbing issues unexpectedly drain their funds. While money may be tight, they agree that hiring designer Elizabeth Benedict to blend their styles together is a smart decision if they want to get the kitchen of their dreams. As the kitchen progresses, Tim takes on renovating the master bathroom himself, infusing the space with a Cape Cod style. Watch as this fun-loving, competitive couple fight the odds to get their new home finished.

An Old House Gets a New Master Plan --- HGTV s04e03 --- Newly married Ella and Michael Sandin are looking to buy a home for their blended family of five in the quaint and pricey town of Fairfield, Connecticut. With a long wish list of must haves finding a four bedroom house that fits both their styles is quite the challenge. When they finally do settle on a home, they work hard to make it their own. Michael, a self proclaimed architect, tackles a full house renovation head on only to be met with hurdles and obstacles at every turn. After giving it his all he surrenders the kitchen renovation to the expertise of designer Jenna Piccirillo who pulls out all the stops to give Ella her dream kitchen. With less projects to oversee Michael's able to transform the unfinished basement into a stunning master suite. It's a slow race to the finish line but the detours along the way are well worth it to get their picture perfect home!

More Than They Bargained For (this is a title of s05e02 so likely incorrect for s04e13) --- Awkward House Gets a Major Transformation --- Newly Weds Renovation --- HGTV s04e01 --- Lindsay and Scott have been renting a downtown Maryland townhouse with Lindsay's brother. Now that Scott and Lindsay are newly married and with a baby on the way, it's time for the couple to move out but they can't agree on where. Lindsay wants to raise their baby close to her parents in rural Maryland in a home surrounded by rustic charm but Scott loves Baltimore and wants to stay in the city in a place with a hip industrial feel. Once these two settle their differences and choose a home, they take on a journey of renovation. Figuring out how to merge their styles while keeping to a budget is not easy task for these high school sweethearts. Watch as these soon to be parents tackle remodeling awkward rooms into an inviting home for their new family.